Plastic Card Printing

Plastic Card Printing

Everyone has printed Plastic Cards in their wallet, such as credit cards and identification cards. Nowadays a business of any size can produce Membership Cards, VIP Cards and more with plastic card printing.


  • Size =85*54 mm – Same size as a Credit Card
  • Custom sizing and die cuts available


  • 0.76mm – standard credit card 
  • 0.38mm – thinner and lighter on the wallet


Are you looking for something unique? Plastic Card Printing often is provided in high gloss with offset printing however these cards can be as unique as your business is. Contact us for the almost endless possibilities that we can accomplish to give your printed plastic cards the most bang for your buck!

Spot UV

Spot UV Plastic Card Printing

Spot UV is also known as spot gloss. It’s a varnish that adds a stunning texture over your logos. Any colour can be added to give your gift cards a unique advantage over your competitors. 

Foil Stamped 

Gold Foil Stamped Plastic Card Printing

Foil Stamped Plastic Cards are a way to impress even the pickiest of business card connoisseurs. Foils are available in a multitude of different colours and add a beautiful and luxurious eye catching effect to any plastic card printing.

Gloss and Matte Finish

Plastic Card Printing

The most common method of plastic gift card printing is a gloss finish. This is also the most economical. We also offer a matte finish which is common for plastic business cards whereas someone wants to give a high end impression over and above a gift card.

Magnetic Strips

Plastic Card Printing with Magnetic Strip

We offer both –
◎ Hi-Co (2750 OE High Coercivity with high magnetism resistance) and
◎ Lo-Co (300 OE Low Coercivity with low magnetism resistance) magnetic strips.
Lo-Co being the more economic of the pair. Choose Hi-Co when you need more security and you are storing personal data and financial information. Also Hi-Co is the way to go if you are using them for event tickets.  

If you are just storing a number to verify membership information then Lo-Co is the best bet to save on costs

More options…

We can provide Transparent Business Cards, Barcodes, QR Codes, Variable Data names and numbers, embossing, debossing as well as many unique features. Contact us for a free consultation on how to best suit your needs and budget.

2 ways to order…..

1.   Quote for Print Service

2. Give us a call 604-353-1776


Plastic Card Printing

Plastic card printing is useful for everyday transactions on applications including business cards, gift cards, VIP membership cards, calling cards and more. Previously only easily available to large corporations now any company or individual can print plastic cards at an economical price. The challenge now is to design your card in a unique fashion so it stands out among your competitors.

There are more options such as

Gift Card Envelopes

Gift card Envelopes are an excellent way to promote your brand even further. They are printable in full color. A perfect and beautiful way to protect your plastic cards.  Minimum order of 500 pcs.

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