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Matte Black Metal Business Cards

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Matte Black Metal Business Cards: Uniquely Luxurious for Your Brand Statement! βœ¨πŸ–€

Enhance your brand’s image with Matte Black Metal Business Cardsβ€”an exclusive and luxurious way to make a statement. The black color exudes high quality, luxury, and sophistication, making these cards a memorable and coveted item.

🎁 Impressive Keepsakes for Clients: When you present Matte Black Metal Business Cards to your clientele, the likelihood of them keeping these cards long-term and showcasing them to others is high. These cards stand out from standard paper business cards, often tossed aside and forgotten.

πŸ“ Standard and Custom Sizes: Choose from standard sizes such as 85mm x 54mm (credit card size) or 3.5 inch x 2 inch (business card size). Custom shapes and sizes are available, allowing you to create a truly unique and personalized card.

πŸ“ Variety of Thickness Options: Select the thickness that suits your preferences and design needs:

0.3mm: The most common for its economic price point, providing a sleek and durable option.

0.5mm: A thicker and higher quality card, offering a more substantial feel. Ideal for cards with numerous cutouts to maintain strength.

0.8mm: Minimum thickness for specialty uses, such as bottle opener business cards. Boasts beautiful quality and substantial weight.

Make a Lasting Impression with the Elegance of Matte Black Metal Business Cards! πŸ–€βœ¨



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Matte Black Metal Business Cards

Matte Black Metal Business Cards add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your brand representation.

These high-end luxury cards are not only unique but also create a lasting impression that ensures they won’t be easily forgotten.
The matte black finish adds a sleek and modern aesthetic, making them stand out among traditional business cards.

Perfect for membership and loyalty programs, these cards serve as a durable and memorable representation of your brand.
Elevate your brand image with Matte Black Metal Business Cards for a lasting impact. πŸ–€

Custom Cutouts

Add a Laser Guided Cutout for Free!

As these are Metal Cards, it’s already a novelty item, and adding a cut out gives it that extra talking point and Wow factor.

Die cut metal business card matte black
Premium Metal Cards

Etching or Engraving

There is a Difference! Etching is perfect when every card is the same, whereas Engraving is where every card is different.

For example in the case of variable names.

On a Matte Black Coated Card, only engraving will show the silver metal underneath.

Background Shading Options

Adding a Background Texture to your Matte Black Metal Business Cards is Free of Charge.

Instead of a smooth texture you can add one of our designs or you can design your own.

Shading for Matte Black Metal Cards
Brushed Effect Matte Black Metal Card

Brushed Effect

Brushed Black Coated Black Cards give a unique and luxurious effects.

The final finish looks more like a Darkened Silver.Β 

Add some Bling!

How about some Diamonds to present the most Luxurious Business Card around!

Don’t worry, you will still be able to give these away as these aren’t exactly real, but hey that’s our lil secret πŸ˜‰

Luxury Business Card with Diamonds
Premium Gift Card Sleeve with Foil

Premium Gift Card Holders

A Matte Black Premium Gift Card Holder that is Foil Stamped is the ultimate in luxury reserved for your top VIP clients.

There are 2 cardstocks available which is the smooth premium matte black and speckled gloss.

More Metal Card Options

Silver Metal Business Cards

A Classic! Silver Metal Cards are still the most popular Metal Card we sell.

Unleash your creativity! Here you can find a Frosted Effect with Cutouts.

Frosted Silver Metal Cards
Gold Plated Metal Cards

Gold Metal Business Cards

The Original Luxury!

Gold Plated Metal Cards are an extremely popular item and one of our hottest sellers.

Rose Gold Metal Cards

Think Pink!

Rose Gold Metal Business Cards are also a classic and more subtle than a standard Gold.Β 

Rose Gold Metal Card
Blue Coated Metal Cards

Blue Coated Metal Cards

Matte Black is not the only coating available!
Try a bright and vibrant blue for something that is sure to wow your clientele!

Matte Blue Cards are the newest to the market! Be one of the first to order.

Matte White Cards

Equally as Matte.

Order half your cards in Black and Half in white with opposite colors.
Dare to be different!

Matte White Metal Business Cards
Purple Metal Business Cards

Purple Coated Cards

Brushed Purple or Brushed Violet
It’s your call! Regardless these are as unique as they come!

Add die cut cutouts to enhance your design.Β 

Red Coated Metal Cards

With the multitude of colours available you are free to purchase several each colour to provide certain tiers of membership or discount.

Red Coated Metal Business Card
Bronze Metal Cards Gun Metal

Red Bronze Gun Metal Metal Cards

Bronze is often known as 3rd place. But don’t fret, that is the top 3 out of a hundred.

Top quality and beautifully crafted Bronze Metal Cards.

Green Bronze Cards

A more rustic look than Gun Metal. Green Bronze is a really cool effect that you is hard to find.

This card has a brushed finish along with etching, cut outs and is individually numbered.Β 

Bronze Metal Cards

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