Step and Repeat Backdrop

Step and Repeat Banners

Step and Repeat Backdrops are used for all sorts of events such as Award Shows, Weddings, Birthday Parties, and Trade Shows.


Fabric vs Vinyl 

Fabric logo walls reign supreme over vinyl banners.

The reason is because our opaque block out fabric absorbs a camera flash rather than reflecting it.

Using a vinyl banner for a step and repeat can be done and is still common among competitors who do not have the right equipment to dye sublimate fabric.

In fact they are not so bad and nice to look at, but can create hot spots when using flash photography.


What are Step and Repeat Walls?

Step and Repeat Walls are an excellent branding opportunity for your company and your sponsors.

Your attendees will pose in front of them, take selfies and then post on social media for free viral marketing.

Furthermore a Step and Repeat ensures that your guests feel like the VIP’s that they are, especially when combined with a Red Carpet, Stanchions and Professional Photographer.


We are a Top Supplier in North America and Ship for Free Worldwide

We have shipped our product all over the world to dozens of countries, with our main market in Canada and USA.

We work with all budgets and event sizes. As you scroll down below you can see we have several frames to choose from.

The Jumbo Backdrop Stand is known as our economy stand. It has an adjustable height and width. 

The Tension Fabric Display is the best quality and the most bang for your buck. It is available in several sizes and you may customize to your own specifications. It zips up like a giant pillowcase onto the frame.

Our Pop up Display Stand is a quick and easy set up. It has the option to include end caps (sides) where you can further design.

Or you may choose to order a Fabric Backdrop on it’s own if you have your own frame already. We have 2 fabrics available, premium and economy.

2 Ways To Order

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Step and Repeat Backdrop

A Step and Repeat Banner is set up in an area at the place generally people will walk or stand in front of the Logo Wall to have their photo taken or to give a television interview.

The name originates from people to “Step” up to the red carpet, get their photo taken, and then the process “Repeats”.

Any event with any budget can provide their guests paparazzi photo opportunities! Regardless if you have a high end awards show or a simple birthday party, we have something for everyone.

We have several Step and Repeat options

Below you will find options for 3 frames as well as some suggested uses.

Step and Repeat Logo Wall

What makes us Number 1?

We’ve provided Step and Repeat Stands to some of the most prestigious awards shows and galas since 2013.

We have several framing options to choose from with any size and we can work with any budget.

A Logo Wall is the focal point of your event and we fully understand it must be done right.

Jumbo Backdrop Stand

The Jumbo Backdrop Stand is the most budget friendly option out of the 3.
Use this option for smaller events, birthday parties and casual gatherings.

The frame is adjustable with 3 maximum widths 8, 10 and 12 feet wide.
The height is maximum 8 feet.

Step and Repeat Stand

Do not be fooled by cheap imitations.
Our jumbo backdrop frame has thicker high quality poles built to last!

Logo Wall

Straight Tension Fabric Display

The Stretch Fabric Display is our top seller due to it’s flawless wrinkle free appearance.

The snap lock frame sets up quick and easy, and is highly customizable to almost any size.

This has been sold to some of our most exclusive clients, yet the price point is surprisingly affordable.

Curved Tension Fabric Display

The same system as above but curved.

A curved Step and Repeat bings your audience’s eyes to the centre where all the action is.

The most common sizes are 10 and 20 feet wide, with a height of 7.5′.

Curved Logo Wall
Toronto Step and Repeat

Pop up Display

The Pop up Display is quick and easy to expand. 

The banner is adhered to the accordian style frame with velcro allowing it to stretch so it can avoid wrinkles.

The benefit of this unit is that you can print on the sides for more marketing opportunities.

Pictured here is without the end caps, as they are optional.

20 Foot Step and Repeat Wall

The most common size for a Step and Repeat is 10 feet. 

For larger events we have plenty of options such as 15, 20, 30 and even wider. 

A 20 Foot Tension Fabric Display is available straight or curved.

Pictured here is a 20′ x 10′ high custom frame.

Custom Logo Wall 10 x 20
Step and Repeat Logo Pattern

Fabric Backdrop

If you have your own frame, we can assist you with Fabric Backdrop Printing which will save you costs. 

We can add grommets, pole pockets or if you send us our competitors templates we can design to those specifications.

For Awards Galas

A common use for a logo wall is for award galas, conferences and stage backdrops.

You can count on our expertise with ultra high quality media walls to enhance your photography to higher levels while promoting your sponsors.

It is common to have several units at the same event.

Awards Backdrop
Step and Repeat Vancouver

Press Walls

A Step and Repeat Media wall further promotes your message or sponsors during important press briefings. 

They are often used by government institutions and news organizations. 

For Trade Shows

Logo Walls are common for Trade Shows. We can create any size you need to fit within your designated space.

We have optional accessories such as LED Lights and hard shipping cases that convert into a podium.

Trade Show Backdrop
Wedding logo Backdrop walls

Wedding Walls

A photography backdrop for a wedding is a must. 

We have a few templates that we can fill in your names, initials and date, and of course you can customize it with anything you’d like.

We have rental frames available for pick up in our local area.

For Graduation Ceremonies

Create long lasting memories with your school’s logo in the background.

Our frames are quick and easy to set up without professional installation.

Perfect for volunteer parents and teachers.

Step and Repeat Media Wall Vancouver, Toronto
Large Logo Wall

Custom Size Step and Repeat

The most common sizes are 10, 15 and 20 feet wide by 7.5 feet tall.

We specialize in custom sizes that can suit the needs of any event regardless how large or small, as we will manufacture a frame specifically for you.

Pictured is a 47′ wide x 17′ feet high, our largest we made to date!

How to Design a Step and Repeat Pattern

Most clients submit their graphics to us.

If you only have some logos, we would be happy to assist you to create one for you.

Or you can learn how to design a Media Wall with Adobe Illustrator.

Logo Wall Instructions Illustrator Step 5-a

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