Personalized Hand Fans

Custom Folding Hand Fans

Custom Printed Personalized Fans are available in High Quality Paper, Fabric and PVC.

You may choose the handles to be made from Bamboo, Wood or Plastic.
There are several sizes to choose from.

Print in full colour without limitations, including gradients.
This includes the fan as well as the ribs.

Add your logo when using these for corporate giveaways and special events.

They are perfect for Weddings, Celebrations, Decor, and Promotional Giveaways.


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Personalized Hand Fans

Stay cool from the sun or stay cool in general!
Our Custom Printed Personalized Hand Fans are perfect for giveaways at events, parties, weddings, and for promotions.
You can print any image and in full colour.

Each accordian style Hand Fan has several choices for the ribs,
The fans are made from High Quality Paper or a beautiful Poly-Silk.

Large Sized Hand Fan

Several Sizes To Choose From

Standard Bamboo – 8.25 x 15″

Standard Wood & Plastic – 9 x 16.5″

Large Bamboo
9 x 16.5″ | 10.5 x 19″
12 x 21.5″ | 13 x 23.5″

Kung Fu Fans – 13 x 26″

Please note the measurements are in inches

Natural Bamboo Ribs

The original Japanese Style Natural Bamboo Ribs are a classic look.

They are eco-friendly and have an ornate detail.

Available in Natural, Black and Tea Color.

Personalized Fan with Bamboo Ribs
Black Bamboo Hand Fan

Black Bamboo Ribs

Black Bamboo can blend in, or add contrast to your design. 

Break Free of Old Traditions and Go Bold!

Bamboo Rib Colours

There are 3 stock options you can choose for the Bamboo Ribs on your Personalized Hand Fans.

Natural, Black or Tea.

Bamboo Ribs are available with or without ornate cut out patterns.

Bamboo Rib Colours
Wooden Rib Custom Hand Fan

Wooden Ribs

Your Personalized Hand Fans can include Wooden Ribs.

The difference is that they have a solid rib without the ornate pattern. 

You may choose any Pantone Custom Color for your handle.

Wooden Rib Colours

For the larger wooden ribs, we also have 3 stock colours.

Natural Wood, Black and Deep Red.

Hand Fan Rib Colours
Hand Fan with Plastic Ribs

Plastic Handle

Fans with a Plastic Handle can also be customized in any custom color within the Pantone system. 

They have a gloss sheen to them and a heavier, less fragile than wood.

Custom Pantones

If you would like to print your specific Pantone colours onto the wooden or plastic ribs simply provide the PMS code.

Please note, choosing a pantone rather than stock colours has an additional fee.

Custom Rib Colours
Quality Paper Hand Fans

Quality Paper Fans

Printing on a high quality paper produces a vibrant and beautiful print that will stand out.

It is more opaque. 

For Single Sided the backside is white. Double Sided is also available.

Poly-Silk Fabric Hand Fans

A lightweight semi-transparent Poly Silk Fabric ensures you can see the image from both sides.

Our Medium Sized Fans allow for a true double fabric double sided.

Poly Silk Hand Fans
PVC Hand Fans

PVC Style

Our PVC Fans are bright, vibrant and funky.

You can add your own logo and choose from several backgrounds including Silver and Gold. 

Print Your Logo on the Fan Ribs

You can apply your company colours to the fan’s ribs.

They are usually 1 colour, more is possible.
Engraving is also available.

Print you Logo on the Fans Handle
Kung Fu Dancing Fan - Personalized

Large Kung Fu Fans

Kung Fu Fans are quite a bit larger than the average fan.

They make a CLACK sound when opening or closing them.

They are used in dances and performances and have an extra large area for your custom printed design.

The size is 13 x 26″ Inches

Kung Fu Fan Rib Colours

Kung Fu Fans have a minimum order of 100 pcs.

Ribs are available in Natural Wood, Red and Black.

Kung Fu Rib Colours
Small Medium and Large Promotional Fans

Choose Your Own Size and Colour

Personalized to your own specifications you can choose a multitude of sizes and colours.

Or you can set your own colour and custom logo.

Custom Hand Flags

As an alternative we are also a top producer of Custom Printed Hand Flags.

They are available single or double sided, with several sizes to choose from. 


Paper and Poly Silk Fans – What is the difference?

High Quality Paper Hand Fans have a vibrant image on the front and have a white backside.
The images are bold and beautiful.

Poly-Silk Hand Fans are Semi-Transparent and you can see the image from both sides.

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