Street Pole Banners

Street Pole Banners and Flags

City Elegance Redefined – Custom Street Pole Banners! 🏙️ 

🎨 Aesthetic Enhancement: Elevate your city’s visual appeal with Custom Printed Street Pole Banners. These banners are not just for promotion; they’re a canvas for artistic expression, enhancing your municipality’s overall aesthetics.

🌧️ Weather-Resistant Brilliance: Opt for UV protection to ensure your banners stand tall against the elements. Come rain or shine, our banners maintain their vibrancy, quality, and message, adding a durable touch to your cityscape.

🚀 Event Promotion Masterpiece: Whether it’s a festival, parade, or community event, Street Pole Banners are the ideal promotional tool for municipalities. Turn your city streets into a dynamic canvas of promotion, drawing attention and excitement.

🏛️ Community Transformation: Transform your cityscape into a work of art. Customizable and impactful, these banners not only promote events but also contribute to the cultural and visual richness of your community.

City Promotion at Its Finest – Choose Custom Street Pole Banners! 🚦🌟 

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Street Pole Banners

Enhance your event promotions and community aesthetics with our versatile Street Pole Banners. 🌆🚩🎉

Street Pole Banners offer a popular and visually appealing way to promote upcoming events while adding character to the community.
Whether you prefer single or double-sided banners, customization options are available to meet your specific size requirements.
Choose from standard options or opt for long-lasting UV-protected versions to ensure durability against the elements.

Elevate your street appeal and event visibility with these impactful banners.

Street Pole Flags

Custom Sized Light Pole Banners

Common sizes include the following

18 x 36″
18 x 48″
24 x 48″
42 x 84″

We can provide any custom size depending on your specific needs. 

Wholesale Prices

We have no minimum order, however if you are looking to line the street for several miles, we can offer our best price.

You can choose as many designs as you’d like at no extra cost. 

Our Pole Banners are made from either a standard durable 110 GSM polyester or a 600D heavy duty UV protected polyester. 

Street Pole Banners
Street Pole Flag Stitching

Quality Workmanship

We understand that Pole Banners must ensure all sorts of weather conditions throughout the year.

Our Street Pole Flags are quadruple stitched to prevent fraying and overall wear and tear.

They are meant to stand up to sunshine, rain, snow and moderate winds. 

Brackets and Poles

We have several options of brackets for your flags depending on your needs.

Pictured here are the brackets that you can secure around the pole, furthermore we have other poles with plates for drilling into the exterior of a building. Ask us for more options. 

The widths are from 20″ to 36″ inches.

Brackets for Street Pole Banners
Wall Flag Blade Feather Style

Wall Flags

Our custom printed Wall Flags are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use. 

We have several options to choose from including feather, teardrop and rectangle style flags.

Capture the attention of the crowd in the exterior of your building. 

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