Custom Logo Mats

Custom Printed Logo Mats

Step into Success with Custom Printed Logo Mats – Maximize Your Branding Space! 🌟🚀

🌈 Pile Weight Options – Choose the Perfect Thickness for Your Mat: Select from a range of pile weights to customize the thickness of your mat. Whether it’s the standard 600 GSM (4mm) or a more substantial 950 GSM (7mm), find the perfect balance between comfort and durability.

🛡️ Durable Rubber Back – Stability and Slip Resistance: Ensure your mat stays in place with our durable rubber backing. Including a standard 2mm which is a heavy-duty nitrile rubber, offering enhanced durability and slip resistance. 

🖼️ Printed Door Mat Sizes – Tailored to Fit Your Space: From the classic 2′ x 3′ to the spacious 4′ x 6′, our Printed Door Mats come in various sizes to suit your needs. Looking for something unique? We welcome custom sizes, ensuring your mat fits your space perfectly.

🌐 Maximum Size Capability – Make a Big Statement: Go big or go home! Our printing capabilities allow mats up to an impressive 6.5′ x 20′. Whether it’s a small entrance or a grand lobby, make a statement that can’t be ignored.

🌎 Free Shipping Worldwide – Your Satisfaction, Our Priority: Enjoy the convenience of free shipping worldwide. Wherever you are, we ensure your custom printed logo mat reaches you without any additional cost. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

💼 No Minimum Order – Wholesale Rates Available: Whether you need a single mat or want to explore wholesale options, we’ve got you covered. No minimum order requirements and wholesale rates available for bulk orders. Your branding journey starts here.

Step into Success – Customize Your Logo Mat and Make Every Entrance Count! 🏠

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Logo Mats are a Must for Any Business!

Logo Mats serve as an effective tool for promoting your company name and elevating your corporate image within your facility. Crafted from commercial-grade materials, these floor mats are durable and robust enough to withstand high traffic in all seasons.

Whether used in a business setting or placed at home by the front door, custom printing your logo on a mat adds a touch of professionalism and personalization.
Enhance your brand presence with these functional and aesthetically pleasing logo mats. 🏢

Common Sizes – 2 x 3′ | 3 x 4′ | 3 x 5′ | 4 x 6′ | 5 x 8′
Maximum 6.5 x 20′

Custom Mat Printing

Vibrant Full Color Printing

Our full color printing process is faded resistant ensuring a long lifespan. 

Use solid colors without gradients with darker backgrounds for best results when working with our Logomats.
Your entrance will become more welcoming and professional looking as soon as your clients walk through the door.

Logo Mat Pile Heights

Choose from various pile heights to customize your rug – the standard 4mm is ideal for businesses, especially in high-traffic areas requiring durability.

Opt for the premium plush look and feel with 7mm pile height.
Tailor your rug to suit your space and comfort preferences.

Logo Mat printing
custom printed logo mats

Rubber Backside

Nitrile rubber backed waterproof Logo Mats are available with or without the edge around the perimeter, this helps resist curling and cracking.

They are strong enough to last long term outdoors even at construction sites. 

Pantone Matching

Pantone Matching is crucial for preserving the integrity of your corporate logo colors.

We are committed to ensuring an exact match to your specific Pantone colors. Discover your specific
Pantones on our Pantone Color Match page to guarantee precision and consistency in your branding.

Cleated Backside Nitrile Rubber Mats

Cleated Backing

Adding cleats to the rubber backside of your Custom Entrance Mat can be requested.

We recommend to use this to minimize movement when placing your logo mat on an existing carpet such as an office space. 

Add a Rubber Stamp

Consider adding a stamp to the back of your rubber-backed mat for numbered pieces.

Stamp your logo on the mats for a branded touch, and trust us to be your OEM manufacturer for a seamless and efficient production process. 👣

Logo Mat with Rubber Stamp

Other Options

Custom Indoor Wool Carpet

Custom Wool Rugs

Our Hand Tufted Wool Rugs are a premium quality durable rug that can be used in the home or office.

They can be cut into custom shapes, and extra large sizes are available.

High quality dyed Area Rugs are popular with collectors and creators who want to bring their icons and characters to life. 

Colored PVC Printed Mats

Introduce vibrant colors to your business space with our Printed PVC Mats.

Ideal for solid color printing without gradients or intricate designs, these mats come in a range of colors including Blue, Green, Red, Grey, Brown, and Black.

Elevate your business aesthetics with these mats featuring a 15mm pile height.

Custom Printed Nylon Rugs

Indoor High Quality Nylon Rugs

Transform your space with High-Quality Custom Printed Nylon Rugs. Unlike Logo Mats our machine-printed nylon rugs offer exceptional detail and the ability to showcase realistic imagery, gradients, and fine details.

Crafted with 450 to 1200 GSM nylon, these rugs provide versatility with a maximum width of 13 feet.
Elevate your surroundings with the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics in your personalized space.

Polyester Mats

Explore Polyester Mats – your budget-friendly, custom-printed flooring solution.

Ideal for intricate designs, these mats offer vibrant colors with good quality.
While not as thick as Printed Nylon or Hand Tufted Wool Rugs, they are excellent for bulk purchases. 

Trade Show Booth Carpet

Transform your trade show booth experience with our tailored Trade Show Carpet.

This budget-friendly solution seamlessly blankets expansive areas, offering the flexibility to personalize it with your chosen pantone colors and logos.

Leave a lasting impression on your audience by incorporating this affordable yet impactful addition into your display strategy.
Elevate your brand presence with every step.

Custom Golf Mats for the Home or Office.

Looking for something to do while in the office? Why not a Round of Golf? ⛳ 🏌️‍♂️

Our anti slip TPU backed nylon Golf Putting Green Mats are specially designed for just that purpose.
They have a 5mm pile height which is 350 GSM weight, with a stimp speed of 10.

Your custom design branded with your specific logo.

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