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Custom Paper Parasols

Custom Paper Parasols: Elegance Unveiled for Your Special Occasions! 💖🎉

Elevate Your Event with Style: Create an atmosphere of sophistication and charm with our Custom Printed Paper Parasols. Perfect for weddings, corporate branding, and even prestigious golf courses, these parasols add a unique and stylish touch to any occasion.

📸 Photography-Ready Decor: Adorned with your custom prints, these parasols serve as decorative elements that enhance the aesthetic appeal of your event. Ideal for photography, they capture beautiful moments and add an elegant flair to the overall ambiance.

Perfect for Prestigious Golf Courses: Make a statement beyond the fairway with these custom paper parasols. They add a touch of sophistication and become standout accessories at prestigious golf courses.

🌦️ Not Recommended for Rainy Days: Please note that while these paper parasols are perfect for capturing sunny moments, they are not recommended for use on rainy days.

📏 Dimensions: Each parasol measures 2.75 feet when open, providing ample coverage while maintaining a graceful appearance. Other sizes are available.

🎨 Need Design Assistance? We’ve Got You Covered: If you need help with the design, our team can assist you. We’ll work on a digital proof for your Custom Printed Paper Parasols, revising it until you feel it’s perfect.

Choose Sophistication, Choose Style – Make Your Occasion Unforgettable with Custom Paper Parasols! 👰🏌️‍♂️💫

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Your Logo or Slogan on a Custom Printed Paper Parasols

Craft picture-perfect moments with Custom Paper Parasols, turning every photo opportunity into a work of art. 

Imagine the visual impact when your entire audience sports a matching accessory, like these exquisite decorative umbrellas. Elevate your event’s aesthetic and create a cohesive, memorable experience.

Our customization options go beyond the ordinary – imprint your logo, convey your unique message, and precisely match your color palette. Let your brand shine and your event stand out with the personalized touch of Custom Paper Parasols. 🌈🌂✨

Paper Parasols for Weddings

Ideal for weddings, our Paper Parasols offer a highly customizable touch with custom printing to incorporate your specific message and colors.

Capture endless photoshoot opportunities as everyone matches, creating a stunning visual, especially when photographed from above with a drone.

Elevate your wedding aesthetics with these personalized and picturesque paper parasols.

Parasol Printing

For Corporate Events

Paper Parasols are a popular purchase with Destination Management Companies, when they are looking to achieve a branding opportunity while presenting a matching look with the crowd.

Imprint your corporate logo with company colors. 


Several Sizes To Choose From

Diameter When Open
2.75′ | 2.0′ | 1.3′ | 1.0′ | 0.65′ Feet Across

The go-to size is 2.75′, widely popular and most common for various purposes.
Note that 2.0 feet is only big enough for children.

Opt for smaller sizes for decor, arts and crafts, and delightful options for the kids.

Please note, the minimum order is 100 pcs, all of which must be of the same size. 

Offset Printing

Our offset printing method ensures that we can match your specific pantone color palette.

You can choose your background color and a 1 to 3 colour logo.

The minimum order is 100 pcs, smaller orders are accepted however please note that the cost is almost the same. 

Bamboo Ribs

Enhance the aesthetic of our paper parasols with Natural Bamboo Ribs, perfectly complementing the kraft paper design.

This stylish and elegant addition transforms these parasols into high-quality keepsakes, making them ideal for creating lasting memories within your group.

Bamboo Hand Fans

Complete the look with our Bamboo Hand Fans, perfect when ordered alongside your personalized parasols.

Explore a wide variety of handles, sizes, and even stock images to choose from.

Perfect the small details of your event with the cohesive and stylish pairing of personalized Bamboo Hand Fans and parasols.

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