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Custom Printed Wall Flags

Elevate Your Space – Custom Wall Flags for Impactful Advertising! 🌟

🎉 Event Promotion: Make a statement at promotions and events with our Custom Wall Flags. Perfect for indoor spaces like malls, grocery stores, and tradeshows, these flags are an economic and eye-catching way to display your message and logo.

🏟️ Versatile Display: Our full-size 3 x 5′ flags are not limited to indoor use. They are ideal for outdoor environments when used with metal poles. Choose from various brackets with different fixed angles to suit your display needs.

💼 Business Branding: Wall Flags serve as a powerful tool for business branding. Whether you’re promoting a sale, event, or simply want to enhance your brand presence, these flags are the perfect solution.

🌈 Customizable Impact: Tailor your Wall Flags to your specific needs. With customizable designs, you have the flexibility to create an impactful display that aligns with your brand identity.

Maximize Visibility – Choose Custom Wall Flags for Effective Advertising! 🏬✨

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Custom Printed Retail Wall Flags

Customize your space with Wall Flags printed according to your design preferences. Available in various materials and brackets, these flags cater to both indoor and outdoor use. Let us know the intended duration, and we’ll ensure you receive the right product that aligns with your budget.

Transform your walls with personalized Wall Flags that add a touch of flair to your surroundings. 🚩🖼️

Plastic Poles on an Angle

These are placed on the wall on a 45 degree angle. 

They are Double Sided, and usually set in a retail environment.

Standard size is 12″ x 24″

Printed Wall Flags with brackets
Wall Flags with Metal Pole

Metal Poles

Are you looking for something a bit larger?

Our 6 Foot Metal Flag Poles are perfect for our Standard Flags up to the size of 3 x 5′ Feet.
You may choose Single or Double Sided Wall Flags.

Teardrop Style

Our Teardrop Style Flags for the wall.

The Wall Flags are 6.25′ long and come with a bracket with your choice of 0°, 45° or 90° degree angles, or a suction cup.

They are available single or double sided.

Wall Flag Teardrop at 45 degrees
Rectangle Flag at 45 degree angle

Rectangle Wall Flags

Rectangle Flags are block style that can be single or double sided. 

Just like the others they are available in 3 different angles.

The flag size is 6 x 2.3 feet and they are available with brackets or a suction cup.

Feather Style Wall Flags

Feather Flags are available in 4 different styles which are convex, concave, straight or angles. Those all refer to the cut on the bottom.

Pictured is the concave blade style which is 6.5′ long.

Your choice of a bracket or a suction cup.

Wall Flag Blade Feather Style
Bulk Wholesale Wall Flags with Brackets

Wholesale Prices

Do you have several retail outlets across the country? 
We have excellent wholesale pricing!

You may choose as many designs as you’d like without limitations.

Other Considerations

Hanging Banners

Our Retail Hanging Banners can be used in Indoor or Outdoor Settings.
Our Outdoor Hanging Banners are UV Protected and Waterproof to ensure a long lifespan.

Add dowels on the top and bottom to weight them down.

Double Sided Hanging Flags
Street Pole Banners Vancouver

Street Pole Banners

Light Pole Banners are connected to a building’s exterior for permanent or semi-permanent signage. 

They are often secured up high so people can see them for a distance. 

Available Single or Double Sided.

Garden Flags

Custom Garden Flags are printed on both sides.

The Standard Flag size is 12 x 18″ or custom.

You can order them on their own or with a 48″ high stand to spike in the garden.

Alternatively you can add a suction cup to place on windows.

Customized Garden Flags

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