Sintra PVC Board

Sintra PVC Board

High quality Sintra PVC Board Printing is longer lasting, lightweight, and has vibrant colours.
This Sintra style board can be used indoor out outdoor. Sintra is an excellent substrate for signage.

Also known as Gator board we can offer a variety of thicknesses. Standard shapes as well as custom shapes available with the CNC machine. Sintra board is more durable than Foamcore  or Coroplast and is good for outdoors for things such as signage. It is used less for temporary solutions and more for longer term.

As we are located in Vancouver, Canada, and due to the size of larger boards these can be difficult to ship without breaking. For larger sizes we only offer this product in Vancouver and the lower mainland. Smaller sizes may be available for shipping out or province or country. Please ask for details.

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Sintra PVC Board is affordable, durable & lightweight.

It is moisture resistant, which means it’s excellent for signage. Our Sintra PVC Board is very lightweight and also strong. We stock thickness of 3mm and 5mm which are most common. It is highly durable and flexible. The material works well indoors and out as well. Permanent retail signage, environmental graphics, and trade show panels are often printable on Sintra. Also, you can mount to Sintra.

It’s easily painted. It can also be useful effectively with vinyl lettering and many adhesives.
Furthermore, it is great for screen printing, models, displays, exhibit booths. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor signs, and also photo-mounting.
UV Resistant.

  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • No fees for Grommets. No file set up fees & no hidden charges 
  • We ship bulk orders of smaller sizes throughout Canada such as Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg. Also to, Saskatoon, London, Toronto, Montreal, Quebec, Fredericton and throughout the USA and worldwide. Quantity and/or pricing restrictions apply.
  • Die cut available with CNC Machine.