Labels and Stickers

Labels and Stickers

Labels and Stickers: Elevate Your Branding with Versatile Customization! 🌟

Versatile Applications for Every Industry: Our Custom Printed Labels are more than stickers—they’re versatile solutions for various applications. Whether it’s glass jars, containers, plastic bottles, or packaging in retail, medical, cosmetics, or the food industry, these labels add a professional touch to your products.

🎨 Wide Range of Options: Tailor your labels to your specific needs with our diverse range of options. Choose from paper stickers for cost-effectiveness or opt for longer-lasting PVC and BOPP labels with special features like chemical resistance or freezer compatibility. The possibilities are endless!

🌐 Customization to Suit Your Brand: Express your brand identity with our custom printing options. From high to low tack, permanent to removable, we provide the flexibility you need to ensure your labels align perfectly with your branding strategy.

🛍️ Perfect for Retail, Medical, Cosmetic, and More: Whether you’re in retail, medical, cosmetic, or the food industry, our labels and stickers offer a professional touch. Elevate your product presentation and make a lasting impression on your customers.

Boost Brand Visibility with Custom Printed Labels—Order Yours Today! 🚀 

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Custom Stickers and Labels

Express your brand identity with Custom Stickers and Labels, available in various styles to meet the diverse needs of any business.
Whether you need permanent or removable stickers for windows and vehicles or labels for food packaging, bottles, and jars, we’ve got you covered.

Enjoy the flexibility of custom sizes and shapes to create stickers and labels that align perfectly with your brand and promotional goals. 🏷️

Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers are used on windows, vehicles and anywhere that you would like to promote your brand.

They are longer lasting and more durable than paper and are waterproof. 

The PVC is available in both permanent and low tack removable. 

Outdoor Stickers
Custom paper Stickers

Writable Paper Labels

These paper stickers are uncoated and can be written on.

You can add your own custom style to suit the needs of your specific business. 

Die Cut Stickers

Die Cut Stickers are labels cut into special shapes according to your specific design. 

They are available in both vinyl and paper. 

Die Cut Stickers
Food packaging Labels

Food Packaging Labels

Food packaging labels are often made from paper and are very popular as they are the most cost effective. 

They are available as permanent or removable, freezer safe, and waterproof.

Fluorescent stocks are available in red, pink, green, orange, and yellow. 

BOPP Labels

These are made from a waterproof, UV resistant plastic film. 

They are higher quality than PVC and used on product packaging, oil bottles, machinery, and waste bins. Anywhere where you need extra durability against the elements of your everyday business.

They are available in silver brushed, white gloss, clear and white gloss freezer safe. 

Average Gypsy Stickers on a Roll
Clear Stickers

Transparent Stickers

Use these on jars and bottles where you want the contents to be seen within the glass. 

This is also the case where you want the background to be seen of whatever you are sticking the clear stickers to.

Transparent are available in label format or as larger window decals.

Fragile Stickers

This special use Fragile Sticker that can be used as a security to prevent fraud. 

It is a high tack paper sticker that is very difficult to remove and rips into pieces. 

Use it on items that get bumped and banged up as the entire piece is unlikely to come off but rather in small parts. 

Non Peel Fragile Stickers
Stickers with Numbered Barcode

Barcode Labels

We can add barcodes with either serial or variable numbers. 

There are several barcode types to choose from including  Code-128 | Code -39 | EAN-8 | EAN-13 | UPC-A | UPC-E | ITF-14 and QR Codes.
Check your scanner instructions to see what is accepted.


For this we use a low tack adhesive so that they can be removed without leaving behind any residue.

Removable stickers have been popular with sanitization companies lately. 

Low Tack Stickers
Metallic Labels

Add Some Foil

There are several colours of foil that you can add to your stickers, and they are listed on our Foil Options page.

Foil will give a metallic, luxury look and feel and a touch of class. 

NFC Stickers

Use both RFID and NFC technology on stickers for retail, asset management, anti-counterfeiting traceability, cashless payment, membership management, brand promotion, and more. 
The widely used chip is F08, S50 ,Mifare ultralight and NTAG21X series. 

The front side can be custom printed with your full color logo. 

Cashless Payment NFC Stickers
Stickers and Label Directions

Winding Direction

If required you can choose the wind direction of your labels to make it easy to peel and stick to suit your business operations. 

Reflective Stickers

These are great for Reflective Bumper Stickers, Social Distancing Floor Stickers for the workplace and anywhere where you need high visibility. 

Reflective Bumper Stickers
Luminous Stickers

Glow in the Dark Stickers

These luminous fluorescent stickers will stay bright at night from 3 to 6 hours during the night.

They are available in sheets if small or in large format at any size. They can be applied to Coroplast Boards for Yard Signs and more

Large Format Window Graphics

Used for advertising, there are several Large Format Window Graphics to choose from.

A standard large window decal can be installed on the exterior or interior of the building. 

Furthermore these are specialty window graphics such as opaque, frosted, clear, perforated one way vision and window lettering.

Window Graphics Instalation

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