Rear Projection Film

Rear Projection Film

Amazing high contrast Rear Projection Film!

Turn any window or transparent surface into a Video Wall.

Minimum order 1.5 meters x 1 meter
(approx 5 x 3.3 feet)

Sold by the meter
1.5m x 1 |  1.5 x 2 | 1.5 x 3 | etc

Primarily used for Retail Window displays and High End Video Applications. 

This unique High Resolution Screen Technology offers Superior Brightness, Contrast and Black Levels even in high ambient light and daylight.

Rear Projection Film can be cut into any shape.
The pieces can be simply joined to create large format displays.

Oh my Print Solutions Rear Projection Film has a self adhesive layer (peel and stick) making it easy to apply to glass or plexiglass.

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rear projection film


Rear Projection Film Specifications:

High gain (3,4,5) and contrast ratio with 300:1 up to 500:1
Wide viewing angle (120 to 150 degrees)

Easy to install and remove on Glass or Acrylic (plexiglass) surfaces. 
Adhesive back. Easy to peel and stick. Just use soapy water, apply, then squeegee out the water.
Professional Installation is recommended for larger areas and for safety.

Can be used for advertising, retail stores, home theatre, nightclubs and more.
Minimum order quantity is 1.5 meters x 1 meter

Rear Projection Film is often used in Combination with Window Decals for maximum effect. 


Rear Projection Film

No need for specialized projection equipment as a standard projector will work very well in most circumstances. Our “Smart” Rear Projection Film picks up light extremely well for a bright and vivid picture. Perfect for retail locations and events.

Ultra Black Rear Projection Film

Black rear projection film we feel is the closest match to 3M’s famous Vikuiti™ Film. It has the highest contrast and the most vibrant picture. It is a complete blackout of your window and is a higher cost than the other options.

Dark Grey Rear Projection Film 

This rear projection film has the 2nd brightest contrast and an excellent picture. For the price point it offers the most bang for the buck. More like a brown colour, when the projector is not on, this film does not allow anyone to see in or outside and is great for security. It does add some natural light.

Light Grey or White Rear Projection Film

Light Grey or White Rear Projection film lets a lot more natural light in the window when not in use. The picture image is of still excellent quality however a brighter projector is recommended for best results.

Transparent Rear Projection Film

Transparent Rear Projection film allows people to see in and outside of the window. It also can produce a holographic effect. A brighter projector is recommended for best results.

Mirror Projection Film

When you are not projecting on it’s a typical mirror.
You can then surprise your audience with your message as you project on it from behind. 

Excellent for nightclub or washroom advertising.

TEST ITEM Unit Light Grey/
Dark Grey Transparent Ultra Black Mirror
Thickness 100 100 100 125 125
Film Width mm 1524 1524 1524 1524 1524
Transmittance % 81 54 88 21 13
Haze % 93 95 33.5 98 96
Gain 4 3 5 3 3
View Angle ° 120° 120° 150° 150° 150°
Contrast   300:1 400:1   500:1 400:1
Hardness H 2 2 3 2 2
Features High Contrast High
UV cut % 99 99 99 99 99


Bright Places


  Outdoor Advertising   Bright Places  
Application Advertising Windows Windows Advertising Special Advertising
Windows, Home Home Information Windows Home Effects




  Cinemas Pubs Cinemas,
Cinemas, Pubs Clubs
Hair Salons

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