Portable LED Trade Show Light Box

LED Trade Show Light Box

Our unique Portable LED Lightbox can now be custom to many sizes.

The UV printed material interacts with the lights to produce amazing graphics that people can’t help to notice. 

This unit is completely portable with it’s quick and easy setup.

Snap Lock Frame


7.5′ x 8′ wide

7.5′ x 10′ wide

7.5′ x 20′ wide

10′ x 20′ wide

Custom sizes available

Hanging cables and accessories (optional)

Hard Shipping/Storage Case included
You may opt to wrap the case with your graphics

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Portable LED Trade Show Light Box

Our LED Trade Show Light Box is designed for events on the go. They can be quickly set up without too much effort with our snap lock frame system.
You will save plenty of setup time compared to a backlit SEG display.

Our LED backdrop is available with single or double sided replaceable graphics.

If you are looking to make your seemingly uneventful event space look spectacular, these premium LED booths will stop your audience in their tracks.

Vibrant Colours

The UV direct printing process ensures stunning results with colors that pop as they react with the backlight. 

You will notice a dramatic difference when the lights are turned on and off. 

Large LED Lightbox 10 x 20
Portable Trade Show LED Display

4 Foot Backlit Display

At just 4 feet wide x 7.5′ tall this will have one panel of LED’s inside and is more like the size of a banner stand.

They are excellent for use in small areas and to complement the sides of your exhibition area.

8′ & 10′ Sized LED Trade Show Light Box

Our 10 foot wide Backlit display is the most common, closely followed by 8 feet.

These sizes would take 2 people 20 to 30 minutes to set up completely. 

LED Display for Tradeshows
Portable 10x20 LED Lightbox

20 Foot Wide LED Trade Show Booths

These come in 2 heights standard heights which are 7.5′ and 10′ high. 

Use this size when you have plenty of room and want to attract a large crowd to your area as you are sure to stand out as the most spectacular booths at the event.

Custom Sizes

Our LED Trade Show Light Box can be custom sized to suit your specific needs. 

They are available with heights up to 10 feet but as low as 3 feet, and lengths up to 30 feet. 

Hanging LED Lightbox

Dynamic LED Display

This dynamic display puts on a show for your audience with a predetermined light show that is programmed with your graphic design in mind. 

Keep the crowds eyes on your marketing materials longer as they watch the show. 

We can assist you with the initial set up.

Backlit Panels

Our system is superior as it uses backlit panels as opposed to lighting around the perimeter.

Included is a 120 or 220 volt transformer depending on what country you’re are ordering from. 

Each Portable LED Trade Show Light Box can be used with or without the lights on. 

Backlit Panels Inside
Frame for LED Display

Snap Lock System

The snap lock system makes it ideal for portability as the time and effort to set up is a breeze. 

The frame has a 1 foot depth and the LED’s hang from the middle making it ideal for a double sided portable lightbox.

It is made from an anodized strong aluminum frame. 

How to Set up a LED Trade Show Light Box

Each piece is numbered. Simply match the numbers such as 1 with 1, 2 with 2 and so on until the frame is built. 

Once the frame is complete you connect the hooks to the frame and then slip your fabric graphics over it like a pillowcase and zip it up.

Slim LED Tension Fabric Display

Slim LED Tension Fabric Display

This version is modeled after our Tension Fabric Display.

It takes up less of a footprint and has square corners. It is completely portable and lightweight. 

Hard Shipping Case

Each system comes with a hard shipping case that can be wrapped with your graphics. 

This storage case is on wheels and can also be used as a podium table.

Tradeshow Podium
LED Lightbox

SEG Lightbox

The SEG Lightbox system is versatile and can be conducted with accessories such as shelving units and more. 

They are highly customizable with replaceable Silicone Edged Graphics.

With this SEG system you can add shelves, spot lights, booths, walls and more. 

LED Towers

To further complement your backlit display you can add LED Towers to the corner areas of your booth. 

The standard sizes are 8 to 10 feet high and then can go up to 16 feet ensuring you will be seen from a distance.

They are available in other shapes as well including round and triangle, and you may also opt to hang them from the ceiling.
If so we can include hanging cables and attachments with the unit.

The wide spans between 2 and 3 feet. 

10 Foot LED Arch
LED Hanging Display

LED Hanging Displays

Other options for Hanging Displays are round, and square hanging. 

They are available with and without LED lights inside.

Imagine a full backlit display with LED towers and a hanging banner that lights up. The future is in your hands!

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