Table Runners – Custom Printed

Custom Printed Table Runners

are an economical way to get your name out at a trade show, exhibition booth, or retail application.

Getting your table runners printed are an excellent way to prevent surprises when you are traveling and are unsure of the table size at the event. 

High Quality
Long lasting – Colours stay Vibrant
Machine Washable 
Full Colour Dye Sublimation Printed
No Limitations to your Design

Free Shipping
No Minimum Orders

No Hidden Fees

Custom Table Runner Sizes

Typically a Printed Table Runner is 88″ long.
This is so it can go to the floor on both ends with a standard 30 inch wide banquet table.

The front viewing area is 29 inches,
the top is 30 inches
and the backside is 29 inches.

Widths vary depending how much of the table you want to cover.

30 x 88 inches (76cm x 224 cm)
42 x 88 inches (107cm x 224cm)
48 x 88 inches (122cm x 224cm)
Any custom size or width

Exhibition Event Table runner printing

2 ways to order…..

Quote for Print Service

Or give us a call 604-353-1776


Custom Printed Table Runners
Trade shows, Exhibitions, Conferences, and Events

Customized Table Runners. It is an economical way of promoting your brand. It is done with minimal investment.
Great for sales and one-off events. It is perfect at the time you’re unsure of the table size. Or need to keep things
Cheap and Cheerful.

There no limitations to your design. It means you are free to choose a logo and background color. Let your creativity go wild. Design your Table Runner from the entire runner. Top to bottom.
Use Custom Table Runners for temporary advertising displays. It is portable. Folds up small to fit in any sized luggage. The weight is under 1/2 kg or 1 pound. 

Satin Table Runners printed

Often a Printed Table Runner is laid over an existing tablecloth. It is provided by the venue at the event.
It enables you to advertise your brand in an economic way.
Send us your logo. Choose a background color. We can match any color.
Here is a
 pantone colour guide to choose from.

* foot wide printed tablecloth

Need Something Bigger?

A Custom Printed Tablecloth will do the trick! This will cover your entire table. It’s a much larger canvas. To portray your artwork.
Standard Tablecloths are available. Open or Closed back. In a multitude of sizes.

Or Something Unique?

Try a Stretch Spandex Tablecloth. Customized with your logo.
They portray a more modern. It sleek visualization to your branding.

6 Foot Stretch tablecloth with logo

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