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Rose Gold Metal Business Cards

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Rose Gold metal cards are simply beautiful. A unique golden pink metal card mixture that has the sheen of a gold card. Elegant yet durable these cards are simply impressive.
If you are looking to Wow your potential clientele with a Rose Gold Metal Business Card that they are not only going to keep but they will also show off to their friends.


85mm x 54mm (Size of a credit card)
3.5 inch x 2 inch (Size of a Business Card)
Custom sizes such as square or large sizes for metal invitation cards available
Custom shapes available


0.3mm | 0.5mm | 0.8mm | 1 mm

The most common is 0.3mm due to its economic price point and 0.5mm is a thicker and higher quality card which is more substantial.

If you have a lot of cut outs in your card consider 0.5mm to maintain its strength so it’s less bendable. 0.8mm is the minimum we would use for a bottle opener business card, it’s a beautiful quality and very heavy. 1 mm is reserved for more specialty uses.

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Rose Gold Metal Business Cards

Can these really be the most luxurious yet elegant metal card on the market? We think so! Introducing Rose Gold Metal Business Cards. If you are looking for a way to wow your VIP clientele this is certainly the way to go.

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Brushed Rose Gold Metal Business Cards

Brushing your metal card is a unique feature that adds a luxurious sheen to your card.
This feature prevents fingerprints and keeps it shiny as one would expect from a
premium luxury metal business card.

Brushed Rose Gold Metal Business Cards
Rose Gold Metal Card with Laser Guided Cut out

Laser Guided Cut Outs

Adding a laser guided cut out to a metal business card is a process that is typically only available with metal cards. The process is incredibly accurate down to just 0.5 microns (0.0005 mm). This can ensure precise patterns, as well as protect your logo or fonts from deviating.

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Luxury Metal Cards are shipped for free worldwide to places such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Australia, New Zealand, France, Monaco, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Japan, Singapore, Mexico and more.