Magnetic Pop Up Display

Magnetic Pop Up Display

Introducing the Magnetic Pop-Up Display – Your Gateway to Striking Trade Show Presence! 🌐🎉

Unmatched Visual Appeal: The Magnetic Pop-Up Display stands as a true pioneer in the realm of trade show exhibits, offering a visual spectacle that outshines fabric alternatives. The high-resolution graphics bring your brand to life with vibrant colors and intricate details, ensuring a lasting impact on your audience.

🛠️ Sturdy and Lightweight Design: Crafted with lightweight yet robust aluminum bars, these portable booths provide the perfect balance of stability and convenience. Setting up your exhibit becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on making connections and showcasing your brand.

🌐 Versatile Sizing Options: Tailor your display to suit your needs with versatile sizing options. Standing at 7.5 feet high, you can choose widths of 8, 9, 10, or 20 feet, providing the flexibility to adapt to different trade show spaces and layouts.

🚀 Maximize Visibility: Optimize your visibility with the choice of single or double-sided graphics. This flexibility ensures that your brand is showcased from every angle, capturing the attention of passersby and leaving a memorable impression.

Elevate Your Trade Show Experience with the Magnetic Pop-Up Display – Where Impact Meets Convenience! 🧲

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Magnetic Pop Up Display

Magnetic Pop-Up Displays offer versatility beyond trade shows, extending their utility to museums and informational exhibits. These displays feature large format self-adhesive decals on PVC panels, providing high resolution and fine detail.
The frames are available with options for single or double-sided graphics, ensuring clear and impactful messaging. 🧲

Each Magnetic Trade Show Display Kit includes…

🔧 Aluminum Pop Up Frame
📏 18 to 24+ Single Channel Aluminum Bars with Magnetic Strip
🛍️ Canvas Tote Bags
💡 Lights
🎨 Graphic Panels or Fabric Panels for Velcro
🔚 End Caps (Sides)
🧳 Hard Shipping Case with Wheels


Magnetic Display 8 Foot Curved

8 Foot Curved

This curved trade show display is a common size for small to medium sized events. 

89″ h x 82.5″ width 

9 Foot Straight

The straight Magnetic Display Booth is great for spaces with less room.

It has a modern and sleek look. 

89″ x 108″ wide. It uses an 8 foot frame and the end caps (sides) add the extra width. 

Magnetic Display 9 Foot with End Caps
10 Foot Curved Magnetic Pop up with End Caps

10 Foot Curved Magnetic Pop Up Display

The 10 foot curved backdrop is the most popular we have to offer. 

It has a large presence and can be used for events of all sizes. 

92″ h x 118″ w

20 Foot Straight

This large 20 foot magnetic channel display uses 2 straight frames with 1 long wall of graphics. 

It has a sleek look and leaves ample floor space in front. It comes with 2 cases that convert to podium tables. 

20 Foot Straight Double Pop up Display
Tradeshow Display 8x20
Wave Double Curve Magnetic Display

20 Foot Double Curve

This version uses 2 x 10 foot frames each coming in their own carry case. The continuous graphic extends the full width.

These are great for exhibits that have 2 separate points of view to promote. 

Double Curved Pop up Display Magnet

Gullwing 20 Foot Displays

This unique  Gullwing shape has a curved area in the middle with two 29 inch wings on the sides.

Gullwing Magnetic Pop up
Gull Wing Displays
Serp Style Magnetic Display

20 Foot Serpentine

The Serpentine Magnetic Pop Up Display is an S shape that invests from 1 side or another.

It’s a popular shape to use when you have double sided graphics. 

Serp Style Double Frame

Tabletop Magnetic Display

These are an excellent option for smaller areas where you can place it on the table so your audience can see it at eye level. 

They are available in widths 6 and 8 feet and are 5 feet high. 

6 and 8 foot tabletop magnetic displays


Pop up Magnetic display carry case

Shipping Case that Converts to a Podium

Each unit, depending on the size, comes with 1 or 2 cases. 

Each case you have the option of wrapping with your own custom graphics or you can wrap in the velcro.

Velcro Pop Up Display

Another way to finish your frame is by adding a soft fabric around it so you can add posters to attach to them with velcro. 

This ensures that you can replace your graphics as needed anytime for a low cost.

Velcro Fabric for Magnetic Panels Display
Blue Fabric Panels for Magnetic Display
LCD Bracket and Shelves

LCD Screen and Shelves

Complete your look by adding shelves, and LCD screens. 

The shelf can hold up to 20kg. The maximum size for the LCD bracket is for screens up to 22″ 

Alternative Option

Fabric Pop up Displays

Our Fabric Pop Up Displays are also available with fabric backdrops. They are all available with the same sizes, single or double sided.

The benefit of these is that they are lighter weight, with a faster set up and lower price point.

We use the same high quality frames for this system.

Pop up Trade Show Display

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