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Matte Black Metal Business Cards

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Matte Black Metal Business Cards: Uniquely Luxurious for Your Brand Statement! βœ¨πŸ–€

Enhance your brand’s image with Matte Black Metal Business Cardsβ€”an exclusive and luxurious way to make a statement. The black color exudes high quality, luxury, and sophistication, making these cards a memorable and coveted item.

🎁 Impressive Keepsakes for Clients: When you present Matte Black Metal Business Cards to your clientele, the likelihood of them keeping these cards long-term and showcasing them to others is high. These cards stand out from standard paper business cards, often tossed aside and forgotten.

πŸ“ Standard and Custom Sizes: Choose from standard sizes such as 85mm x 54mm (credit card size) or 3.5 inch x 2 inch (business card size). Custom shapes and sizes are available, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized card.

πŸ“ Variety of Thickness Options: Select the thickness that suits your preferences and design needs:

0.3mm: The most common for its economic price point, providing a sleek and durable option.

0.5mm: A thicker and higher quality card, offering a more substantial feel. Ideal for cards with numerous cutouts to maintain strength.

0.8mm: Minimum thickness for specialty uses, such as bottle opener business cards. Boasts beautiful quality and substantial weight.

Make a Lasting Impression with the Elegance of Matte Black Metal Business Cards! πŸ–€βœ¨



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Matte Black Metal Business Cards

Matte Black Metal Business Cards add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your brand representation.

These high-end luxury cards are not only unique but also create a lasting impression that ensures they won’t be easily forgotten.
The matte black finish adds a sleek and modern aesthetic, making them stand out among traditional business cards.

Perfect for membership and loyalty programs, these cards serve as a durable and memorable representation of your brand.
Elevate your brand image with Matte Black Metal Business Cards for a lasting impact. πŸ–€


Custom Cutouts

As Metal Cards are already a novelty item, incorporating a cutout adds an extra layer of intrigue and sophistication, making your cards truly stand out.

With our precision laser guidance, you can add custom cutouts to your Metal Cards free of charge, creating a unique and memorable design that sparks conversation and leaves a lasting impression.

Etching or Engraving

Etching is ideal when consistency is key, ensuring every card is uniform in design.
On the other hand, Engraving offers the flexibility for each card to be unique, making it perfect for variable names or personalized details

Etching involves using chemicals or acid to create a design on a surface, typically metal. It’s ideal for producing multiple copies of the same design with high precision and consistency.

Engraving, on the other hand, involves physically cutting or carving a design into a surface, often using a laser. This technique allows for more intricate and detailed designs and is perfect for creating unique, customized pieces.

With Matte Black Coated Cards, only Engraving will reveal the silver metal underneath, adding a striking contrast and enhancing the visual impact of your design.

Carbon Fibre and Background Shading

Enhance the allure of your Matte Black Metal Business Cards with a complimentary Background Texture, including our exclusive Carbon Fibre Business Card Look.

At no additional cost, you can choose from our range of premium designs or unleash your creativity by designing your own textured background.

Whether you prefer the sleek sophistication of carbon fibre or a custom pattern that reflects your brand identity, our Background Texture option allows you to add depth and character to your cards, making them truly exceptional.

Brushed Effect

Indulge in the luxurious elegance of Brushed Coated Metal Cards, exuding a unique and sophisticated effect.

With a brushed finish, these cards offer a distinctive texture that elevates their appearance to new heights. The final result resembles a darkened silver, adding a touch of refinement and exclusivity to your cards.

Make a lasting impression with Brushed Coated Black Cards – the perfect choice for those who appreciate understated luxury and unparalleled style.

Add some Bling!

These sparkling embellishments create a dazzling effect, ensuring your cards stand out and make a lasting impression.

While they may not be real diamonds, they exude all the opulence and elegance of the real thing, allowing you to present the most luxurious Business Cards around.

It’s our little secret that adds a touch of bling to your cards, making them truly unforgettable. πŸ’ŽπŸ˜‰


Gift Card Holders & Envelopes

Available in a variety of styles, including foil stamped for a touch of luxury, these holders and envelopes add an extra layer of sophistication to your gift-giving experience.

Whether you’re presenting gift cards for special occasions or corporate gifting, our holders and envelopes provide a stylish and convenient way to showcase your cards.

More Coated Colours

Coated Metal Cards

Explore our range of Coated Metal Cards – not limited to Matte Black, but featuring vibrant hues including blue, white, red, green, purple, and more.

These bright and vibrant colors are sure to captivate your clientele and perfectly complement your branding, ensuring your cards stand out from the crowd.

For a unique twist, consider the Brushed effect, which lightens the coated texture, adding depth and character to your cards for a truly memorable impression.

More Options

Matte Black Plastic Cards

Introducing our Matte Black Plastic Cards – a premium option that offers a sleek and sophisticated alternative to metal cards.

Ideal for VIP clients, these cards provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on style or quality. With a matte finish, they perfectly emulate the look of matte black metal cards, ensuring consistency across your card offerings.

Whether you choose metal for your most exclusive clients or opt for Matte Black Plastic Cards for the rest, you can be confident that every card exudes professionalism and prestige.

Silver & Gold Metal Business Cards

Silver and Gold Plated Metal Business Cards remain timeless classics and continue to be our best-selling Metal Cards along with Rose Gold.

Renowned for their elegance and sophistication, these cards exude prestige and professionalism, making them the perfect choice for those who appreciate timeless style.

With their luxurious appearance and unmatched quality, Silver and Gold Plated Metal Business Cards are the epitome of refinement, ensuring a memorable and lasting impression with every exchange.

Green & Red Bronze Cards

The Green Bronze effect provides a unique and distinctive look that is hard to find elsewhere, adding a touch of individuality to your cards. Meanwhile, Red Bronze, also known as Gun Metal, exudes a sense of modernity and style, making it a popular choice for those seeking a sleek and refined appearance.

Experience the allure of Green and Red Bronze Metal Cards – the perfect blend of rustic charm and contemporary elegance.

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