Printed Pop Up Canopy Tent

Printed Pop up Canopy Tents

Printed Pop-Up Canopy Tents – Your Shelter, Your Statement! ✨🎪

🚀 Elevate Your Outdoor Presence: Step into the spotlight with our Printed Pop-Up Canopy Tents, featuring robust 40mm and 50mm high-quality aluminum hexagon frames. Designed for durability and elegance, these tents ensure your outdoor space stands out at any event.

🎨 Full-Color Dye Sublimation Printing – Your Canvas, Your Design: Unleash your creativity with our Full-Color Dye Sublimation Printing. Your brand’s canvas has no limits on color or design, allowing you to shine brightly and make a bold statement that captivates the crowd.

🌟 Bonus Convenience – Free Carry Case with Wheels: Enjoy the convenience of a free carry case with wheels, making transportation a breeze. Wherever your event takes you, your branded canopy goes along effortlessly, ready to set up and shine.

📏 Adjustable Height Settings – Tailor Your Space: With 5 height settings ranging from 5’9″ to 7′ feet, tailor your canopy to the perfect height. The total height of the canopy tent reaches a maximum of 11 feet from the peak to the ground, ensuring your brand presence stands tall.

💫 Stand Out in the Crowd – Branded Event Tents: Our commercial-grade tent is an exclusive bespoke solution, not found in stores. It’s more than just shelter; it’s a vibrant extension of your brand. Make a statement that’s uniquely yours and stand out at every event.

💻 Professional Graphic Design Support – Your Vision, Our Expertise: Need design assistance? Ask us for graphic design templates, and our team is ready to assist. With free support for standard layouts, our designers are dedicated to ensuring your vision comes to life seamlessly. Elevate your project with professional design expertise—your success is our priority! 🌟💻✨


5 x 5′ 6.5 x 6.5′ 10 x 10′
10 x 15′ 10 x 20′ 13 x 13′
13 x 20′ 13 x 26′ 20 x 20′

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Custom Printed Pop Up Canopy Tents

Elevate your off-site marketing strategy with the essential touch of Top-Quality Custom Printed Pop-Up Canopy Tents—a must-have for businesses of all sizes in today’s competitive landscape. 

This level of quality surpasses what’s available in your local department store. Experience the allure of beautiful Dye Sublimation Printed Canopies paired with Heavy-Duty Frames, ensuring durability and eye-catching visuals. 

These tents are indispensable for companies venturing into outdoor retail opportunities, providing a professional edge that stands out in any setting. Invest in the best for your brand’s outdoor presence. 🌟🚀

Pop Up Canopy Sizes
5 x 5′  | 6.5 x 6.5′ | 8 x 8′ | 10 x 10′ |10 x 15′ | 10 x 20′
13 x 13′ | 13 x 20′ | 13 x 26′ | 20 x 20′

or Customize Your own

Canopy Tent Sizes

10 x 10 Pop Up Canopy Tent

Discover our most popular size, offering a generous 100 square feet of interior space.

Ideal for festival booths and farmers’ markets, this standard size ensures you make a significant impact at any outdoor event.

8 x 8′ is also another popular alternative at 64 square feet.

10 x 15 and 13 x 13′ Frames

Craving more room? Our spacious options boast 150 to 169 square feet inside, providing ample space for multiple employees or accommodating two vendors comfortably.

Decide if you’d like rectangle or square and choose accordingly.

Elevate your setup and make a lasting impression with this expanded area.

10 x 20 Frame

Go big with our Extra Large Pop-Up Canopy Tent, offering a sprawling 200 square feet underneath.

This expansive space ensures you have room to spare, making a grand statement at any event.

Elevate your presence with unparalleled size and impact. 

13 x 20′ and 13 x 26 – XL Tents

Unleash the power of our Extra Large Canopy Tents, featuring an ultra-strong 50 Hex Frame for unparalleled durability.

The 600D Canopy, custom printed with your logo, adds a touch of sophistication. Explore custom wall configurations to tailor your setup to perfection.

Elevate your brand presence with strength, style, and complete customization. 

20 x 20′ – Heavy Duty
50 Hex Frames

Our heavyweight champion: the 20 x 20′ Heavy Duty 50 Hex Frame Pop Up Canopy Tent. With a sprawling 400 square feet of coverage, this behemoth stands four times larger than the standard 10 x 10′ canopy, ensuring ample space for your events and gatherings.

Add your logo and personalized design to make a statement that’s uniquely yours. Enhance your setup further with our custom wall packages, creating a cohesive branding experience that sets you apart from the crowd. 

5′ x 5 | 6.5 x 6.5′ – Small

Discover versatility and convenience with our smaller Pop Up Canopy Tents, available in 5 x 5′ and 6.5 x 6.5′ dimensions.

Perfectly suited for indoor kiosks in retail department stores or providing shelter and shade in compact spaces.

These tents offer 25 and 42.25 square feet of sheltered space respectively, ensuring just the right amount of coverage for your needs.

From the Windows to the Walls

Tent Wall Packages

Tailor your space with versatile options for walls—available in Single or Double Sided configurations and Full or Half Height.

Opt for Half Heights with railings to maintain a polished appearance.

Customize further with optional features like windows and zippered doors, ensuring your setup is as functional as it is visually striking.

Create a Canopy Tent that suits your specific needs and stands out in any setting. 

Clear PVC Windows

Enhance the functionality of your tent with our Clear PVC Windows, offering both security and weather protection when you add walls to your setup.

Illuminate your space with natural light by opting for PVC windows, ensuring a bright and inviting atmosphere inside your tent. Choose between a single larger window or two smaller-sized windows to suit your preferences and needs. 

Mesh Windows

Choose Mesh Windows to maximize natural lighting and airflow in your tent. The mesh design allows ample light to filter through while keeping pesky critters at bay.

These have optimal ventilation as the mesh material allows air to flow freely, ensuring comfort even on breezy days. Enjoy the outdoors without compromising on comfort or security with our Mesh Windows, the perfect solution for a well-ventilated and bug-free environment inside your tent.

Roll Up  Doors

Enhance the functionality and versatility of your Pop Up Canopy Tent Walls with our Roll Up Doors. Not only do these doors block wind and provide additional protection, but they also offer valuable advertising space for your custom prints.

Our doors feature a convenient zip-up design for easy access and security when closed. When not in use, they roll up neatly at the top, ensuring unobstructed entry and exit. 

Tent Frames

Heavy Duty Aluminum Frames

When it comes to reliability and durability, our 40 Hex frames stand as the gold standard, trusted across all sizes up to 10 x 20′. Renowned for their quality and versatility, these frames are our go-to option for a reason.

For those seeking the pinnacle of strength and premium construction, look no further than our 50 Hex Frames. Unrivalled in their robustness, they offer unparalleled durability, ensuring your canopy stands strong in any conditions.

For those who prioritize affordability without compromising on quality, our 31mm Square Tube Frames provide an economical choice. Offering reliable performance at a budget-friendly price point, they’re the ideal option for those looking to maximize value without sacrificing durability.

Leg Covers

Complete your Tent’s appearance and brand visibility with our Custom Printed Tent Leg Covers. These covers not only enhance the aesthetics of your unit but also provide an additional space for showcasing your branding.

Crafted from the same durable 600D Polyester as the tent cover, our leg covers ensure a seamless and cohesive look for your setup. Alternatively, opt for leg covers with High Visibility Reflective Covers, perfect for construction sites where safety is paramount.

Multiple Tents? Don’t forget the Rain Gutters if you are expecting poor weather.

Tent Leg Weights

While our frames are built to last, they’re not immune to the elements, especially on windy days. Safeguard your investment by securing your tent with our Tent Leg Weights.

Attach sandbags to the legs to add extra stability and prevent any unexpected mishaps. Additionally, consider using a rope and pegs to further anchor your tent, ensuring maximum stability even in gusty conditions.

Protect your tent and ensure peace of mind during outdoor events with our Tent Leg Weights, designed to keep your setup secure and stable, no matter the weather conditions.


Carry Case with Wheels

Enjoy convenience on the go!
Every tent comes with a Free Heavy-Duty Wheeled Carry Case, equipped with a spacious pocket to effortlessly store your tent walls and accessories.

Simplify transportation and ensure your setup is ready for any event.

For discounts opt for an oxford canvas carry case, or for custom printing options you can add your logo to a Dust Cover.

Flags and Brackets

Boost your visual appeal and branding space by adding a Teardrop or Feather Flag to your Pop-Up Canopy.

These eye-catching additions come complete with brackets, and the flags are easily replaceable, allowing for seamless customization.

Elevate your canopy setup with dynamic visuals that capture attention and promote your brand effectively. 🚩

Peak Flag

Elevate your presence and stand out from the crowd with our Peak Flag accessory for your Pop Up Canopy Tent.

By adding a Rectangular Block Flag to the peak of your canopy, you’ll command attention and draw eyes to your area. With dimensions of 18 x 59″, this flag offers ample space for showcasing your branding or messaging, ensuring maximum visibility and impact at any event.

Canopy Billboard

Transform your Pop Up Canopy Tent into a dynamic advertising platform with our Removable Banner option, available in rounded or rectangle shapes and customizable for one or all four sides.

This innovative feature adds a distinctive 3D element to your tent, ensuring your branding stands out from every angle. Available for sizes ranging from 10×10 to 10×20, our Removable Banners provide versatility and impact for any event or promotion.

For a seamless and polished look, consider adding a Custom Printed Ceiling Cover to conceal the interior frame, ensuring a cohesive branding experience both inside and out.

Alternative Products

Inflatable Tent

An Inflatable 10×10 Tent is a safer alternative than a standard metal frame.

They are more portable and lighter weight. The modern look is pleasing to the eye and they are completely customizable with your graphics.

Retail Inflatable Tent
Recycled Bottle Tent

rPET Recycled Canopies

Introducing our Custom Printed Canopies made from 100% Recycled Materials.

Plastic Bottles are first made into plastic pellets and then melted down into fabric which we can make canopies and flags from.

Going green does not mean paying top dollar. They are similarity priced. ♻️

Fluorescent Fabrics

Are you using your Tent at night? Be seen All Day and Night with our Fluorescent Fabric Canopy Tents.

Use Bold and Dark colours to stand out, and be seen from afar!

Fluorescent Reflective Tents
Lemonade Tent

Promotional Booth Tent

Enhance your outdoor retail experience with our Promotional Booth Tent featuring five shelves.

Available in a 10 feet diameter, this tent provides a unique and engaging setup for your promotional activities.
Elevate your brand visibility and create a standout presence at outdoor events with our Lemonade Tents. 🍋


How to Set up a Pop Up Canopy Tent

Learn the effortless art of setting up your new Custom Printed Tent with our instructional video.

In just minutes, discover a quick and easy method designed for two people, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Master the art of canopy setup and make your outdoor events a breeze. 🎥🎪👫

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