Market Umbrellas

Custom Printed Market Umbrellas

Custom Printed Market Umbrellas: Stay Cool in Style! ⛱️

Branded Comfort: Enjoy the shade in style with Custom Printed Market Umbrellas featuring your company logo. Perfect for patios, restaurants, markets, and events, these umbrellas offer a cool retreat while showcasing your brand.

🌍 Portable and Easy to Set Up: Designed for convenience, these umbrellas are completely portable and boast easy setup. Enhance various outdoor settings effortlessly with these versatile accessories.

🎡 Sturdy Construction: The aluminum alloy pole, powder-coated and 1.5 inches wide, ensures durability. Equipped with a built-in hand crank and rope and pulley system, these umbrellas provide ease of use and efficient operation.

☀️ UV-Protected and High-Quality Material: The replaceable fabric parasol material is of high quality and UV protected, offering both visual appeal and sun protection. Dye sublimation printing in full color, including gradients, ensures vibrant and eye-catching canopies.

📏 Various Sizes Available: Choose the size that suits your space with diameters ranging from 6.5′, 9′ and 10′. Find the perfect fit for your outdoor setting and branding needs.

Elevate Outdoor Spaces with Custom Printed Market Umbrellas – Where Style Meets Comfort! 🏖️⛱️

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Custom Market Umbrellas for Restaurant Patios

Market Umbrellas are versatile and ideal for providing shade on patios. They come in various sizes and shapes, including round, square, and octagon.

These umbrellas are weatherproof, made from durable 600D polyester with UV sun protection. Featuring a high-quality 1.5″ aluminum pole, anti-rust properties, and 8 ribs, these umbrellas are long-lasting. The tilt and crank lift design makes them user-friendly, and full-color printing using dye-sublimation ensures vibrant designs across the entire surface. ☂️

Square Market Umbrellas

The square shape is available in 2 sizes which are 6.5′ and 10′ across. 

This particular shape is ideal for a contemporary look, furthermore it provides more surface area than a round to ensure more shade. 

Square Patio Umbrellas with Logo
Canopy Umbrellas Custom Printed

Square Style with Valences

Adding a velence to your canopy not only gives some additional shade and protection but it’s an ideal place to add more promotional info such as your logo.

Round Canopy

The Round Canopy is a classic and the most common style.

Just like a stadium, a round area includes more capacity underneath.

They are available in 2 sizes which is 6.5′ and 10′ wide. 

Round Market Umbrellas
Round Patio Umbrella with Valences

Round with Valences

Add a valence for more promotional exposure.

It is completely optional and adds a bit more of an element and classic overhanging look. 

Tilted Poles

Choose a pole that has the option to tilt to ensure maximum protection in certain types of the day.

The size of the Octagon Shaped Canopy is 9 feet wide in diameter. 

Market Umbrella with Tilted Pole
Inside Restaurant Umbrella

Beautiful Inside and Out

Vibrant rich colours bleed through both sides of the Umbrella for Stunning Results.

Each frame consists of 8 ribs.


Expand your Market Umbrella quickly and easily with the crankshaft. 

This ensures that easy storage is possible during the offseason.

The graphics canopy is removable, washable and replaceable. 

Crankshaft for Pole
Custom Patio Umbrella with Water Base

Economy Patio Umbrellas

Looking for something a bit more simple?

Our Cheap and Cheerful Patio Umbrellas may be the right choice for you.

Their low price points for temporary situations are the perfect promotional opportunity for events. 

Umbrella Bases

Sold separately is a flat iron base which weighs 20 pounds. 

Furthermore you can purchase a waterweight which slips over the top which can hold an additional 65 pounds.

Umbrella Base with Water Weight

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