Miniature Desk Flags

Miniature Desk Flags

Elevate Your Desk Decor! 🚩

🌐 Diverse Styles: Express your roots or brand identity with our premium miniature desk flags. Whether it’s country flags, corporate logos, or unique styles like Feather and Teardrop, the possibilities are endless!

🏢 Versatile Material Options: Choose from premium metal or budget-friendly economy plastic, ensuring that your desk flags perfectly align with your style and preferences.

💪 Quality Without Compromise: Our desk flags are crafted with top-tier materials, guaranteeing durability and a lasting impression. Invest in quality that stands tall on your desk.

🌈 Endless Customization: From showcasing your national pride to branding your workspace, these miniature flags are the perfect canvas for your design aspirations. Unleash your creativity without any limitations.

🎨 Elevate Your Desk Decor: Make a statement with our high-quality and versatile Miniature Desk Flags. Flaunt your identity with pride! 🖥️✨

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Custom Desk Flags & Table Flags

Choose from our selection of Miniature Desk Flags to add a touch of flair to your workspace.

Opt for our Economy Desktop Flags with a plastic pole—a cost-effective and popular choice, ideal for bulk purchases.
Alternatively, elevate your desktop décor with our Premium Table Flags featuring a high-quality stainless steel pole and base, complemented by a Premium Satin Flag.

With a wide variety to choose from, these miniature flags are perfect for expressing your style in any office setting. 🏴‍☠️🖊️

Plastic Pole & Base

Desk Flags with a Plastic Pole and Base

Explore our Plastic Pole Desk Flags – the go-to Economy version for bulk orders.

Cost-effective and versatile, each Table Flag is custom printed with your unique design.
No limits on design submissions within your order.

Elevate your space affordably with these customizable desk flags, ideal for showcasing diverse designs in larger quantities.

Size – 4 x 6″ with a 12″ Plastic Dowel and Base combination.

Base Options

Select from bases available in sleek black or opulent gold, designed to complement any setting. Our bases are capable of holding 1 to 3 flags, providing flexibility for your display needs.

Customize your setup further by choosing between plastic and wooden poles and bases, ensuring a look that aligns with your brand aesthetic or event theme.

More Options

Magnetic Base Flags

Discover the versatility of our Magnetic Base Flags – mini flags with magnetic bases designed for use on vehicles and in warehouses for informational signs.

Their smaller size makes them ideal for safety flags in warehouses and any space where a magnetic solution is needed.

Size – 8.25 x 5″ Flag with a 11″ Pole.

Teardrop Table Flags

Introducing our Teardrop Style Desk Flags, each accompanied by a sleek silver base.

Standing at a height of 15 inches, these flags add a touch of elegance to your desktop.

Elevate your workspace with these stylish and compact desk flags, combining form and function in a tasteful design.

Feather Table Flags

Stand out with our Desktop Feather Flags, standing at a height of 18 inches.
Elevate your reception or sales counter with these stylish showpieces, adding a touch of flair to your space.

Make a statement with these eye-catching and compact flags that command attention in any setting.

Monopod Flags

Introducing our visually stunning Monopod Flags, available in two sizes that are guaranteed to grab attention!

The tabletop version stands at 11 x 30.5″ (19.7″ Flag), while the larger version, perfect for placement before a table, measures 11 x 50.5″ high  (39.4″ Flag).

Customize your impact with the option of single or double-sided print.
Elevate your display with these eye-catching Monopod Flags, making a memorable statement at any event or location.

High Quality Metal Poles

Premium Desk Flags with Adjustable Metal Bases

Enhance your desktop with our Premium Desk Flags, boasting a metal pole and an adjustable base for an elegant touch.

The set is completed with a beautiful showplex-style poly satin flag, adding a touch of sophistication to any workspace.

Whether you’re considering a small quantity or exploring wholesale options for bulk purchases, these premium desk flags offer a stylish solution for expressing your individuality.

Printed Desktop Flags
F-34 F-32 F-52
Telescopic Pole Size:
130mm to 175mm
  Telescopic Pole Size: 280mm to 500mm   Telescopic Pole Size:
280mm to 500mm
Flag Size:
3 x 4.5″ Inch
Flag Size:
8 x 12″ Inch
  Flag Size:
8 x 12″ Inch
Desk top Flag Printing
F-33   F-31 F-19
Telescopic Pole Size: 130mm to 175mm   Telescopic Pole size:
280mm to 500mm
  Telescopic Pole Size: 305mm to 505mm
Flag Size
3 x 4.5″ Inch
  Flag Size 5.5 x 8″ Inch   Flag Size
8 x 12″ Inch
Miniature Flags for Desktop
F-29   F-33   F-17
Telescopic Pole Size: 280mm to 500mm   Telescopic Pole Size:
140mm to 230mm
  Telescopic Pole Size: 270mm to 490mm
Flag Size:
5.5 x 8″ Inch
  Flag Size:
3 x 4.5″ Inch
  Flag Size:
8 x 12″ Inch
Miniature Desk Flags
Pole size 280mm
Flag Size 5.5 x 8 Inch

More Tabletop Options

Mini Roll Up Banner Stand

Discover the impact of our compact promotional items, available in A3 or A4 sizes and crafted for convenient placement at point-of-sale counters.

Designed to effectively promote special offers, provide directions, or share crucial information, these versatile tools serve a myriad of purposes.

Their small size and multifunctional design make them powerful assets for enhancing awareness and engagement in diverse settings. 

Tabletop Displays

Elevate your tabletop presentations with our versatile Tabletop Displays.

Mini Pop Up Displays, compact and impactful at 5 x 5′

Grid Displays, available in various shapes and sizes, offer a dynamic backdrop for your business

Mini Tension Fabric Displays, available in dimensions of 33 x 20″ , 72 x 60″, 96 x 60″

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