Table Runners – Custom Printed

Custom Printed Table Runners

Economical Impact – Custom Table Runners for Unmatched Brand Exposure! 🚀🎨

👍 Prevent Surprises – Travel with Confidence: Table Runners are your go-to solution for trade shows and events, especially when table sizes are uncertain. Travel with confidence, knowing you have a versatile and reliable branding tool that adapts effortlessly to different table dimensions.

🎨 Expect Excellence – What You Get:

High Quality: Our Table Runners boast top-tier craftsmanship.
Long Lasting: Colors stay vibrant, ensuring a lasting visual impact.
Machine Washable: Easy maintenance for convenience.
Full Colour Dye Sublimation Printing: No limitations to your design creativity.

🚚 Seamless Ordering Experience:

Free Shipping: Enjoy free shipping for added value.
No Minimum Orders: Whether you need one or many, we’ve got you covered.
No Hidden Set Up Fees: Transparent pricing for a hassle-free experience.

📏 Custom Table Runner Sizes:

30 x 88 inches (76 x 224 cm): Ideal for a standard 30-inch wide banquet table.
42 x 88 inches (107 x 224 cm): Cover more surface area for impactful branding.
48 x 88 inches (122 x 224 cm): Choose a wider width for added visual presence.

Unleash Brand Brilliance – Choose Custom Table Runners for Impactful Branding! 🌐✨

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Custom Printed Table Runners

Elevate your brand visibility with Custom Printed Table Runners!

These lightweight and vibrant table runners offer a less expensive way to promote your brand, ensuring a bold and eye-catching display.
Perfect for adding a touch of vibrancy to any table setup. 🎨🏢🌟

Full Color Printing

A Printed Table Runner is laid over an existing tablecloth that is provided by the venue at the event.

Simply send us your logo. Choose a background color, and it’s that easy.

For your reference, here is a Pantone Colour Matching Guide.

Table Runner with Logo
30 inch wide Table Runner

30 inch Trade Show Table Runners

30 inches will take up almost half the table area of a 6 foot, and about a third of a 8 foot table.

24 inches are also popular for those who are using the 6 foot version.

Extra Wide Versions

You can customize your size to anything you need. 

Pictured here is a 47 inch version which would cover about half of a 8 foot table. 

In this sense it would match how a 30 inch would look on a 6 foot, plus there is a lot more area for your design.

47 inch wide Table Runner
Custom Table Runner for Home

Dinner Table Runners

For use at weddings, graduations, special events and at home.

Dinner table runners usually run across the table end to end and hang off the sides.

We can personalize them with your custom colours, patterns and designs.

More Options

Full Size Tablecloths

A Custom Printed Tablecloth will do the trick!

This will cover your entire table. It’s a much larger canvas to portray your artwork.

Standard Colour Tablecloths without graphics are also available which can complement your Runner.

* foot wide printed tablecloth
6 Foot Stretch tablecloth with logo

Spandex Tablecloths

Try a Stretch Spandex Tablecloth Customized with Your Logo.

They also portray a more modern look. It sleek visualization to your branding.

Table Top Banners

Table Top Banners have a frame that clips onto your table.

You can add one third, half or full sized stretch banners.

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