SEG Trade Show Displays

SEG Trade Show Displays

Silicone Edge Graphics are customizable modular frames that have slots where you can add your replaceable fabric graphics in.

There are plenty of options to choose from such as LED or hanging them on a wall.

There are several sizes of free standing units available which can be added to make modular trade show booths.

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SEG Trade Show Displays

The benefit of SEG Trade Show Displays is that they are modular, meaning that you can customize the size, shape and the way they fit together.

They can be backlit with LED lighting and are available freestanding or able to hang on a wall. Furthermore the graphics can be single or double sided.

SEG Display Stands

These Silicone Edge Displays have 2 feet on the bottom to keep them upright.

They are used for both long term retail window advertising and portable trade show booths.

You may request your own size as they are all fabricated upon request.

Optionally you may choose your display to be backlit with LED around the perimeter. 

LED Lightbox
Wall Mounted LED SEG Frame

Wall Mounted SEG Frame

Wall mounted frames are used mainly in retail settings and department stores. 

The silicone edge graphics can be replaced quickly and easily as the frame stays on the wall means you can change the graphics seasonally or as you have sales.

They can be sized as per your own specifications and you can order with or without LED. 
Pictured is the backlit LED version with the lights on. 

LED Lighting Around the Perimeter

When adding lighting SEG Trade Show Displays they are connected to the perimeter of the frame. 

They come with a transformer to ensure they work on either 120 or 240 Volts and all you would need to do is plug them in.

The graphics are quick and easy to replace. 

LED Frame for Silicone Edge Graphics
LED Lightbox

LED Trade Show Lightbox

Order your unit with an LED podium to match. 

Conveniently, there is a zipper on the backside of the table for you to store items underneath.

They can be set up on their own or part of a modular booth set. 

Modular SEG Booth

We can design an LED Modular Trade Show Booth to your specifications. 

There are plenty of accessories such as shelves, podiums, clothing racks, extra signs, custom storage cases on wheels and more.

They have double sided graphics, the option of LED and you can even add a roof with spotlights.

Custom Design SEG Booth
20 Foot Modular Trade Show Booth

20 Foot Modular Display Set Up

For this project we had a 20 foot area to fit 3 separate branches of our clients company to sell their products from. 

We added 2 in the front and then 1 on the side. The entire unit including the ceiling was set up with LED which made it the most spectacular looking booth at the event.

Detachable Side Booth

Each unit can be set up on their own or all together depending on the size of the exhibition. 

For this particular booth we added the 3rd company as a side booth as they had a corner unit. 

Note the custom sign as an option above, and here you can see what it looks like with the lights off. 

Modular Trade Show Booth
Case for SEG Stand

Hard Storage Case

Each unit comes with a protective case which can be shipped from place to place.

Large Shipping Case

We can custom build a large storage and shipping case for your modular booth. 

This is highly recommended as you can roll it around as needed with a lot less effort than multiple smaller cases. 

Portable Lightbox

Portable LED Lightbox

The difference between a SEG Trade Show Display and a Portable LED Lightbox is how they are set up. 

The portable version is easier and faster to assemble, and they cost less. They have a fabric pillowcase style backdrop with a zipper. 

While they can be set up as modular booths, they are the most popular as backdrops.

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