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Custom Business Cards: Elevate Your Professional Image! 🚀💼📇 

Name cards have stood the test of time as essential tools for business communication. In the digital era, they remain crucial to ensure you’re on top of mind, making your contact readily available.

🌟 Diverse Options: Whether you’re seeking affordable, above-average, or luxury business cards, we offer a diverse range to meet every budget and need. Explore our options to find the perfect fit for your professional image.

🚀 Boost Your Professional Image: Elevate your professional image with custom business cards that leave a lasting impression. Our high-quality printing and customization options ensure your cards reflect the uniqueness of your brand.

💼 Tailored to Your Needs: We’re confident in our ability to work with any budget and meet various needs. From classic designs to modern styles, our customization options allow you to tailor your business cards to suit your preferences.

🌐 Timeless and Essential: In an age of digital communication, business cards remain timeless and essential. Ensure you’re always ready to make a memorable impression with well-crafted, personalized business cards.

Choose Excellence for Your Business Cards! 📇

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Business Cards

Elevate your professional image with our diverse range of business card options tailored to your needs and budget. Whether you prefer a budget-friendly option or a luxurious touch, we’ve got you covered. Our business cards come with various laminate options, including high gloss, matte, AQ, writable, and specialty papers.

Choose between square or rounded corners to personalize your cards. If you need graphic design assistance, we’re here to help. Make a lasting impression with our customizable business cards. 🌐🔖💼


Value Business Cards

Use these Business Cards when a low price point is of the utmost importance, such as giving away 1000’s to strangers all day at a Trade Show.

They are good quality, uncoated and come with no bells or whistles. The thickness is 14pt.

Bulk Cheap Business Card
Matte Finish 14pt Cards

14pt & 16pt + Matte Finish

A Matte Finish offers a smooth elegant look to your Business Cards.

14pt is standard, whereas 16pt is for people looking for something a bit thicker of a stock.

Matte Silk Lamination – 16pt

These are printed on the same 14pt stock as the cards above, however they are laminated on both sides with a premium matte silk smooth finish.

This gives them a nicer feel and they are more durable.

14pt stock + 2pt for the laminate = 16pt total.

Matte Finish 14pt Cards
Glossy Name Cards

High Gloss UV Coated Business Cards

If you are looking for a high gloss card to make you stand out this is an excellent choice.

They are available in 14pt and a thicker 16pt cardstock.

Printed on 95 Bright Gloss C2S Stock.

High Gloss Laminated – 16pt

The difference between these cards and the gloss ones above is that these are laminated on both sides which makes them a lot more durable.

These Name Cards are printed 95 Bright 14pt C2S Stock, the lamination adds an extra 2pt thickness for a total of 16pt. 

Glossy Name Cards
AQ Calling Cards

14pt & 16pt AQ – Semi Gloss

AQ stands for Aqueous Coated.

This is a very common choice which is available in 2 thicknesses. 

The Semi Gloss is not as bright and bold as the high gloss, which is exactly what a lot of people are looking for.

Writable C1S Cards

C1S stands for Coated 1 Side. You can write on the uncoated side with a standard pen.

These Calling Cards have 3 choices.

14pt AQ – Semi Gloss
14pt UV – Gloss

18pt Extra Thick

C1S Calling Cards to Write On
Name Cards with Premium Linen Stock

Linen 13pt

Your name cards with a Linen Stock gives them a premium and unique feel that will set you apart among others. 

Add a touch of class with this uncoated cardstock. 

Enviro Business Cards

These 13pt Business Cards are made from 30% post consumer recycled material.

They are completely uncoated therefore they can be written on, and easily recyclable. 

Environmentally friendly cards

Premium Finishings

Name Card with Raised Gold Foil

Raised Foil Cards

These cards are unique compared to the other Foil Business Cards we offer because the foil is raised. This gives it a great feel that is hard to find anywhere else.

The thickness is 14pt and they have a matte finish. The foils are available in gold or silver. 

Foil Edge Business Cards

Add foil to the edges of your thick business cards which adds an eye catching effect and will stand out among all the other cards someone has gotten.

Dare to be different such as black foil on a black background. 

There are several different foils to choose from.

Foil Edge Business Cards
Copper Foil Business Cards

Foil Stamped

The difference between foil stamped and raised is that with stamped there are a lot more options. 

It has a flatter surface, and has dozens of colours to choose from. You can also choose a much thicker premium cardstock. 

Kraft Paper

This 18pt Brown Kraft Paper is a high quality full recyclable cardstock that has an organic and natural feel.

Use bold dark colours for best results.  

Brown Kraft Paper Cards
Spot UV Spot Varnish Cards

Spot UV

This has a luxury Spot Gloss to areas of your design that you choose. It will make certain elements stand out and wow your audience. 

They are silk laminated for protection for an ultra premium choice.  

Ultra Durable

High quality synthetic paper is used to ensure these are waterproof and are tear resistant. 

They are made from 100% recyclable material and are non-toxic. 

Waterproof and Tear Resistant Business Cards
Calling Cards Metallic Pearl Paper

Premium Pearl Paper

110lb stock Pearl Paper glistens and you view it at different angles. It has a sort of metallic look that will give the lighter colours a bit of a shimmer.

They are sure to attract attention with a luxury look and feel. 

Soft Touch Suede

Bring your business cards to the next level with a soft touch suede lamination. 

The total thickness is 17pt because of the protective laminate giving it a velvety high quality feel. 

Velvet Suede Calling Cards
Oval Business Cards

Die Cut Business Cards

Die Cut Cards can be ordered in 2 common shapes which are oval and leaf cut. 

The lef cut has a rounded corner on the top right and bottom left on the front of the card. 

Furthermore you can choose any custom shape you would like with our Premium Card Stocks.

Laser Cut Cards

This process is quite difficult to find and rare, where you can design cut outs within the inside of your card to create all sorts of effects. 

This enables your card to be cut in any shape and size. 

Business Card with Laser Guided Cut Out
Linen Business Card with Embossing


The embossed method is a raised impression that gives your card a raised texture look and feel. 

It will add the opposite debossed method on the backside as it uses plates and pressure to stamp the design.

Thick Business Cards

Choose a premium card stock that is stick. 

We can provide stocks from 18pt all the way to 40pt for specialty purposes. 

Gold Edge Thick Paper Cards
Foldable Business Cards

Folded Business Cards

The biggest benefit of Folded Business Cards is that they can hold double the information. 

Their orientation can be vertical or horizontal and the size is double a regular one, and that is 3.5 x 4″ 


Plastic Cards

Plastic Cards can be used for gift cards for business, and also as premium quality business cards. 

They can have a gloss or matte finish and available in 3 different thicknesses, you may also choose a Transparent Stock.

Matte Black Cards with Copper Foil
Stainless Steel Business Cards

Metal Business Cards

Made with Premium Grade Stainless Steel these are the ultimate in the form of luxury. 

There are several styles to choose from including Silver, Gold, Matte Black and more.

You can even add jewels and special cut outs, the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity. 

Wooden Business Cards

Wooden Business Cards can be in any shape and size with a variety of thicknesses. 

They are a natural and eco friendly way to get your point across and promote your business. 

Custom Wooden Business Cards

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