Teardrop Flags

Teardrop Flags

Capture Attention with Teardrop Flags! 🚩🌟

Teardrop Flags are sure to catch the attention of the crowd, making them a popular marketing tool for a variety of businesses.

🌐 Versatile Marketing: Also known as Teardrop Advertising Banners, you’ll often see them on sidewalks outside shops or lining the fields at large events. Their eye-catching design ensures your message is seen and remembered.

🛠️ Plenty of Accessories and Bases: Available with plenty of accessories and bases, Teardrop Flags offer versatility for different settings. Whether you need to spike the base into the grass or set up indoors at a trade show, you have options to suit your needs.

🔄 Single or Double Sided: Choose from Single or Double Sided options to maximize your message’s visibility. Teardrop Flags provide a dynamic and effective way to showcase your brand or message at any location. 🚩🌈

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Teardrop Flags

Teardrop Flags boast stunning full-color dye sublimation printing, ensuring vibrant and eye-catching visuals.

Featuring a stitched 600D heavy-duty pole pocket and heat-welded edges to prevent fraying, these flags are designed for durability.

Each kit includes a high-quality and robust pole kit, a flag, a convenient carry case, and the option to choose a suitable base.
These flags are well-suited for wind conditions ranging from 21 to 29 km/h (13 – 18 m/h), making them a reliable choice for outdoor displays. 🚩🌬️

Teardrop Flag Sizes

Flag Size (Feet)

Pole Size (Feet)



6.25′ high x 2.45′ wide 9′ high


10′ high x 3.2′ wide 13′ high


12.75′ high x 3.6′ wide 15′ high
Large Advertising Flag

Our Flags come in both Single and Double Sided, as well as with Ultra Premium Versions such as with our Showplex Printing Method.

Have a look at our Single vs Double Sided Printing Page for details

1 Sided Advertising Flag

Single Sided Teardrop Flags

Opting for Single Sided Teardrop Flags is a cost-effective choice, with savings attributed to reduced material usage.

The front of the flag showcases your graphics true to form, while the back mirrors the image.

While ideal for logos and vertical text, it may not be the best choice for information like phone numbers due to slight transparency.
Make a smart investment in eye-catching and budget-friendly displays! 💰

Double Sided Teardrop Flags

Elevate your branding with Double Sided Teardrop Flags, offering true image representation on both sides.

Opt for two distinct designs to maximize visibility and customization.
The triple-layered flag incorporates a block-out fabric in the middle, preventing bleed-through and ensuring text, like phone numbers, remains legible from either side.

Choose a premium display solution for impactful and versatile advertising!

2 Sided Advertising Flag

Teardrop Flag Bases

There are several Bases to choose from depending on what you need them for.
Read about our Teardrop Flag Base and Pole Options on our blog post.
Below you will find a few of our most common styles

Ground Spike for Advertising Flag

Spike Base

The Spike Base offers a cost-effective solution and is ideal for various outdoor surfaces like dirt, snow, and grass.
Its design ensures stability, making it a perfect choice for outdoor flags, especially in windy conditions.

Elevate your outdoor branding with a reliable and budget-friendly base option!

Cross Bases

The Cross Base, shaped like an X and weighing around 8 pounds, is designed for stability on flat surfaces like cement and indoors at trade shows.

Our selection includes different weight options and the choice to include pegs for stability on grassy areas.

For further details, feel free to inquire and explore the best options for your needs!

X Base for Feather Flags
Water Doughnut Hardware

Water Weight

A water bag can be either round or square. 

Placing this above your Cross Base creates additional weight and stability.

A Water Bag is automatically included in your X Base purchase.

More Base Options

Iron Flat Base – 11 lbs

Wider selection of Cross Bases with different weights

A Base to go under a Car Wheel

Wall Mounts and Brackets

Teardrop Flag Bases
Oxford Canvas Carry Case

Carry Case

Your purchase includes a stylish oxford canvas carry case which will fit the entire unit including the poles, flag and base. 

They have straps along with some shallow pockets, and a business card holder.

Other Options

Fluorescent Flags

Do you have a need to be seen at night?

Are you looking to spread your message 24 hours a day? Consider our light reflective fabric!

We have both Yellow and Orange Fluorescent Flags available.

We recommend bold darker colours such as black. Avoid lighter colour logos.

Fluorescent Night Vision Flags
Customized Flags

Custom Shaped Teardrop Flags

A Custom Shaped Flag will surely get noticed!

It’s a small piece of extra real estate extended outside the border and allows extra creativity.

Think Outside the Flag!

Backpack Flags

Advertising on the go! 

Backpack Flags are perfect for festivals and events for large crowds where you want to get noticed.

They are available in other shapes such as Feather, Rectangular and U.

The size is 16.5 x 32.5″ inches.

Wall Flags

Our Wall Flags come with a Wall Mount or a Suction Cup for your windows.

The flag size is smaller than usual with the suction cup or you can choose the 6.25 foot version with the wall mount.

They are available Single or Double Sided, and they are interchangeable with other bases. 

For the Desktop

Mini Teardrops for the office are a great gift or maybe for directional signage.

If you order several Table Top Flags remember that there are no limitations on the amount of images that you submit and that it’s no extra charge.

The size is 8.5 x 15 inches high

Car Window Flags

Our Teardrop Style Car Window Flags mainly for advertising on the roadside or a car lot.

They are not recommended for driving, rather they are a creative way to advertise in an area that does not have a lot of options.

The size is 11.2 x 22.3″

For a Tent

We have brackets available to fit our Custom Printed Pop up Canopy Tents

They add additional branding areas that are replaceable so that the graphics on your tent can remain the same.

The Flags are replaceable and available in Feather or Rectangle as well. 

Puck - R Shape Flags

Puck Flags

This shape is a unique shape that takes up less of a foot print. 
Puck Shape Flags stand 9 feet high and are in the shape of an P. 

They are excellent for directional and informational signage at events. 

Set Up

How to Set up Teardrop Flags

Setting up Teardrop Flags is a breeze! Follow this step-by-step guide for a smooth process, including the correct method for setting up with a Cross Base and Water Weight.

Your flags will be flying high in no time!

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6.25' high x 2.45' wide (Single), 10' high x 3.2' wide (Single), 12.75' high x 3.6' wide (Single), 6.25' high x 2.45' wide (Double), 10' high x 3.2' wide (Double), 12.75' high x 3.6' wide (Double)