Rear Projection Film

Rear Projection Film

Transform Any Surface into a Dazzling Video Wall with Rear Projection Film! 🎥 📽️ 

✨ High Contrast Brilliance: Experience the magic of high-contrast rear projection film! This cutting-edge technology transforms ordinary windows or transparent surfaces into vibrant video walls. Capture attention and immerse your audience in a visual spectacle that stands out even in high ambient light and daylight.

🛍️ Ideal for Retail Window Displays: Make your retail space come alive with dynamic video presentations. Rear projection film is a game-changer for creating captivating window displays that draw customers in, showcasing your products or promotions in stunning detail.

🎬 Perfect for Trade Shows and Events: Elevate your presence at trade shows and events with the wow factor of rear projection film. Create immersive video presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Stand out from the crowd and make your brand unforgettable.

🌞 Superior Brightness, Contrast, and Black Levels: Enjoy superior image quality with impressive brightness, contrast, and black levels. Even in challenging lighting conditions, your content will shine through, ensuring maximum impact and engagement.

Unleash the Power of Rear Projection Film for Captivating Visual Experiences! 🎞️

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Rear Projection Film

Transform your storefront windows into captivating displays with Rear Projection Film. Easy to install and remove, this film comes with an adhesive back for convenient application. For optimal results, use a mixture of soapy water during installation and squeegee the film side to side. While it’s suitable for retail store window advertising, it also serves well in home theaters, nightclubs, and various other settings. Professional installation is recommended for larger areas and added safety around glass.

Elevate your window displays with Rear Projection Film! 🎥 🪟🎬 

A Full Selection of Rear Projection Films

We provide wholesale pricing. We sell per linear meter.

The width of each roll is 5 feet (1.5 meters) and we sell in the following lengths.
1.5 x 1m | 1.5 x 2m | 1.5 x 3m |  etc etc…..

Each roll is precisely 1.524 x 30 meters. Discounts are available when purchasing a full roll.

Black Rear Projection Film shipped to Iran

Ultra Black HD Film

Black Film is the closest match to the 3M Vikuiti™ Film.

It has the highest contrast, black levels as well as the most vibrant picture.

Use this option when picture quality is of the utmost importance. 


Transparent Rear Projection Film

This clear film allows people to see in and outside of the window.

It also can produce a holographic effect. A brighter higher lumen projector is recommended for best results.

Ensure to project at an angle so that the projection is not shooting directly into your audience’s eyes. 

Clear Transparent Rear Projection Film

Dark Grey Diffusion

Dark Grey has a wider viewing angle, and you do not need as bright of a projector as they have a higher gain level for high quality HD images.

Light Grey and White High Gain

These 2 films are excellent for beginner projects and people who have projectors with lower brightness. They have the highest gain of all the films which means your image will get a boost of HD brightness which is excellent for the day.

Mirror Projection Film

When you are not projecting on it, then it looks like an ordinary mirror.

It is made with a highly reflective foil on both sides and is completely opaque. Upon projecting on it, it becomes a high resolution HD screen.

Sizes and Custom Shapes

For a unique advantage consider cutting custom shapes.

Otherwise standard 16:9 and 4:3 projector settings can assist you on the right size to cut your film.

We can send you your prefered dimensions and since it’s sold by the linear meter, we would send you the additional leftovers if applicable.

How to Instal Rear Projection Film

🚿 Clean the glass or plexiglass surface with water and a small amount of soap.

🧼 Remove the water with a squeegee, then spray with the soapy solution again.

🎥 Remove the backing from the Projection Film and spray with the solution.

🔍 Place the wet sticky side onto the glass and squeegee all the excess water away.

💨 Remove as many air bubbles as possible.

📽️ Point your projector at it, and you are done!

Window Decals

You can mix media by adding large format self adhesive window decals.

The static images can act as a frame for your video, promote sales and add an extra layer of design to your presentation. 

Window Graphics

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