Plexiglass Barriers

Plexiglass Barriers

Acrylic Sneeze Guards are the first step in frontline protection to prevent droplets from coughs, sneezes and fluids.

You can order them to your own custom size and we have several freestanding leg brackets and accessories to choose from.

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Plexiglass Barriers

Plexiglass Barriers have been popular to reduce the spread of the coronavirus by preventing some airborne particles from reaching other people.

We can custom build to any size to a maximum of 4 x 8′ and there are several legs, brackets, and handing cables available to suit your needs.
Partitions are commonly used in retail settings, restaurants, gyms and more. 

Acrylic Shield Protection

Plexiglass Barriers are free standing and self supported. There are 2 standard sizes, each having a 12 x 5″ Window for handing things back and forth.
They can be ordered in 3 or 4.5mm thickness

32” W x 30” H x 8.5”D
32” W x 24” H x 8.5”D

Plexiglass Sneeze Guard
Plexiglass Table Dividers

Plexiglass Tabletop Partitions

This is an excellent solution for people all sitting at the same table in close contact.
They are all custom sized depending on your specifications.

Our table shields come with a 6mm thick acrylic board with 2.25″ aluminum T brackets and heavy duty clamps.

T Supports for Acrylic Wall

T supports come in black or silver and you can use for plexiglass that is 3, 4.5 or 6mm thick which are sold separately. 

This is an excellent solution as it means that your plexi-barrier is portable and easily moveable. 

2 sizes available
1”W Flat bar x 16” Foot Depth x 20”
1”W Flat bar x 12” Foot Depth x 20”H

Metal legs for Acrylic
Plexiglass Sneeze Guards

L Supports

The difference with a L support is that it can hold Plexiglass Barriers higher so there is more room to pass things underneath. 
You can purchase the legs on their own or with the clear wall partition.

There are several other leg varieties similar to this product, such as T and Y supports, please ask and we can assist what is best for you.

Leg size: 1”W Flat bar x 11”D x 18”H
Leg size: 1.5”W Flat bar x 12”D x 20”H

Bar Stool Partition Frames

Partition Frames can be used in restaurants, bars and cafes among others. 

The clear Sneeze Guard makes it easy to see who is next to you without your clients feeling too distant from each other while still being protected.


Plexiglass Barriers for Social Distancing

These larger barriers are excellent for line ups in places such as banks, or places where there are multiple lines.

The size is 49.75″W x 75″H x 23.5″ for the legs. The acrylic barrier is 4 x 4 feet.
We can also customize to your specifications.

Floor Standing Supports

These are commonly used in restaurants, gyms and malls to avoid different tables and areas from mixing together. 

The legs can be sold on their own or with the acrylic shield. 
They are available in black or white powder coated.

Each Leg is 2”W x 54”H x 26”D and the plexiglass barrier is custom sized.


Hanging Sneeze Guard

This unit comes with ceiling brackets and strong cable wire.
The fit with 3mm and 4.5mm acrylic. 

You can order the cables and brackets on their own or with any size plexiglass board.

Clear PVC Film

This is an excellent solution for temporary structures. It can be easily cut into whatever size and shape you need. 

Sold by the square foot, The rolls are 39″ for 0.3mm thick and 48″ for the 0.5mm thickness.

PVC Film for Counters
Floor Stickers for Social Distancing

Social Distancing Floor Stickers

We have several stock images available for Social Distancing Floor Stickers

They can be standard, reflective or even glow in the dark.

Sign Holders

Directional Sign Holders are excellent to remind clients to keep distant and follow procedures. 

There are many sizes to choose from and we can handle the printing as well. 

Large Sign Holder for Posters

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