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High Vis Safety Vests

High Visibility Safety Vests: Promote Safety with Customization! 🚧👷‍♂️

Enhance safety on construction sites and events with our Custom Printed Fluorescent Safety Vests. Ideal for teams like First Aid, Security, and more, these vests come with the option to add your logo on the front or back. Choose from two fluorescent background colors: yellow and orange.

🌟 Customization Options: Tailor these vests to meet your specific needs. Select the placement of your logo, and choose between a zipper or Velcro closure. Additionally, you have the option to add reflective tape for increased visibility at night.

🚦 Fluorescent Colors: The vests are available in two vibrant fluorescent colors—yellow and orange, ensuring high visibility during the day.

🌙 Reflective Tape for Night Visibility: For added safety during nighttime activities, consider adding reflective tape to the vests. This feature enhances visibility in low-light conditions.

👍 Versatile Applications: Perfect for construction sites, events, and teams, these safety vests prioritize both safety and customization.

Promote Safety and Branding with High Visibility Safety Vests! 🌐 

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Safety Vests – Custom Printed

Enhance workplace safety with our custom-printed safety vests, available in high-visibility orange or yellow. These vests provide ample space for small logos on the front and larger logos on the back. Meeting or exceeding ANSI/ISEA107-2015 safety standards, they feature contrasting reflective tapes to increase visibility, especially during nighttime work.

Prioritize safety with these customized vests tailored to your business needs. 👷‍♂️🚧

Fluorescent Yellow or Orange

We offer our Safety Vests in both Orange and Yellow which have a light reflecting dye in the fabric.

Note that Your Custom Printed Logo works best with dark solid colours,
as lighter will blend into the background making them harder to see.

Fluorescent Safety Vests
Safety Vest with Logo

Add a Zipper or Velcro

Your High Vis Customized Safety Vests come in the size 24 x 28″ 

You can add a zipper which is more secure or velcro for easier removal.

They are made from 100% Polyester and can be customized with Your Logo.

High Visibility Reflective Tape

Your choice to add Reflective Tape which g lows in the dark to improve safety and to ensure high visibility. 

This is excellent for construction sites, security guards and event staff, particularly at night.

Reflective Stripes on Safety Vest
Fluorescent Reflective Tents

Pop Up Canopy Tents

Your crew at the Construction Site, Event Registration or First Aid will need a home base shelter.

Our Custom Printed Pop Up Canopy Tents come in a range of many sizes.
They can also be used with the Fluorescent Fabric. 

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