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✨ Attract Attention – Drive Traffic to Your Shop: Make a statement and draw customers into your retail haven with our eye-catching Sign Holders. From sidewalk displays to in-store promotions, captivate your audience from the moment they step foot outside.

👀 Promote Your Latest Sales – Inside and Out: Once your customers are inside, keep them informed and engaged with the latest sales and promotions. Our Sign Holders are versatile, ensuring your messages are seen and your deals are not missed.

🌐 Outdoor Impact – Drive Traffic from Every Angle: Maximize your shop’s visibility outdoors and create a lasting impression. Our Sign Holders are designed to withstand the elements, providing a durable and impactful solution for outdoor promotions.

💡 Versatile Options for Every Need: Choose from a range of options to suit your specific requirements. Our Sign Holders come in various styles and sizes, ensuring you find the perfect match for your retail space.

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Retail Sign Holders

Enhance your promotional efforts with Sign Holders, versatile tools commonly used in retail settings, malls, restaurants, and events to showcase specials, sales, and directional signage. Choose from a variety of options based on the size of your poster, ensuring an effective and visually appealing display for your messages.

Elevate your marketing presence with these practical and customizable sign holders. 🛍️📣👀

Bulletin Sign Holders

These large Sign Holders are used in both indoor and outdoor settings. It has a large space for a Double Sided Styrene Board so that your audience can read from a greater distance.

Colours – Matte Black | Stainless Steel

Total Height: 60”
Frame Size: 22 x 28”
Image Size: 20.75 x 26.75″

Large Sign Holder for Posters
Holder for Small Sign

Letter Size Sign Holder

This stand has a small footprint ensuring it won’t take up too much room in your venue.
They are excellent for directional signs and arrows. 

Colours | Black or Silver post + a Black Base

Image Size: 11 x 8.5″  (Horizontal) or 8.5 x 11″ (Vertical) 
Base Size: 11” Diameter
Full Height: 50″ | 52.5″ | 55.5″

Snap Frame Holders

The snap frame sign can rotate from vertical to horizontal and has a plastic protector so you can add simple posters rather than rigid signboards. They come in 2 sizes which are letter or legal.

Colours: Silver or Black

Frame Size: 10.5 x 13” or 13 x 19″
Image Size: 8.5 x 11″ or 11 x 17″
Base Size: 12” Diameter
Full Height: 46″

Snap Frame Rotating Sign Board
Sign Holder with Large Base

Heavy Duty Floor Stand

The heavy duty floor stand has a larger footprint on the bottom to prevent it being knocked over by people or the wind.

Colour – Black

Total Height: 60”
Frame Size: 22 x 28”
Image Size: 20.75 x 26.75”

Double Poster Stand

Promote with up to 4 images as it is a Double Sided Poster Stand. The heavy duty base prevents it from getting knocked over among crowds. 

Colours – Black

Frame Size: 22 x 28″ for each sign
Height: 60″

Retail Sign Stand
Sign Holder for 3 Posters

Triple Sign Holders

Triple sign holders stand 7.5′ tall which ensures it can be seen from afar even in crowds. 
Promote specials with up to 6 images as they accept double sided boards. 

Colour – Black

Frame Size: 22 x 28″
Height: 90″

Full Poster Stand

This is a rigid Sign Holder that can hold a large flat board. Eye catching large graphics are proven to improve customer awareness of your promotions. 

Graphic Size: 22 x 57″
Height: 60″

Large Sign Stand
Sign Holder with Wheels

Full Sign Holder with Wheels

The addition of wheels ensures that it is easy to transport, this is particularly beneficial when your sign must be brought into the shop at the end of the work day. 

Colour = Black

Total Height: 65.5″
Frame Size: 23.625 x 63”
Image Size: 23 x 62”

Pallet Sign Stand

The signboard on this hands on 2 grommets which means it can swing in windy conditions, therefore it creates motion and is more eye-catching. 
The adjustable height makes it ideal for all locations. 

Colour = Black

Base Size: 12” Square Metal Flat Base
Full Size: Adjustable from 46” to 83” High
10” Space between Hooks 
Your sign can be up to 14″ wide.

Pallet Sign Holder - Adjustable
Sign Stand with Literature Holder Backlit

Backlit Sign Holders

This style sign holder has the option with or without backlighting. Furthermore you may add a literature holder for brochures below the poster for your customers to pick up. This makes them ideal for trade shows.

Image Size: 10.75 x 16″
Lightbox Size: 12 x 17”
Height: 46″

Poster Stand with 2 Legs

This stylish Poster Board is on 4 points on the ground ensuring stability. It is quite tall at 5.8′.

Colours – Black | Stainless Steel

Frame Size: 24.5 x 48″
Image Size: 23 x 47”
Base Size: 24” Depth
Full Height: 69.5

4 Foot Poster Stand for Retail
Sign Holder with Inserts

Industrial Poster Stand

These sign holders are on a slanted angle for clear viewing. The inserts load from the top. They have a powder coated base that has an industrial look to it. 

Colour = Silver

Image Size: 21.5 x 32.5″
Base Size: 24.25 x 16”
Full Height: 47″

Standee Holder

A simple holder for a CNC Life Size Standee Cut Out. We have 3 sizes to choose from. 

Size: 1.5 x 31.5″
Base Sizes:
11 x 9.5
13.5 x 12”
14 x 14”

Lifesize cutout holder
Bases for Sintra Signs

Sign Board Base Holder

2 pieces of black metal that screw into a thicker sign board such as Sintra. 

Available in 2 sizes which are 32″ and 36″ widths. 

Menu Holders

This menu holder stands 52″ high and includes a booklet that has 10 pockets to fit a menu.

Your guests can flip through before deciding to enter your restaurant.

Menu Holder for Outdoors
Menu Stand with Wooden Legs

Ring Binder Catalog Stand

This is a stylish 3 legged stand made from wood that can display your menu at the front door. 

It comes with a 3 ringed binder to accept hole punched 8.5 x 11″ sheets. 

Height: 45.5″
Tray Size: 18.5 x 14”
Color: White Tray with a Wooden Base

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