Magnetic Hood Flags

Custom Printed Magnetic Hood Flags

Custom Printed Magnetic Hood Flags – Turn Your Vehicle into a Moving Billboard! 🚗

🌟 Revolutionize Your Promotional Game: Introducing our Custom Printed Magnetic Hood Flags – more than just a flag, it’s a statement on wheels! Transform your vehicle into a dynamic, mobile billboard that grabs attention wherever it goes. 

⚙️ Features:

Flag Size: 8.25 x 5.5″
Pole Height: 11″

🌈 Versatile Usage: Perfect for diplomatic convoys, delivery vehicles, parades, or for those who love to cruise in style. These flags add a unique touch to your ride, showcasing your brand with flair.

🎉 Stand Out on the Road: Make a bold impression and stand out from the crowd. Our Magnetic Hood Flags are designed to catch eyes, turning ordinary drives into extraordinary promotional journeys. 

Showcase Your Brand with Style: Don’t just drive, make a statement! Choose Custom Printed Magnetic Hood Flags for a brand presence that moves with you. 🌟🚗💼

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Magnetic Hood Flags

Cruise in style and make a statement with our Magnetic Hood Flags!
Popular among diplomats, funeral processions, parades, and car enthusiasts, these flags feature an extra-strong magnetic base designed for secure use on vehicles.

The soft-coated bottom base prevents scratches, while the flexible spring steel poles ensure durability in various weather conditions.
Express yourself on the road with these distinctive and weather-resistant car flags! 🚗🚩

Spring Steel Pole

Each Flag consists of an 11 inch high pole (including the base) which is made of a spring. 

The spring helps resist the wind when you are driving to prevent it from falling off the hood of your car.

They are manufactured to stay put during normal city speeds, to be safe we recommend removing them and using them during slower driving speeds. 

Spring Loaded Flag Pole
Alberta Flag printing

Double Sided Flags

Our Magnetic Hood Flags are double sided. 

This means that it is 2 flags sewn together. Each side can have a different image if you wish.

Each Flag is 8.25 x 5.5″ Inches

Magnetic Base

The strong magnetic base on the bottom is coated with rubber to prevent scratching.

The top of the pole has a rubber tip to secure the flag.

Rubber Base on Bottom
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We have a full selection of other flags for your vehicle including Car Window Flags, Car Mirror Covers, Seat Rest Covers and Antenna Flags.

There are no minimum orders for each product and you can mix and match. 

magnetic car hood flags
magnetic car flags and bases
flags with magnetic bases

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