Pop up Display

Pop up Display Stands

Very popular with Trade Shows and event marketing, these Retractable Stands set up in a minute or two for an instant backdrop.

Once your frame is set up the fabric adheres to the stand with velcro and wraps around the sides.

The weight is 19 to 25 pounds (9 to 11 kg) depending on the size.

There is a 1 year manufacturers warranty against any defects.

Pop up Display Stand

Straight or Curved

89 inches (7.5′ tall)
Custom height available

2.5′ | 5′ | 7.5′ | 10′ | 12.5 | 15 | 20 feet
Custom widths available

Collapsed a 10′ frame is just 15 x 15 x 30 inches

End Caps
Optional End Caps (Sides) are available
or you can leave for front view only

Custom Printed Fabric Backdrop

Custom Printed Fabric Backdrops are hemmed with Velcro along the perimeter so you can quickly attach it to the frame.

It is made from Dye Sublimation Printed 250 GSM Fabric with vibrant colours that will not fade They are machine washable, and to be hung to dry.

LED Lighting

Only 5 Watts of power each

Tradeshow lighting for booths

2 Ways To Order

Quote for Print Service

Or Give us a Call 778-244-7747


Pop Up Fabric Backdrop

A Fabric Pop up Display is the fastest trade show booth to set up and takedown.
The seamless and replaceable 250 GSM fabric graphic stays attached to the popup frame when collapsed.

They are commonly used as photography Backdrops, Step and Repeat Logo Walls and Trade Show Displays.

Pop up Display Sizes

Standard height is 89 inches or 7.5 feet

The widths are available in sections of 2.5 feet

For example – W x H
2.5 x 7.5 | 5 x 7.5 | 7.5 x 7.5 | 10 x 7.5 | etc

Pop up Display for Tradeshow
Wedding logo Backdrop walls

With End Caps

End Caps are the sides of the Pop up Display. They are a continuation of the backdrop extending over to the side.

You can use the sides for additional branding space for displaying your website or slogans.

They also hide the exposed frame which can be unsightly. 

Choosing a Double Sided Display would wrap around the entire unit.

Without End Caps

You can save a bit of money by asking for your Trade Show Display to not include End Caps. 

This will expose the frame on the sides, so if your use is for front view only, this is likely perfectly acceptable. 

However if you have an audience at all sides, it may be best to keep the end caps.

Pop up Display Stand
Press Media logo Wall Step and Repeat

10 Foot Pop up Display

The 10 Foot Trade Show Backdrop is the most common size. 10 x 7.5′

They are often referred to as 4 x 3. 

What this means is that it is
4 pcs of 2.5′ squares wide x 3 pcs high
so that’s 10′ W x 7.5′ H

8 Foot Wide

In fact the actual size is 7.5 feet wide, but is commonly referred to as 8 feet.

This unit would be a 7.5′ x 7.5′ Square and is also a common size.

It is also known a 3×3

It is a square shape rather than a rectangle.

Pop up Display with Carry Case
Pop up Display 20 Feet

Large Pop Up Displays

Larger sizes such as 12.5′ | 15’| 20′ and beyond are available for large backdrop walls. 

They may come with several frames, for example a 20 Foot Wide would be 2 frames that are 10 feet wide, and the fabric would be 1 large seamless piece.

Pop up Banner Stands

As an alternative to regular Banner Stands, Pop up Banners are taller at 89 inches.

They have the option of adding the end caps as they are more of a boxed shape.

Like all of our frames they can be Single or Double Sided.

2.5′ Wide x 7.5′ High
Also known as a 1 x 3

Pop up Banner Stand
5 Feet Wide Pop up Display

5 Foot Wide

The 5 Foot Version is like a wide Banner stand that has plenty of room for marketing, yet it takes a very little foot print.

They are perfect for a secondary sign within your area complimenting other larger ones.

5′ Wide x 7.5′ high
Also known as a 2×3

Curved Style

Our 7.5′ and 10′ widths have the option of ordering it as a curved style.

This can focus people’s attention to the middle. 

You can also order 2 pcs for a 20 foot and design as a 20 Foot Serpentine Shape.

Curve Tradeshow Display
Pop up Display Banners

Sectional Pop up Display

Instead of 1 single fabric backdrop you can mix it up a bit by creating your graphics in 2.5′ Squares.

For example you can choose all the same size or mix it up with 2.5 x 5′ rectangles in the mix. 

A little creativity goes a long way and helps you stand out among your competitors.

You can mix and match different sizes among the entire unit.

Rhombus Pyramid Style

Order your frame as a Popup Triangular Style Frame.
Each section is 2.5 square feet and you can combine larger sections to create your own unique design.

The Size is 97.5 x 97.5″

Rhombus Pop up Display
Pop up display fabric backdrop

High Quality Pop up Display Frames

High Quality Pop up Display frames are provided.

Not all frames are created equal. For this product we do not believe in cheap and cheerful, as there are many moving parts which can be prone to breakage. 

A high quality frame will save money in the long run and cause less headaches. 

Padded Carry Case

Each order comes with a good quality padded oxford canvas carry case. 

They open from the side instead of the top for easy access. 

Soft Carry Case for Trade Show Display
Trase show display shipping case

Podium Hard Shipping Case

Hard Shipping Case is a place to store your display. 

It is essential if you are shipping your unit on airplanes or constantly moving around.
It is on wheels and compact.

You can wrap it with your custom graphics. 

Tension Fabric Displays

These are commonly known as Pillow Case Displays or Wave Displays.

There are some benefits to ordering this product. As they do not have moving parts they will not break when knocked over.

They are also lighter weight and therefore less costly to ship, because of this we can pass the savings onto you.

Pillow Case Display

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