Mesh Banners – Vinyl

Vinyl Mesh Banners

🌬️ Harness the Power of the Wind with Vinyl Mesh Banners! 

Vinyl Mesh Banners are the ultimate solution for windy conditions, surpassing the effectiveness of wind slits on standard vinyl that may lead to tearing.

🌀 Wind-Resistant Excellence: Custom printed on PVC material designed to allow the wind to pass through seamlessly, these banners are built for durability in breezy environments.

👁️ Transparency and Practicality: With criss-cross fibers, these banners provide some transparency, depending on the viewing angle. Ideal for fence scrim, construction sites, and festival banners, Vinyl Mesh Banners combine durability and practicality for outdoor applications.

🌐 Extra Large Seamless Sizes: Go big with seamless sizes available up to 16.4 feet (5 meters), ensuring your message stands tall and clear.

⚙️ Mesh Options for Your Needs: Choose from 9×9 Mesh with bigger holes (weight: 320 GSM) for more air passage and transparency, or 12×12 Mesh with smaller holes (weight: 360 GSM) for less air passage and a clearer picture.

🌟 Embrace the Elements – Choose Vinyl Mesh Banners for Outdoor Excellence! 🏞️💨

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Vinyl Mesh Banners

Vinyl Mesh, a lightweight outdoor banner, is printed on a PVC substrate with perforations throughout, offering unique advantages for extended outdoor use.
These banners outlast standard ones by reducing wind resistance, minimizing wear and tear, making them a durable and cost-effective choice.

The absence of large wind slits or wrinkles in mesh banners enhances the readability of your message. Whether spanning a street for a few weeks or hanging in a windy area, mesh banners guarantee that your message remains clear, ensuring prolonged visibility and impact outdoors. 🌬️🌐🏞️

Grommets or Pole Pockets

Each Banner will include either grommets, pole pockets or both.

Simply let us know how you intend to use your Mesh Banners and we will take care of the rest.

Banners with grommets and Pole Pockets
Mesh Banners for Stages

Stageline Mobile Stage Banners

SL100, SL250, SL350 and more.

We can provide Mesh Stage Banners for your next event. Just let us know the specifications for your particular stage and we can customize.

We offer very competitive pricing and have been supplying festivals with Stage Banners for Stageline Stages all over North America dozens of times per year.

For Construction Sites

Safety is always first in mind when on the job. Standard Vinyl Banners act as a sail, which is why Mesh is the first choice.

Our Mesh Banners are excellent to advertise new projects, wrap scaffolding and to use as hoarding.

Pictured is size 80′ x 20′ foot.

Construction Site Mesh Banner - 80 x 20 feet

Fence Scrim

Fence Scrim is often used for construction sites and events, to build a site barrier between one side and the other of the fence.

It’s a perfect marketing opportunity to reach the masses. Mesh Banners are durable and long lasting, they will stand up to the elements for years.

Fabric Mesh

An alternative is to use Fabric Mesh Banners. They are also of excellent quality, durable and long lasting.

They have a higher end look, lightweight and easier to handle.

Fabric Mesh Banners


Small Holes Mesh Banners

Reinforced Banners

Our standard is simply to fold over the banner and then hemm it.

This gives the extra strength needed to keep your banner lasting a long time.

Upon request we can also insert a rope along the perimeter. 

Mesh Banners with Big Holes

Banners with Big Holes is called 9×9 Mesh. That is 9 holes per square cm.

The benefit is that it allows more wind to pass through it.

As there is less surface area to print on there is a bit less clarity and color saturation of your image. 

Mesh Banner for Windy Conditions
12x12 Mesh Banner

Or Small Holes

Mesh Banners with Smaller Holes are called 12×12 Mesh which means there are 12 holes per square cm.

These are more commonly ordered.

They also produce a much better picture quality as there is more surface area to print on.

Print Process

As the substrate is fed through the machine, it has a backing on it.

Before shipping to our clients, we remove the backing and you are left with only the exterior signage.


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