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Custom Printed Pennant Flags

Make a Statement with Custom Printed Pennant Flags! 🚩✨

Custom Printed Pennant Flags come in various materials, including felt and fabric, catering to the diverse needs of our clients.

🏈 Sports Team Felt Pennant Standard Sizes:

5 x 12″
8 x 18″
9 x 24″
11 x 30″

Custom sizes and shapes are welcome, providing flexibility for your specific requirements.

Popular Nautical Boat Pennant Flag Sizes:

4 x 6″
8 x 12″
12 x 18″
5 x 12″
11″ x 30″
or personalized to your specifications

🤔 Felt vs. Fabric Pennant Flags:

Felt is more rigid and traditional, often used for schools, sports teams, and hobbyists. It prints beautifully and is the most common choice for Sports Pennants.

Fabric printing is an excellent alternative, offering flexibility and easy transport. Fabric pennants are common for sailing and economy-style pennants.

🌐 No Minimum Order: Enjoy the flexibility of ordering the quantity you need with no minimum order requirements.

💰 Wholesale Pricing and Retail Packaging Available: Explore wholesale pricing options and retail packaging to make your custom pennant flags more accessible to your audience.

Make a lasting impression and showcase your team spirit, school pride, or brand with vibrant and customized pennant flags! 🚩🌟

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Custom Printed Felt and Fabric Pennant Flags

Enhance your visibility and team spirit with our Custom Printed Felt and Fabric Pennant Flags!

Whether you’re promoting a team, product, or delivering a simple message, these high-quality personalized pennants are designed to capture attention.
Bring your logo or brand to life with our creative graphic design team, creating eye-catching designs with no color limitations.

Elevate your presence effortlessly and stay within your budget with our customizable pennants. 🚩✨👍


Felt Pennant Flags

Felt pennants are a traditional choice for various occasions, including sporting events, graduation ceremonies, and celebrations. They also make excellent gifts!

With our digital custom printing, there are no minimum orders and no limitations to your design, allowing you to incorporate gradients and intricate details effortlessly.

Fabric Pennant Flags

Crafted from the same durable flag material as our standard Pole Flags, these fabric pennants are built to withstand both indoor and outdoor use.

Their resilience makes them an excellent choice for various settings.

Choose Fabric Pennant Flags for a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality or durability.

Shapes & Sizes

School Sports Team Pennants

Show your team spirit with our School Sports Team Pennants!

Crafted from durable felt material and available in the classic isosceles triangle shape, these pennants are the perfect way to support your favorite sports team.

4 x 10″ | 5 x 12″ | 8 x 18″ | 9 x 24″ | 11 x 30″ | Custom

Whether you’re cheering from the sidelines or displaying them in your room, our School Sports Team Pennants offer a unique and eye-catching way to showcase your message or brand.

Felt Pennant Flags

Elevate your promotional displays with our Triangle Pennant Flags, crafted from durable felt material and available in a range of sizes:

4 x 6″ | 8 x 12″ | 18 x 24″ | Custom

The triangular shape offers ample surface area for showcasing your captivating designs and messages, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

Sports Team Pennants

These pennants are a must-have for any sports enthusiast, and they’re often found for sale at local college bookshops. Plus, if you need retail packaging, we’ve got you covered!

With wholesale rates available, you can easily customize your pennants with your team’s design, and there are no limitations on what you can create. Whether it’s for personal use or resale, our Sports Team Pennants are sure to be a hit.

Yacht Burgees

Nautical Flags and Sailboat Pennants 
Used for yacht clubs and boating enthusiasts.

Sailing vessels may fly the burgee from the main masthead or from a lanyard under the starboard spreader on the mast.

Power boats fly the burgee off a short staff on the bow.

Marine and Boat Code Flags

Marine and Boat Code Pennant Flags have a simple fluorescent yellow or orange fabric with text.

They come with 2 grommets and are made from a simple 110 GSM Polyester Fabric.


On a Wooden Dowel

Each Hand Flag comes with a pole pocket and the wooden dowel securely glued inside, ensuring durability and ease of use during events, celebrations, rallies, and more.

Wave your custom-designed hand flag proudly to showcase your message, brand, or school spirit with style and flair.

Pennant Strings

Custom Pennant Banners are stringed together on ropes measured to your specifications.

They are available in Felt, Fabric and Vinyl.

No minimum order and wholesale rates are available.

Bike Flags

Bike Flags are usually shaped in a Triangular Pennant. Add your Custom Logo for Promotional Opportunities.

They are often used for safety purposes for bikes and wheelchairs to be visible.
You can add fluorescent light reflective material for higher visibility at night.

Each Bike Flag comes with a 60 inch pole which has an attachment piece for the wheel.

Bike Flag Pennants


Custom Felt Pennant

Header Ties

Bring back a touch of nostalgia with our Header Ties for Felt Pennant Flags!

In the good old days of 1930’s baseball, pennant flags were adorned with ties at the end, allowing fans to proudly display them by tying them to a pole while cheering for their favorite team.

While most people nowadays opt for the traditional look, these header ties add a charming vintage appeal to your pennant flags.


Grommets provide a common and durable finishing touch for flags intended to be hung, whether they’re displayed at events, on sailboats, or as hanging banners.

Ensure easy installation and long-lasting display with grommets, offering a secure attachment point for hanging your flags with ease.

Felt pennants shipped to Long Island New York
School Pennant Flags

Custom Headers

A Header is at the head of the flag by the ties or grommets.

The most common way to add a white header which is free.
You may opt for colored ties for a nominal cost.

It adds a bit of depth and texture to your flag.

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