Labels and Stickers

Labels and Stickers

Our Custom Printed Labels are a Sticker that can be used for all sorts of applications such as glass jars, various containers, plastic bottles usually in the retail industry, medical, cosmetic, fruits and more.

We offer Wholesale – Minimum Order is 500 pcs. 
Any quantities less than this would be the same price, except for local clients picking up from our office.

Our Custom Printed Labels are available in many options which include the following

  • White or Transparent PVC Stickers
  • Coated and Uncoated Paper
  • Kraft (Brown) Paper
  • Pearl Paper
  • Hologram Paper
  • Gold, Silver Red and Purple Foils
  • Waterproof
  • Barcode and Numbered
  • Metallic Stickers

We also supply Large Format Stickers and Window Decals.

Quote for Print Service

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Custom Printed Labels and Stickers

Our Custom Printed Labels are typically made of PVC or Paper. Coated or Uncoated.
The backside is coated with an adhesive.

For us to provide the most accurate quote, we would encourage you to let us know a few questions about your labeling needs. 

Custom Stickers come in a variety of materials ranging from Paper Stickers which are less expensive, to PVC Stickers that are more
durable and waterproof. 

Where you be putting your Labels and Stickers?
Typical places are windows, walls, bottles, jars, smooth or rough surfaces.
This information will ensure that we can reccomend what is right for you. While considering your budget, we should also ensure that
your needs are met, for example if you require them to be waterproof or not. 

What options would you like your labels to have?
Bar Codes, Spot UV, Foil Stamped, Spot UV, and Holograms.

Are you using your labels for security?
If so we can reccomend our Fragile Stickers which can be placed on your retail items, with a high tack
glue and a fragile paper it can ensure that it’s very difficult to quickly remove in store without soap and water. 

Would you like your Stickers on Sheets or Rolls?
Sheets can be inexpensive and save some cost, whereas rolls of labels are more convenient.
You may choose the orientation and direction of the Sticker Rolls. 

Stickers and Label Directions

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