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Plastic Card Printing

Plastic Card Printing: Elevate Your Business with Customized Plastic Cards! 💳🌟

Plastic cards, like credit and ID cards, are a staple in everyone’s wallet. Now, businesses of all sizes can enhance their brand with personalized Membership VIP Cards.

📏 Standard and Custom Sizes:

Size: 85 x 54 mm (Same as a Credit Card).

Custom sizing and die-cut options available to suit your unique needs.

💳 Various Thickness Options: Choose the thickness that best fits your requirements:

0.76 mm: Standard credit card thickness.

0.5 mm: A versatile and durable option.

0.38 mm: Thinner and lighter, perfect for a sleek wallet fit.

🌈 Endless Finishing Possibilities: Looking for something unique? Plastic Card Printing offers high gloss or matte lamination and offset printing. Explore endless possibilities to give your plastic cards a look as unique as your business.

Free Consultation: Contact us for a free consultation to discover the endless possibilities and achieve a look for your plastic cards that reflects the uniqueness of your business! 💳

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Plastic Card Printing

Plastic card printing has indeed become more accessible to a broader audience, allowing businesses and individuals to create their own premium business cards, gift cards, and membership cards. The versatility of plastic cards extends beyond traditional paper-based cards, offering durability and a modern look. The challenge, as you mentioned, lies in designing cards that stand out and make a lasting impression.

Customizing plastic cards with unique designs, vibrant colors, and creative elements can help differentiate your cards from competitors. Additionally, incorporating features like variable data printing, QR codes, or special finishes can enhance the overall appeal and functionality of the cards. If you need assistance with the design process or have specific ideas in mind, feel free to share, and I can provide further guidance! 💳

High Gloss and Matte Overlays

Each Plastic Card is laminated with a coated overlay to protect it from scratches.

Gloss is inexpensive and matte gives a unique luxurious appearance.

Matte and Gloss Plastic Cards compared
Gold Card with Sparkles

Sparkle Background

Adding this speckled, sparkly effect to the background will give a bit of extra depth to to your design. 

This will result in a more luxurious looking card that will stand out.

You can add this effect to any color.

Matte Black Stock

If you are looking for a bold statement, consider our Matte Black Stock. 

This plastic cardstock has black edges. 

Your graphics are available with white ink, foil or spot UV.

Black Edge Black Plastic Cards
Gift Card Printing with Magnetic Stripe

Magnetic Stripe

Use Magnetic Stripes to store important information on Membership and Gift Cards.

We offer LOCO Magnetic Stripes with less memory retention for Hotel Key Cards which you would need to reprogram several times.

HICO Magnetic Stripes for long term memory retention for Gift Cards. 

Scratch Panels

Add a Scratch panel to conceal important information.

Simply use a coin as you would on a scratch and win ticket.

Plastic Card Printing with Scratch Panel
Gold Foil Membership Card

Foil Stamped Plastic Cards

Adding a Foil Stamp is a way to turn Ordinary to Extraordinary! 

There are several colours to choose from including Laser Holographic Foils.

Gift Card Sleeves

Card Envelopes are available in standard black or white.

They can be Offset Printed Full Colour and you can add Foil Stamping or Spot UV for a more unique look and feel.

Gift card holders
Matte PVC Card with Spot UV Spot Gloss

Spot UV

A Clear Glossy Coating on the most important parts of your card including your logo or certain text gives it that extra bit of style you need to get noticed!

Also known as Spot Varnish, you can add it as a design pattern as a background element, prepare to be blown away!

Embossed Names and Numbers

Just like your credit card, they are silver and gold foil covered.

The numbers are available serial or variable.

The letters are available static, which means the same on each card, or variable.

Embossing comes in 2 sizes. 

Embossed Numbers and Names on Plastic Card
Combo Card printing


There are several styles of barcodes available. Check your scanner instructions for the one that works best for you.

We can print each card with Code-128 | Code -39 | EAN-8 | EAN-13 | UPC-A | UPC-E | ITF-14 and QR Codes.

They can print with sequential or variable numbers.

Key Tags and Combo Cards

Hole Punched Key Tags are made for the convenience of attaching to a Key Ring.

Order Key Tags on their own or as part of a Combo Card.

Hole Punched Key Tags
Transparent Clear Business Card

Transparent Business Cards

Clear Business Cards can be printed on both sides which provides plenty of room for creativity.

Clear, Matte or Frosted Transparent Stocks available.

Custom ID Badges

Our Custom ID Cards have no minimum order meaning you may order as little as 1 piece. 

They are digitally printed so you can add unique pictures of your employees on each one. 

Furthermore you can add security elements such as barcodes, QR codes, holograms as well as hole and slot punched.

Custom ID Badges
Custom Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags

Our Custom Luggage Tags are custom printed on both sides of the cards. 

Like all of our plastic cards they have a laminated coated overlay to protect it from scratching. 

Each Hang Tag is either hole punched or slot punched or slot punched anywhere along the perimeter. 

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