Tension Fabric Banner Stand

Tension Fabric Banner Stands

Elevate Your Presence with Tension Fabric Banner Stands! 🌟

Explore a myriad of options in shapes and sizes with our Tension Fabric Banner Stands, offering sophistication compared to conventional Banner Stands. Lightweight and portable, these stands come with a padded carry case for added convenience at trade shows, events, or retail spaces.

🌈 Choose Your Style: Select from three distinctive shapes—Straight, Serpentine, or Snake Style—and widths that suit your preference. Elevate your display with versatile and stylish solutions that stand out. 👌🏼🎉

🌟 Elegance Displays – The Pinnacle of Event Marketing: Enhance your event space with our Elegance Displays—tube-shaped, double-sided displays that include versatile accessories like shelves and brochure holders. These additions are crucial for completing the overall look of your exhibition space.

🔍 Well-Rounded Displays for Lasting Impressions: Whether it’s a Fabric Stand or an Elegance Display, these elements play a vital role in ensuring your space is cohesive and visually appealing. Don’t overlook the importance of a well-rounded display to make a lasting impression at your event! 🔍✨


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Tension Fabric Banner Stand

Enhance your booth with our Tension Fabric Banner Stand, featuring a premium frame and high-quality print akin to our Premium Trade Show Displays.

Elevate your presentation by combining them with other displays for added depth and dimension.
Stand out with a sophisticated look that goes beyond traditional Roll-up Banner Stands, and enjoy the convenience of a Replaceable Graphic that can be Single or Double Sided, seamlessly zipping onto the bottom. 🚀✨

Height – 7.5′ feet

2.0′ | 2.5′ | 2.6′ | 2.8′ | 3.0′ | 4.0′ | 5.0′ feet
Custom Sizes available


Straight Tension Fabric Banner Stands

The Straight Display is our most popular. It most resembles the standard roll up banner, except that it will level up the quality of your promotional space.

Options include 2 feet, bumper bars or a standard heavy black base plate.

7.5 foot tall Tension Fabric Display
Curved Tension Fabric Banner Stand

Curved Displays

Curved Tension Fabric Banner Stands introduce a subtle bend, wave, or curve to your area.

This design choice enhances the visual appeal, creating depth in your exhibit space and strategically guiding the eyes. Ensure that your brand and message capture the attention they deserve! 🔄👁‍🗨

Snake Stands

Introduce a touch of sophistication to your marketing activation with our self-supported Snake Stands.

These unique structures can be equipped with a bracket for a small LCD screen, offering an interactive element to your display.

Their playful and dynamic design ensures audience engagement, making a lasting impact for your brand. 🐍📺

TV Stand for tradeshow
Conference Display Printing Vancouver and Toronto

Extra Wide

Tension Fabric Banner Stands can range wide up to 8 feet wide. 
As they are 8 feet tall this gives an extra 6 inches compared to a standard Tension Fabric Display.

The bottom 6 inches are empty space.

Collapsible Frame

Your Tension Fabric Banner Stand comes with a replaceable graphic, available in both single and double-sided options.

The collapsible frame allows for easy storage, conveniently fitting into a carry case. 👜

Frame for Wave Display


Shelf and LCD Bracket

Maximize your visual impact at trade shows with our Shelf and LCD Bracket combination.

Integrate a lower shelf for added display space and include an LCD bracket capable of accommodating a screen up to 32″.

This dynamic duo enhances your presentation by providing more opportunities for engaging visuals.

Size – 36 x 90″

Curved with TV Mount and Shelf

Add a S curve to add some extra height to your display.
This includes a small shelf and LCD Bracket combo, featuring a lower shelf and the ability to mount a screen up to 32″.

Elevate your visual impact and engage your audience effectively.

Size = 40 x 102″

Portable Hanging Rack

Meet our Portable Hanging Rack, a versatile solution seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Customize the backdrop to showcase your brand while utilizing the hanging space for your items.

Ideal for both retail settings and trade show events, these racks offer a perfect combination of personalized branding and practicality, ensuring you stand out in any space. 

Size = 39.5 x 90″

Portable Display Rack

Introducing our Portable Display Rack, a versatile solution designed for Trade Shows and Exhibitions.

Featuring three shelves for product display, this portable rack also offers an additional branding opportunity at the bottom.
Elevate your booth with this compact and effective display option, combining functionality with a strategic branding platform to capture attention at every event.

Size – 33 x 92″ 

Base Options

Double Sided Tension Fabric Banner Stand with Weighted Base

Black Weighted Base

This base is available in the following fixed sizes.

Height – 7.5′ feet

2.6′ feet being the most common.

2.0′ | 2.5′ | 2.6′ | 2.8′ | 3.0′ | 4.0′ | 5.0′ feet

Double Feet

A common method to finish your stand is to simply add 2 feet at the bottom.

You may customize your Fabric Banner Stand to any size, and since this is a less expensive method than bumper bars it is very common.

Tradeshow Displays
Tension fabric banner stand

Bumper Bars

Enhance the stability of your trade show displays by incorporating Bumped Bars.

These weighted bumper bars provide a broader surface area at the base of your display, making them ideal for crowded events where bumps are likely.

Customizable in size, you can opt for any dimension up to 8 feet wide, reducing the risk of accidental knocks and ensuring a secure presence in bustling crowds. 🔒

These durable and custom-made Bumper Bars not only safeguard your display from potential disruptions but also offer a sleek and professional look, ensuring your booth stands out seamlessly at any event.

Portable SEG Banner Stand

Collapsible SEG Banner Stand

Meet our Collapsible SEG Banner Stand—the fastest setup in the market, taking less than a minute!

This remarkable stand boasts a lightweight aluminum frame, making it perfect for those with events on the go.

It effortlessly pops up and comes with its own convenient carry case for easy transportation.

Choose between single or double-sided options to showcase your message effectively.

Elevate your event setup with the speed and convenience of our Collapsible SEG Banner Stand.

Your Choice Between 2 Sizes
2.8 x 6.6′
3.3 x 6.6′ 


Elegance Style

Fabric Banner Stand

Elegance Displays

Transform your marketing presence with our Elegance Displays, showcasing a distinctive tube shape and a double-sided print for maximum visibility.

Personalize your display further by selecting from three different top ends and adding optional accessories like lights, shelves, and brochure holders to create a captivating and functional exhibit space.


Enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your Elegance Displays with our range of optional accessories.
Illuminate your message with Lights, showcase promotional materials on Shelves, and keep brochures organized with Brochure Holders.

Exhibition Stand Printing


Customize the top shape of your Elegance Stand with options such as Angled, Curved, or Straight, allowing you to tailor it to your personal preference.

This flexibility ensures that your stand seamlessly integrates with the overall design of your floor space, providing a cohesive and visually appealing presentation.

Elegance Display Shelves

Here you can see an Elegance Stand with 2 Acrylic Shelves on the front and back.
There is also a brochure holder. 

The top is curved, and to finish it off we recommend a set of lights.

Tradeshow Banner Stands

Other Displays

Heart Shaped Tension Fabric Display

Heart Shaped Display

Express your message with love using our Heart Shaped Tension Fabric Display Stand.

Custom printed with your graphics, this unique design is perfect for wedding celebrations, Valentine’s Day events, flower shops, and more.

Size: 6.5 x 6.5′. 💖🌟🎉

Round Banner Display

For a distinctive alternative to the elegance and straight styles, consider our Round Tension Fabric Display Stand.

Available in two sizes—5 and 6.5-foot diameters—with H-style stands, these displays offer a unique visual impact.
Custom sizing is also welcome to suit your specific needs. 🌐

Ipad Stand

Custom Printed iPad Stand | Tablet Stand

The benefit of our Ipad Stand is that it can be custom printed with your graphics.

It can fit other tablets, has holes to hide wires, a locked box to prevent theft and an area to hold brochures.

Spinning Dart Banners

Also known as Lantern Banners, provide a dynamic twist to the conventional Feather Flag, boasting a 3D design. Engineered to spin in the wind, these banners offer stability in diverse weather conditions, ensuring visibility through captivating movement.

Height = 9 Feet
Flag Size = 42.5 x 67.3”

Comes with either a Cross Base with a Water Weight or a Spike Base. 

Lantern Banners
Tension Fabric Banner Stand with Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer Stations

Add a Hand Sanitizer Dispenser to the stand with big and bold letters to ensure that the crowd takes notice. 

These are particularly useful when proper hand hygiene is mandatory and the crowd is large and therefore requires it to be easily located. 

How to Set up a Tension Fabric Banner Stand

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