LED Trade Show Pillars

LED Pillars, Towers & Arches

Do you want to add a little bit of oomph to your exhibition space?

These Trade Show Towers are fully customizable to your preferred shape and size.

They are available with or without LED panels



2′ x 2′ x 8′ high

2.5 x 2.5′ x 10′ high

3′ x 3′ x 12.5′ high

3′ x 3′ x 16′ high

Custom sizes and shapes are welcome.

Each Portable LED Tower Kit includes:

Snap Lock Frame
4 Sided Graphics
LED Light Panels
Heavy Duty Case (Optional)

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Portable LED Trade Show Towers

Trade Show Towers and Pillars are a popular product to add height and dimension to your exhibition area.

The benefit of these Towers is that you have the option to use them with or without the LED system.

LED Pillars lights are low power and are long lasting. They are easy to assemble with the snap lock system.

Custom LED Towers

We can customize to your specific size, up to 16 feet high. 

Standard shapes are available such as square, round or triangle with standard widths being between 2′ to 3′ feet.

For the sake of stability, the width would depend on the height. 

LED Pillar
16 foot high x 3 foot wide printed Tower

Trade Show Pillars

A standard pillar without LED will cost less. 

Furthermore, you may order the LED tower, and then instal the lighting only when needed. 

Each frame comes with a high quality dye sublimated fabric print that is replaceable.

Pictured is size 16′ x 3′ x 3′ 

LED Sign Towers

Our LED Sign Towers come with a Pillar as well as a Round or Square Sign on top.

You can choose with or without LED Panels inside. 

Pillar – 4 x 4 x 10′ high
Top Sign – 10 x 4′ high

Total Height – 14′ high

LED Trade Show Tower
10 Foot LED Arch

International Shipping

We have shipped our Trade Show Towers to several countries around the world. 

For the LED versions we will ensure to provide transformers to provide the proper 110 or 220 Volts and the correct plug outlets.

If you travel to various countries for events, we can offer extra outlets upon request.

Each kit can be ordered with padded duffle bags or upgraded hard shipping cases.

Add a Heavy Baseplate

Our standard pillars do not need this to be stand on its own, however if you are using this unit outside we recommend a heavier baseplate for safety and stability.

Please note that the LED lights can not be used in the rain, and your tower can be used with or without them.

Heavy Duty Baseplate
LED Tower Arch for TradeShow

LED Trade Show Arch

Our LED Arch is one of a kind.

The benefit of this unit is that you can disassemble it and use the towers on their own, then as needed you can convert them to an Archway by adding the top horizontal piece.

Pictured is size 2.5′ x 2.5′ x 8′ high on the sides + 15′ wide on top.
The total would be 15′ x 10.5′ high

Inflatable Columns

If your event is outdoors then our battery operated Inflatable Columns are the right choice for you.

They come with an electric pump and are completely sealed which means you do not need a constant source of electricity. 

LED Inflatable Columns for Marathons
Trade Show Pillar Wraps

Pillar Wraps

The existing columns at the trade show venue are an excellent opportunity to promote your brand, but they propose a unique challenge as their round shape makes it difficult to hang signs from.

Our pillar wraps are made from a high quality 250 GSM Fabric with velcro that can be quickly and easily installed and taken down. They are a perfect solution for temporary events. 

For a more permanent solution we can provide Large Format Self Adhesive Decals

Custom Bollard Covers

A bollard is a small vertical post with many uses, permoring many uses on urban streets. 
They are often used for crowd control, to form barriers and more.

When special events are happening you can temporarily customize the bollards with your event marketing colors. 
We can custom print in full colour and produce your specific size. 

Bollard wraps

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