Metal Business Cards – Silver

Metal Business Cards 

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Silver Metal Business Cards are a great way to impress your clientele with a unique gift that will ensure you stand out among your competitors.

They are fully Customizable to Your Specifications

Standard Sizes

85mm x 54mm (Size of a credit card)
3.5 inch x 2 inch (Size of a Business Card)

Custom Sizing and Shapes are Welcome


0.3mm | 0.5mm | 0.8mm

0.3mm is the most common due to its economic price point. It is lightweight and durable.

0.5mm is a thicker and higher quality card which is more substantial, this is our personal favourite. If you have a lot of cut outs in your card consider 0.5mm to maintain its strength so it’s less bendable.

0.8mm is the minimum we would use for a bottle opener business card, it’s a beautiful quality and quite heavy.

1 mm is reserved for more specialty uses.


Lace Silver Metal Cards

Lace Pattern Gold Business Card


Click here for a list of Lace Patterns

Silver Metal Cards are available with Lace Borders in many patterns, simply click the link above for a document of the 28 different stock patterns to choose from. You can also choose to design your own lace pattern and/or change the patterns we already have. 

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Metal Business Cards 

Make your clients feel extra special with a Stainless Steel Metal Business Card!
Reserved for your highest priority VIP clients, these cards surely will not be digarded. Rather they will keep them and even show them off to their colleagues.
Custom designed to your specifications. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity.

Graphic Design Services available. We will assist you to stay on budget while adding the unique features that are practically endless.

Silver Metal Cards were first made popular when one of the Apple founders Steve Wozniak showed off his to the world. Ever since then they have been extremely popular!

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Brushed Effect

Brushing adds a shinier and unique aspect. 
It’s all about those extra touches that turns your card from ordinary to extraordinary! 

Laser Etching

Add Etching to your Stainless Steel Card to add another element of texture underneath.

You can also print within the etched areas. The reason you would want to do this is to allow the ink to settle into the grooves
and therefore it’s the same level as your card preventing it from rubbing off in your wallet.

Metal Business Cards with Etching
Deep Etched Stainless Steel Business Card

Deep Etching

Go Deep! Be Bold! 
You would need to order a 0.5mm thickness for this style.

Custom Cutouts

There are Metal Cards!
There is so much you can do with them compared to a Paper Card.

So let’s get creative and offer a unique design. 

Unique Business Cards Stainless Steel
Silver Metal Cards


The Frosted pattern is actually just another form of Etching. 
The Benefit of this option is that it’s Free of Charge as opposed to Brushed which adds to the cost.

Full Color Coverage

Most Metal Business Cards have 1 to 3 colors. 
Some clients prefer a Full Colour Print with Gradients. 

We’ve got you covered!

Full Colour Stainless Steel Business Card
Bottle Opener Business Cards

Bottle Opener Business Cards

Using a 0.8mm thick card you can ensure you are giving a handy gift along with your contacts!

0.8mm is the minimum thickness that will open a bottle but it’s still more of a novelty Bottle Opener Business Card.
For the longest lasting choose 1mm.

More Metal Card Options

Gold Plated Metal Cards

If Speaking is Silver, then Listening is Gold. ― Turkish Proverb

Is there really a better way to get your clients to take notice?

Gold Plated Metal Cards
Rose Gold Metal Card

Rose Gold Plated Cards

Beautifully crafted Rose Gold Cards portray Luxury with a hint of elegance.

They’re not as flashy as their gold counterparts, and that’s the point of it.

Diamonds and Jewels

Get Bejeweled! 
And different coloured faux Diamonds and Jewels for that added look of Luxury!

Metal Card with Jewels
Matte Black Metal Card Etched with White Logo

Matte Black Metal Cards

Deep, Dark Sophisticated.
Plated in Matte Black these cards invoke an intense response. 

Matte White

If you’re looking for something different, these are new to the market and you will be one of the first to experience our Matte White Coated Cards!

Blue Coated Metal Cards

Blue Coated Metal Business Cards

Imagine the possibilities! 

Bright, vibrant and totally unique. 

Brushed Purple

Adding colour to your Calling Card can invoke many moods.

Purple suggests wealth and extravagance, fantasy and the world of dreams.

Purple Metal Business Cards
Red Coated Metal Business Card

Brushed Red

In Business Psychology Red is a physical color which calls for action to be taken.

Its high energy and strength draws attention to itself and demands to be noticed.

Red Bronze Gun Metal Business Cards

Red Brass, Gun Metal or Red Bronze.

Whatever you want to call them, we got them! 

Bronze Metal Cards Gun Metal
Bronze Metal Cards

Green Bronze

This Bronze Metal Business Card will have a similar color to a green patina that forms on copper that you may have seen on a penny.

This ensures a rustic style that is rare and unique. 

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