Podium Banners

Podium Banners

Are often used on the lectern during a speech in school institutions, clubs and government organizations.

It’s an opportunity to brand the identity of the venue or the speaker. 

Podium Banners can also be printed extra large and hung in stadiums.

They make a great reward for example for graduation events.

We use a beautiful Satin Banner and then add finishing touches such as fringe, a wooden dowel and a hanging cord that matches your artwork colours.

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Podium Banners and Flags

Podium Banners are presented on the speaker’s lectern during speeches.

There are several styles of Podium Flags to choose from, and are available single or double sided.

Double Layer Podium Banners

Each flag is created with a double layer. 

This means that you can custom print on both sides, which is good when hanging in a room. Or you can leave the back blank.

The double layer adds some depth and texture into the flag which adds to the top quality and feel.


Podium Flags
Podium Hanging Banners

Common Sizes

The most common sizes are as follows.

6 x 8″ 18 x 24″
8 x 12″ 24 x 30″
12 x 18″ 28 x 36″

You may customize your own size depending on your needs. 

Fringe Options

You have the option to fringe to the sides and/or bottom. 

The standard colour always in stock is Yellow.

Other colours are subject to availability. 

The size of the fringe is 1.5″ for smaller Podium Flags and 2.75″ for large banners.

We have hanging cords and tassels that match some colours.

Colour Options for Fringe
Tassels and Cords for Podium Flags

Finishing Touches

Each Lectern Banner comes with a Wooden Dowel. 

From there you can decide if you want to finish the ends with a gold sharp tip, a round wood head or you can just leave as is. 

We have several different colours of hanging cords to match your design as much as possible.

You also have an option to add tassels.

Felt Pennant Flags

Clients who have purchased this product have also purchased our Felt Pennant Flags as they are popular at universities and schools.

They can also be large enough and shaped as banners if you are looking for a unique substrate.

Consider these as a perfect departing gift for the graduation class!

Sports Team Pennant Flag

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