Portable Dressing Rooms

Portable Dressing Rooms

Step into Convenience with Portable Dressing Rooms! 👗 

Perfect for pop-up shops, fashion shows, marathon races, and more, our Portable Dressing Rooms offer complete portability and quick, easy setup. As a leading worldwide supplier, we take pride in delivering high-quality changing rooms for your on-the-go events. 🛍️🏃‍♂️

📏 Sizes to Fit Your Needs: From a minimum of 3′ x 3′ to a maximum of 8′ x 8′, we ensure you find the perfect fit for your on-the-go events. Step into convenience and style with our highly customizable portable changing rooms! 👕🪞🎩

🚗💨 Travel Companion Design: Designed to break down easily into their own carry case, these change rooms are the perfect travel companion, fitting comfortably in the backseat of your car.

🌈 Flexibility in Printing and Color: Choose the flexibility of single or double-sided printing and select from a range of stock curtain colors. Personalize your changing room to match your brand or event theme.

🌟 Elevate Your On-the-Go Events: Elevate your on-the-go events with hassle-free and stylish changing solutions! Make a statement with Portable Dressing Rooms that combine convenience and style. 💼✨


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Portable Dressing Rooms

Transform any space into a private oasis with our Portable Dressing Rooms! 🌟

Ideal for events on the go, these Dressing Rooms are quick to set up and collapse into their own carry case for ultimate portability.

As a top Worldwide Supplier, we offer high-quality materials and workmanship, making us a trusted choice for large corporations seeking bulk purchases at wholesale prices. 🛍️👗

Portable Change Rooms

Choosing the right size for you depends on several factors.
Some questions you should ask yourself are as follows.

  • How much room do I need for 1 person?


  • Does anything else need to be in the room such as a coat rack, mirror or bench?


  • Does it need to be wheelchair accessible?


  • How many people need to be in the room?
Portable Rooms
Pop up Dress Room

High Resolution Printing

Experience vibrant and lasting images on our Portable Changing Rooms, thanks to the advanced dye sublimation printing process.

The ink is heat-transferred into the fabric, ensuring crack-free and peel-free results.

From simple logos to high-resolution images, enjoy stunning visuals with durability.

Stock Fabric Colors

Optimize your budget by selecting stock fabric colors for your Portable Dressing Room without printing your logo.

Customize strategically, such as printing only the outside while using stock options for the inside and curtain.

Smart configurations to cut costs while maintaining style! 💲💰

Stock curtain colours
Frame for Portable Change Room

Customized to Suit Your Needs

Gone are the days where you need to erect a pipe and drape system.

If you have a specific size for your Pop up Change Room that you need to fit within your area, let us know and we can custom build the frame within a full range of sizes.

These are not mass produced and each frame is created for your particular order.

The only tool you need is a simple screwdriver.
No set up experience necessary. 

High Quality Frames

I’ll be blunt. There are a lot of lookalikes out there, and it’s easy to cut corners.

Simply put if the price is too good to be true, they aren’t built to last and they will break. 

The reason why cheap frames are so breakable is because the fabric is under tension and puts pressure on it.
While they may look the same, the gauge of the steel is not as thick. Furthermore the zippers may be inferior quality.

The frame is built the same quality as our Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays.

Our product is top quality with a 3 year warranty. 

Frame for Portable Change Room
Portable Changing Room

Fit3D Body Scanner Rooms

We have supplied dozens of fitness clubs in several countries with rooms for their Fit3D Body Scanners.

The recommended size is 7.5 x 5.5′

We can custom print with your logo and specific instructions.

Single or Double Sided Print

Choose between Single or Double Sided Print for your Portable Dressing Room.

Opt for a single sided print on the outside for a sleek look, or go for double sided to showcase your brand on both the inside and outside, maximizing your personal branding space.

Additionally, the double-sided option provides an extra canvas on the inside, offering an ideal opportunity for additional messaging or creative elements to enhance your branding impact.

Dressing Room with Double Sided Print


Double Change Room

Custom Configurations

As our frames are not mass produced and built to order, we can configure your changing area to your specific floor plan.

This can enable the entire backside to produce one large picture rather than in sections.

Back to Back Configuration

Your floor plan may dictate the way you require your configuration.

You can purchase 2 independent dressing rooms or have them conjoined back to back which is less material and gives a more professional look.

Back to back Changing Rooms

Clothes Hanging Options

Portable Clothing Rack

Meet our Portable Hanging Rack – a versatile solution that not only provides a space to hang your items but also allows for custom printing on the backdrop.

Ideal for both retail settings and trade show events, these racks seamlessly blend functionality with personalized branding, offering a practical and eye-catching display for your products.

39.5 x 90″

Clothing Rack Hooks

As an optional addition, consider adding some clothes hooks that attach to the top of changerooms. 

They hold up to 6 articles of clothing and are made from stainless steel. 

Hanging Hooks for Changerooms

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