Tension Fabric Banner Stand

Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Our Tension Fabric Banner Stands are available in a multitude of shapes and sizes.
They are lightweight, portable and come with a padded carry case.

They give a higher end look to your tradeshow, event or retail environment compared to a typical banner stand.

Each Display comes in 3 different shapes – Straight, Serp or Snake Style

There are several widths to choose from and the height is either 7.5′ or 8 feet high.

Elegance Displays

As an alternative option our Elegance Displays are a tube shaped, double sided display that comes with several accessories such as shelves and brochure holders.

They are a must to complete the look to your event marketing space.

Regardless if you choose a Fabric Stand or an Elegance Display they act to complete the look of your space.

Too many exhibitors have made the mistake of only ordering a backdrop and not focusing enough on the rest of their area. 


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Tension Fabric Banner Stand

A Tension Fabric Banner Stand has the same high quality frame and print as our Premium Trade Show Displays.

These are perfect on their own or in conjunction with other displays to add some depth and dimension.

They give a higher end and more unique look than a typical Roll up Banner Stand.

Each Trade Show Banner comes with a Replaceable Graphic which can Single or Double Sided and zips on the bottom.

Straight Tension Fabric Banner Stands

The Straight Display is our most popular. It most resembles the standard roll up banner, except that it will level up the quality of your promotional space.

Options include 2 feet, bumper bars or a standard heavy black base plate.

7.5 foot tall Tension Fabric Display
Curved Tension Fabric Banner Stand

Curved Displays

Adding a slight bend, wave or curve to your Elegance Display Stand adds depth and dimension to your area.

It can focus eyes on certain parts of the display and ensure to get you noticed!

Snake Stands

Our Snake Stands are self supported structures that add a touch of class to your marketing activation. 
They can be fitted with a bracket for a small LCD Screen. 

They are fun and funky, ensuring engagement from your audience to get your point across. 

TV Stand for tradeshow
Tension Fabric Banner Stand with Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Add a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser to the stand with big and bold letters to ensure that the crowd takes notice. 

These are particularly useful when proper hand hygiene is mandatory and the crowd is large and therefore requires it to be easily located. 

Extra Wide

Tension Fabric Banner Stands can range wide up to 8 feet wide. 
As they are 8 feet tall this gives an extra 6 inches compared to a standard Tension Fabric Display.

The bottom 6 inches are empty space.

Conference Display Printing Vancouver and Toronto
Frame for Wave Display

Collapsible Frame

Your Tension Fabric Banner Stand comes with a replaceable graphic, which is single or double sided.

The Frame collapses and you can store into a carry case.

Black Weighted Base

This base is available in the following fixed sizes.

Height – 7.5′ feet

2.6′ feet being the most common.

2.0′ | 2.5′ | 2.6′ | 2.8′ | 3.0′ | 4.0′ | 5.0′ feet

Double Sided Tension Fabric Banner Stand with Weighted Base
Tradeshow Displays

Double Feet

A common method to finish your stand is to simply add 2 feet at the bottom.

You may customize your Fabric Banner Stand to any size, and since this is a less expensive method than bumper bars it is very common.

Bumper Bars

These weighted bumper bars offer a wider surface area on the bottom of your display.
They are great for event where your display may be in the middle of the crowd and has a high chance of getting bumped.

This can decrease the likelihood of them getting knocked over.

As these are custom made, you may choose any size up to 8 feet. 

Tension fabric banner stand
Ipad Stand

Custom Printed iPad Stand | Tablet Stand

The benefit of our Ipad Stand is that it can be custom printed with your graphics.

It can fit other tablets, has holes to hide wires, a locked box to prevent theft and an area to hold brochures.

Elegance Stands

Elegance Displays are a tubular shaped stand, that can take up some extra space in your promotional space.

With several shapes and accessories to choose from, they make a welcome addition to your Trade Show.

Elegance Displays

Our Elegance Displays usually come with a Double Sided Print.

They have a unique tube shape, and you have a choice of 3 different top ends.

There are several Accessories to choose from.

Fabric Banner Stand
Exhibition Stand Printing


Elegance Displays have several optional accessories to add on. 
These include Lights, Shelves and Brochure Holders. 

The Top Shape of your stand can be Angles, Curved or Straight.

Angled Top

With an angled top your marketing can be pointing to a certain direction that you want your audience to take notice. 

Angled Top Fabric Banner Stand
Tradeshow Banner Stands


Here you can see an Elegance Stand with 2 Acrylic Shelves on the front and back.
There is also a brochure holder. 

The top is curved, and to finish it off we recommend a set of lights.

Waterfall Shelves

An alternative to the freestanding piece would be a Waterfall Shelf.
We can customize with several shelves and add a portion covered in fabric for your design.
These fit onto our Tension Fabric Displays

Waterfalls for Tension Displays

How to Set up a Tension Fabric Banner Stand

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