Custom Lanyards

Our Lanyards can be made to wear around the neck, shoulder or wrist.

They are available with several printing methods.

We can assist you what is best for your budget, from cheap and cheerful to extravagant and of course everything in between.


Tube (Shoe lace)
Dye-Sublimated Lanyards
or Full-Colour Lanyards

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Custom Lanyards Printing

Our Lanyards are straps worn around the neck, shoulder, or wrist to carry  items as keys or ID cards.

We can offer a multitude of printing styles, accessories, and sizes.
They are often used in conjunction with access badges, and Plastic ID Cards, as an extra form of security for Events and Tradeshows.

Safety Straps

Many ID Card Lanyards have a built-in feature known as a “Breakaway”
Breakaway Lanyards release when pulled or when pressure is applied. This prevents choking or hanging.
Lanyards with a breakaway feature are most often used in hospitals and healthcare clinics, or factories that require employees to operate machinery.

Custom ID Lanyards

Add an ID Card

You can pair your Customized Lanyards with our digitally printed cards which can be White or Transparent.

There is an option to add variable data such as names, numbers and even different photo ID pictures. 

Hooks, Clips and Buckles

We offer several accessories depending on your individual needs for your event or factory.
They offer several uses for ID badges, to Safety Breakaways. 

Hooks Buckles Clips
Screen Printed Lanyards
3D Printing

Screen Printing

Silkscreen Printing is a common due to it’s low price point.
The printed logo has a strong light fastness and a certain 3 dimensional sense. 

3D Printing

The 3D printed logo has a strong 3 dimensional sense.
It is suitable for high end, higher budget projects.

Dye Sublimation Printing for Lanyards
Jacquard Style Lanyard

Dye Sublimation Printing

The sublimation process is very clear. You may print on the entire lanyard with full coverage and in full colour with gradients. 
Heat Transfer Printing is an excellent choice. 


The Jacquard Logo is detailed and has a fine wear resistance. Eco-friendly color yarn and advanced machinery ensure a high quality logo. 
Single and Double Sided Lanyards are welcome.

Applications for Lanyards


Used for Medal Ribbons, ID Badges, Bottles, Safety Switches and a whole lot more.

They are often used for staff at events, hospitals, workplaces and forklift operators that need the safety latch. 

Color Matching

We can ensure to match the background or logo colours with precise Pantone Matching.

Pantone Colour Matching

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