Printed Tablecloths

Custom Printed Tablecloths

Elevate Your Booth’s Appeal with Custom Printed Tablecloths! 🎨🚀

Enhance your booth’s appeal with our Custom Printed Tablecloths—a necessity for Trade Shows, Festivals, or any Event. As a top supplier in North America, we assure you top-quality products at unbeatable prices.

💡 Expectations Exceeded:

Vibrant Full-Color Prints: No limitations, including gradients.

No Hidden Fees: Say goodbye to setup fees or charges for multiple colors.

Machine-Washable: Your logo won’t crack or peel, and you can print anywhere on the cover.

Pantone Matching: We can match your company colours effortlessly.

🤝 Custom Printed Table Throws – Closed & Open Back:

For a classic and versatile option, our Standard Custom Printed Tablecloths are akin to those found at hotel banquets or trade shows. Drape these table throws over your table for a polished look, offering flexibility for slight variations in table size. It’s our most popular choice for a reason!

🔒 Closed Back: Opt for this design for a sleek appearance that reaches the floor on all sides. Enhance aesthetics and provide practical storage space underneath your table while maximizing branding visibility.

Printed table throw

🚪 Open Back: Opt for this design, allowing easy access underneath the table. For added security, consider the zipper back option. This versatile choice balances accessibility with the option for secure storage.

Open back

🌟 Elevate Your Presentation with Customization, Quality, and Style! 🎉

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Custom Printed Tablecloths

Elevate your brand presence at trade shows and events with our Custom Printed Tablecloths featuring your logo.

With versatile options and full-coverage printing, these personalized tablecloths offer excellent real estate to showcase your brand effectively.

Choose any custom size to meet your specific needs. 🚀

Turn Ordinary Into.....


Standard Rectangle

4 Foot x 30 inch

6 Foot x 30 inch

8 Foot x 30 Inch

Standard Round Size

4 Foot Round

5 Foot Round

6 Foot Round

Cocktail Height

Custom Table Throws

This is the most common tablecloth ordered. They are sized to fit a specific table however if you choose to add them on a different size, as long as it’s not too different then it should not affect the look too much.

The printing is full coverage and all our tablecloths are machine washable. 

Custom Tablecloth with Logo
Printed Box Cloth

Custom Fitted Tablecloths

Fitted Tablecloths have a sleek look to them. They are sewn differently to fit your table with the seams running perpendicular to the height at the corners.

You can order them in a continuous fabric around the table or have a pleated look which is common at Trade Shows.

Stretch Spandex Tablecloths

Looking for something unique? Sure our standard Printed Tablecloths are popular and versatile,
however a Customized Spandex Tablecloth will give your event that extra oomph with it’s sleek and unique look.

6 Foot Stretch tablecloth with logo
Satin Table Runners printed

Custom Printed Table Runners

Always on the go and never know where you are going to end up?
Custom Printed Table Runners are a cheap and cheerful solution to promote your brand.

They fit on most tables for those unpredictable occasions.

Round Tablecloths

We provide fittable table covers for round tables ranging from 24 to 72 inches which are the standard cocktail and banquet table sizes.

In fact you can custom print any size, without limitations. 

You can print your logo on the top or the sides of the tables. 

Round tablecloth with Logo


Convertible Tablecloths – 6 foot to 8 foot

Are you traveling constantly to several trade shows and concerned
that you won’t know if they have a standard 6 foot table or 8 foot table?

No need to worry as we can provide you with a Convertible Tablecloth,
where you can change the size with ease. Instructions below!

Convertible Tablecloth

How to Change a Tablecloth
from 6 to 8 feet


Individual Packaged

Each Custom Printed Tablecloth comes individually packaged with a zippered waterproof carry case, ensuring protection from dirt and convenience while traveling between shows.

Portable and lightweight, they are designed for ease of use and transportation. 🧳

Individually packaged
Zipper on the back of a table cover

Add a Zipper

Adding a zipper will secure the storage area under the table and add some privacy. 

Or you may add a slit down the backside which provides quicker and easier access. 

Water & Oil Proof Fabric

Protect your assets by adding an on oil and water proof coating.

This important addition can expand the lifespan of your tablecloth. 

It’s perfect for the food and beverage industry. Watch how water and stains just bead up and are easily cleaned. 

Water and Stain Resistant
Flame Retardant Materials

Flame Retardant Material

Certificates available upon demand. 

Safety is a priority at Trade Shows and events.

Wrinkle Resistant

Our Custom Printed Tablecloths are made with a wrinkle resistant polyester which means that you do not need to constantly iron them before each event. 

This will save you time, and time is money!

Wrinkle resistant polyester
Light Reflective Tablecloths

Fluorescent Tablecloths

Perfect for outdoor events that run into the night such as night races and festivals.

You can set them up anywhere you feel that high visibility is required, this includes workplaces. 

They are available in yellow and orange.

Use deep dark solid colours and be seen anytime.

Table Topper and Side Panels

Maximize your advertising space by adding a Tension Fabric Table Topper with the option of 2 side wings. 

The main top panel is 6 to 8 feet wide and the side panels are 18″ wide x 63″ high

Table Top Banner and Side Panels


How to Set up a Fitted Tablecloth

Setting up a Tablecloth is easy.

Standard Table throws are more forgiving, whereas a Fitted Tablecloth fits exactly to the size of your table.
Here you can see you can add a Zipper to the back for safer storage.

What is the Difference between Standard and a Fitted?

Custom Printed Table Throws slip onto a table effortlessly.

A standard version is more forgiving whereas the fitted box cloth needs to be more precise.

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We’ve shipped our printed table covers to New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, Florida, California, Seattle, Boston, Detroit, Miami, Houston, Puerto Rico,  and more. Worldwide countries include the UK, Australia, Europe, Singapore, Japan, and more. 

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6' Standard Open, 6' Standard Closed, 8' Standard Open, 8' Standard Closed, 6' Fitted Open, 6' Fitted Closed, 8' Fitted Open, 8' Fitted Closed