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Elevate Your Trade Show Presence with Tension Fabric Displays! 💪

⚠️ Beware of cheap imitations flooding the market—our frames are top-notch, commercial-grade, ensuring a lasting investment.

🛡️ Trust in Our Commitment to Quality: We are committed to providing you with displays that endure for years to come. Trust in our quality craftsmanship for a lasting impact on your brand.

📏 Sizes That Suit Your Space: Choose from widths of 8′, 10′, 15′, or 20′ with a standard height of 90 inches. Custom sizes are always welcome to ensure a perfect fit for your display needs.

✨ Shapes That Stand Out: Select from Straight, Curved, or Serpentine shapes for a display that suits your brand aesthetics. Custom shapes are always welcome to add a unique touch to your trade show booth.

🌟 Make a Statement with Tension Fabric Displays—Your Lasting Investment in Excellence! 💼🎉

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Tension Fabric Displays

Tension Fabric Displays are essential for trade shows and events, offering easy setup and collapsibility.

The stretch fabric graphics slide over the frame like a pillowcase, ensuring a sleek appearance.

With our versatile manufacturing capabilities, we can create custom frames in various sizes and shapes, meeting your specific needs. As a leading producer in North America, our quick turnaround time ensures timely delivery, supporting your crucial deadlines. Explore the comprehensive specifications of our Waveline Tension Fabric Displays below. 🎪🖥️🎨


Straight 8x8 Wall

8 Foot Tension Fabric Display

With a standard height of 90 inches (approximately 7.5 feet), our Trade Show Displays offer a portable solution that easily fits into most spaces.

The 8-foot version ensures convenience without compromising on impactful presentation.
Choose between straight or curved designs for your pillowcase backdrop to suit your unique requirements. 

10 Feet Wide

The 10-foot Stretch Fabric Display stands out as our most popular size, striking the perfect balance between visibility and space flexibility.

Its affordability makes it an ideal choice for events of any size. 

Trade Show Display 10' Curved
15 foot Wave Display Straight

15 Feet Wide

The Tension Fabric System in this mid-range size strikes the perfect balance, providing a significant presence without overwhelming space.

Commonly used for stage backdrops, these units are versatile, offering options for single or double-sided printing, making them ideal for crowd control walls. 

20 Foot Tension Fabric Displays

A colossal 20-foot “EZ-tube” style display is an absolute showstopper!

With a whopping 150 square feet of promotional space, there’s ample room for impactful marketing.

Choose between the Straight, Curved, or Serpentine styles for a customized showcase.

Tradeshow Exhibition Display
Large Logo Wall

Oversized Tension Fabric Displays

Step into the grandeur of extra-large LED Displays, soaring to impressive heights of up to 16 feet and spanning an expansive 40 feet in width.

Specializing in these monumental displays, we ensure stability and safety with heavy-duty base plates and robust back supports.

Make a bold statement at your event with these awe-inspiring visuals!

Tabletop Displays

Sometimes all you need is something quick and easy to add to the top of your table.
In fact we have all sorts of items for the
top of your exhibition table.

Our Tabletop exhibition units come in 3 sizes
72 x 60″ | 96 x 60″

Curved Mini Displays are available
Size: 33 x 20″ 

Elegance Stands 3 x 8 feet

Tension Fabric Banner Stand

Tailor your backdrop to perfection with our versatile Tension Fabric Banner Stands, offering a range of widths from
2.0′ | 2.5′ | 2.6′ | 2.8′ | 3.0′ | 4.0′ | 5.0′ | 6.0′ feet

Custom Sizes are welcome

Elevate your booth with these customizable stands and explore the option for custom sizes to seamlessly brand your space. Let every detail speak volumes about your brand!


Oxford Canvas Carry Cases

Our top-notch soft cases are designed for optimal protection, featuring padded compartments to keep your frame parts neatly organized.

The duffle bags are equipped with individual padded sections for poles and feet, ensuring scratch-free storage.
We take pride in delivering products of superior quality, and our thoughtfully designed cases reflect our commitment to durability and protection.

Upgrade to a Hard Shipping Case

Our Hard Shipping Case seamlessly transforms into a branded podium table, offering a versatile solution for clients with frequent events and travel commitments.

The convenient set of wheels ensures easy transportation, making it a practical and stylish choice for those on the go.

Check out a complete list of our Podiums and Cases.

LED Lights

Proper lighting is essential for your booth’s visibility and appeal.
Illuminate your space with our recommended 1 x 5 Watt LED light per foot to draw attention and stand out in any event setting.

Brightening your booth not only enhances visibility but also ensures you won’t go unnoticed amidst competitors, creating a captivating and inviting atmosphere.

Custom Headers

Maximize your visibility and captivate your audience with our eye-catching Headers!

Elevate your message with added height and dimension.
Headers are available in Straight or Curved designs, providing a versatile and removable option to make your brand stand out! 🚀🔝✨

Waterfall Shelving Units

Boost your product visibility with a sleek shelving unit.

Encourage closer inspection and draw people into your area effortlessly.

Complete the experience by attaching an LCD Bracket for TVs up to 32″ wide, ensuring a comprehensive view that captivates your audience.
Elevate your display with these smart additions.

LED Displays

Premium Portable LED

Elevate your visual impact with our top-of-the-line Portable LED Displays, among our most sought-after offerings.

Make a bold statement with sizes like  3′ to 10′ wide x 7.5 high.

Moreover, we offer custom builds reaching up to 10 feet high and spanning an impressive 40 feet wide.
Stand out with brilliance and captivate your audience! 💡

Slim LED Backlit Display

Experience the sleek and compact design of our LED Tension Fabric Displays, offering a nimble solution with minimal footprint and lightweight appeal.

Ideal for on-the-go events, these displays deliver vivid, attention-grabbing visuals!

Choose from sizes ranging 3′, 5′, to 8′ wide by 7.5′ high.
Illuminate your space with brilliance!


Round Tension Fabric Displays

Discover the versatility of our Round Tension Fabric Displays!
We offer customizable designs in various shapes and sizes to meet your specific needs.

Elevate your trade show presence with unique Round Trade Show Displays.
Opt for a distinctive look by incorporating different heights and shapes, creating a one-of-a-kind design that aligns with your business essence. 

U Shaped

Our U-Shaped tension fabric displays bring a vertical curve, adding depth to your presentation.

These versatile units can accommodate brackets for LCD screens and shelving units, ensuring a dynamic and engaging setup.

Square Corners and Shelves

Customize your Trade Show area the way you want it. These units are highly customizable and you are able to request variations such as square corners.

You can also add shelves. In this case the client wanted a black fabric covered shelf with a bottom foot to support both of them. 

Shelves and Square Corners

Booth Style Arch

Elevate your booth experience with our Arches featuring an attached Backdrop, providing a comfortable and branded space for engaging conversations with clients.

Create a visually striking and welcoming environment that effortlessly communicates your brand message.

Booth Design

Whether you prefer a straightforward design or aspire for something creatively unique, we cater to all budgets.

Our expertise extends from multinational corporations to small businesses, ensuring personalized solutions that meet your requirements.

Contact us for a free consultation and let’s bring your vision to life!

Silicone Edge Graphics

SEG Fabric Frames

Elevate your retail advertising with our versatile SEG Frames! 

Whether freestanding, modular or wall-mounted, these frames showcase Silicone Edge Graphics that can be easily replaced for a fresh and vibrant look.

Illuminate your brand with the option for backlit lighting, capturing attention and enhancing your retail space. 💡🌟🛍️

Trade Show Carpet

Elevate your trade show presence by complementing your floor with a custom-printed Trade Show Carpet.

This cost-effective solution effortlessly covers a large area, allowing you to incorporate your own custom Pantone colors and logos.

Transform your exhibition space with this budget-friendly, impactful addition.

How to set up a Tension Fabric Display

Our user-friendly snaplock system, marked with numbered components, ensures a hassle-free setup.

Instructions are to match corresponding numbers, assemble the frame seamlessly, and slide the graphic over like a giant pillowcase, closing the zipper at the bottom. 🛠️

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