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Tension Fabric Displays are some of the most versatile products you can purchase for your Trade Show.

They are reasonably priced, with a quick and easy set up. They are less prone to breakage compared to Pop up Displays as they have no moving parts.

Our frames are built to last. There are a lot of lookalikes out there mass produced with cheap materials, however they are not built to last.

We protect your investment by providing you with a top of the line commercial grade tension fabric display unit that will last for many years. Guaranteed. 

Pillowcase Stand



Widths 8′ | 10′ | 15′ | 20′
Height 90 inches
Custom Sizes Welcome

Straight, Curved or Serpentine
Custom Shapes Welcome


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Tension Fabric Displays

Tension Fabric Displays are used for trade shows and events of all sizes. The stretch fabric graphics slip over the frame like a pillow case. They are fully collapsible and durable. 

With our unique manufacturing capabilities we can custom build almost any sized and shaped frame.
As one of North America’s highest volume producers our turnaround time is quite fast and we strive to meet important deadlines. Below you will find a full selection of our Waveline Tension Fabric Display specifications. 

Shapes and Sizes

The 2 most common Waveline shapes are Straight or Curved. 

Serpentine (S Shaped) is gaining popularity with larger sizes, whereas the U shaped is handy for those wanting to add a shelf or LCD bracket. 

Furthermore if you wave an idea, let us know and we can work our magic. 

Curved Logo Wall
Straight 8x8 Wall

8 Foot Tension Fabric Display

The standard height of our Trade Show Displays is 90 inches or about 7.5 feet. 

The 8 foot version is a portable solution that can fit in most areas without too much fuss or worry about space constraints.

As with all of our pillowcase backdrops it is available straight or curved. 

10 Feet Wide

The 10 foot Stretch Fabric Display is the most popular size. 

They are large enough to get noticed, yet small enough to fit in most spaces.

The low price point makes them ideal for any sized event. 

Trade Show Display 10' Curved
15 foot Wave Display Straight

15 Feet Wide

This Tension Fabric System is an excellent mid range size, as it is quite large but not so massive. They are often used for stage backdrops.

Like all of the units they can come with single or double sided printing so they make excellent walls for crowd control. 

20 Foot Tension Fabric Displays

The massive size of a 20 foot “EZ-tube” style display is a real show stopper! 

There is plenty of marketing opportunity on 150 square feet of promotional space to print on.

The 20 Foot version comes either Straight, Curved or Serpentine style. 

Tradeshow Exhibition Display
Padded Soft case for Wave Displays

Oxford Canvas Carry Cases

Our high quality soft cases are padded for protection and have several compartments inside to keep your frame parts organized. 

The duffle bags also come with individual padded bags inside for the poles and feet to protect from scratches.

You can tell a cheap quality product by the level of quality it’s cases come in, we do not provide items that are easily prone to damage.

Upgrade to a Hard Shipping Case

The Hard Shipping Case converts to a podium table that you can brand with your own graphics. 

This is perfect for clients who have multiple events and constant travel. 

Each case is on a set of wheels.

trade Show Case that turns into table
LED Lights for Tension Fabric Booths

LED Lights

Lighting is one of the most overlooked aspects of your booth area. Don’t get caught in the dark! 

We recommend 1 x 5 Watt LED light per foot. 

Even if your event space is already bright, lighting will attract eyes towards your area and prevent distractions from competitors. 

Round Tension Fabric Displays

We can custom design many shapes and sizes to suit your needs. Be unique and stand out. 

Instead of having 1 large display, if you add several different heights and shapes we can come up with a design that is one of a kind to your specific business. 

Round Trade Show Display
15 foot Tradeshow Display with Header

Custom Headers

A Header is attached to the top of your unit to add height and add an extra dimension to your message. 

Headers tend to get noticed first and are a great opportunity to promote sales, or directions. They are removable. 

Tension Fabric Banner Stand

Our Tension Fabric Banner Stands are available in the following widths 
2.0′ | 2.5′ | 2.6′ | 2.8′ | 3.0′ | 4.0′ | 5.0′ | 6.0′ feet

Custom Sizes are welcome

Once your backdrop is ordered you may want to fill your booth with smaller displays to further brand your space. 

Elegance Stands 3 x 8 feet
Square Arch with Backrop

Custom  Arch Booths

We can further take your vision to life with Custom Arch Booths. 

Adding a backdrop to an arch is a great way for you to sit down and enjoy a chat with a client while having a large branded area. 

How to set up a Tension Fabric Display

Set up is easy. We have a snaplock system that is numbered. 

Simply connect 1 with 1, 2 with 2, and so on until it makes the frame.

Then you can slip your graphic over like a giant pillow case and close the zipper on the bottom.

Concave Booth display

U Shaped

U Shaped are vertically curved therefore adding depth into your display. 

They are able to accept brackets for LCD screens as well as shelving units.

Included are 2 supporting feet on the back for stability.

Oversized Tension Fabric Displays

Extra large displays can go as high as 16 feet and as long as 40 feet wide. 

We specialize in such large displays with common heights being 10 to 12 feet and as long as they can go.

We have heavy duty base plates and back supports for such jobs to maintain stability and safety.

Large Logo Wall
Slim LED Tension Fabric Display

Slim LED Backlit Display

These slimmer and leaner LED Tension Fabric Displays take up a small footprint and are lightweight.

They are perfect for events on the go and produce bright and vibrant visuals that are sure to get noticed!

Available 3′, 5′ and 8′ wide x 7.5′ high

Premium Portable LED

Our premium high end Portable LED Displays are some of our hottest sellers.

Wow your audience and stand out big, bold and beautiful.

The most common sizes are 7.5 x 8′, or 7.5 x 10′

We can custom build to 10 feet high and up to 40 feet wide. 

LED Lightbox with Lights On
Shelves and Square Corners

Square Corners and Shelves

Customize your Trade Show area the way you want it. These units are highly customizable and you are able to request variations such as square corners.

You can also add shelves. In this case the client wanted a black fabric covered shelf with a bottom foot to support both of them. 

Waterfall Shelving Units

Add a shelving unit to your area to further promote and show off your products.

Having your products ready for viewing encourages people to step into your area and have a closer look.

Waterfalls for Tension Displays
Trade Show Booth with Arches

Booth Design

Where you want to keep it simple or get really creative, regardless of your budget we can come up with something that we suit your needs. 

We often work with companies of all sizes from multinationals to the Mom and Paps.

Contact us for a Free Consultation Now!

Tabletop EZ Tube Pillowcase Displays

Sometimes all you need is something quick and easy to add to the top of your table. 

Our Tabletop exhibition units come in 2 sizes

60″ Height x 72″ Wide
60″ Height x 96″ Wide

Table top tradeshow display
Trade Show Arch Custom Printed

Custom Arches

Adding an Entrance Archway to your trade show area is a way of welcoming your guests to your area. 

They are available in several sizes and heights. 

SEG Fabric Frames

SEG frames can be with or without backlit lighting. They are versatile as they can be freestanding or set to hang on the wall.

They are common for retail advertising light boxes and they have replaceable graphics.

SEG Display

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