Star Tents

Star Tents

These are available in several large sizes, perfect for all sorts of events.

Essentially they are a blank canvas branding opportunity for your business viewable from a great distance away. With a large capacity a star tent has a multitude of uses where you are free to have vending stations, and several groups of people all at once.


Single Peak widths span
20′ | 26′ | 33′ | 39′ | 46′ | 52′

Double Peak widths span
45′ | 54′ | 63′ | 72′


420D is a standard fabric for stock colours without printing
Stock Star Shade Colours

600D Fabric is used for our custom printing which is available in full colour and a dye sublimation process.



You can join 2 Star Tents with a Tunnel
High Quality 2.5″ diameter Aluminum Poles
Stakes and Stake Puller
Carry Case


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 Star Tents

Star Tents are an opportunity to provide a large sheltered area for events that provides a large canvas for branded marketing opportunities.

They are available in Single and Double Pole Options. There are stock fabric colour options to choose from as well as custom printing available.
Star Tents stake into the ground for portable setup at large outdoor festivals. As the name suggests, once they are set up, they are a treat for the eyes as they have a star shape to them.

They are lightweight, durable and collapse into their own carry case which can easily fit into most vehicles.

Single Peak Star Tent

This is the most popular option.

It has 6 stake points into the ground.

The star shape spans 20 to 52 feet wide and up to 19.7′ high leaving plenty of advertising room on the outside and plenty of room on the inside. 

Custom Star Tents

Double Peak Star Tents

They span from 45 to 72 feet and stake to 6 stake points in the ground.

They are quite popular for larger events and weddings with tables for seating, and multiple service areas. 

Single Peak Sizes

Widths Size Heights
W1 (Door) W2 (Span) H1 (Door) H2 (Peak)
10′ 20′ 6.9′ 13′
13′ 26′ 6.9′ 16.4′
16.5′ 33′ 6.9′ 16.4′
20′ 39′ 6.9′ 19.7′
23′ 46′ 6.9′ 19.7′
26′ 52′ 6.9′ 19.7′
Star Tent Width
Double Star Tent Sizes

Double Peak Sizes

Lengths Size Widths Heights
L1 (Door) L2 (Door Span) L3 (Full Span) W1 (Door) W2 (Span) H1 (Door) H2 (Peak)
12′ 28.5′ 45′ 16.5′ 28.4′ 6.9′ 16.4′
14.5′ 34′ 54′ 20′ 34.1′ 6.9′ 19.7′
16.75′ 39.75′ 63′ 23′ 39.7′ 6.9′ 19.7′
19.25′ 45.5′ 72′ 26′ 44.5′ 6.9′ 19.7′

Wall Packages

You have the option of adding walls. 

Each wall can be custom printed or a range of stock fabric colors.
As stock fabrics cost less than printed, you can mix and match such as a printed canopy and stock walls, or vice versa. 

You can add windows and zippers into the walls upon request.

Double Peak Star Tent
Star Tent Manufacturer


Join 2 Star Tents with a tunnel. The benefit for this is that you can use each tent individually or join them as one at other times.

The tunnel can be branded with your logo or as a stock fabric colour. 

Large Ground Stakes

Each tent is secured into the ground with a large spike base. 
The most common way to do this is into the lawn. 

Star Tent Stake
Place the foot to the stake

Easy Set up

We suggest at least 3 people to set up.

Simply connect the feet of the unit to the stakes.

Then add the pole to the middle peak and crank it up.

Stake Puller

Each kit comes with a stake puller. This is important as the stake can be difficult to remove without it.

This simple tool will make things easy once you are ready to take down the unit.

Star Tent Stake Puller

Other Tenting Options

Promotional Tents Toronto Ontario

Arch Tents

Another popular option is our Arch Tents

They are not quite as big and are excellent for medium sized events.

They can be set up on the pavement, which is not usually possible with the Star Shade system.

You can add 1 to 4 awnings as needed.

Inflatable Dome

The quickest and easiest set up is to use an Inflatable Dome Tent.

They are ultra high quality made with TPU and highly customizable.
A fully sealed system ensures there is no need for a constant air fan and they come with an electric pump.

They range from 10 to 26 feet wide.

Blowup Tent Inflated

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