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Custom Window Graphics

Custom Window Decals are available in Large and Small Formats with professional installation available within the Vancouver area,

There are several choices to choose from including opaque and transparent, static clings, one way vision, rear projection films and more. 

They are available for temporary and permanent applications depending on your specific needs.


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Custom Window Decals

Custom Window Decals are used indoor and outdoors, on glass and mirrors. It is used to display store hours, promotions, and to give retail outlets a professional look.

Most Window Graphics are easy to instal and you can do so yourself, there are plenty of tutorial videos online to assist you with that. With larger displays consider a professional installer which we have available in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland of B.C.

Our vehicle graphics are installed by a team of career professionals who are ready to assist you. 

Opaque Window Graphics

These large format Window Decals have a white back and are opaque so you can not see in or out. 

They can be applied on any smooth surface including glass and wood. 

Use these when you want bright vibrant graphics or when you require privacy inside. 

Vancouver large retail windows with full colour self-adhesive vinyl
Custom Window Lettering in Vancouver

Vinyl Lettering

These are easy to instal on your own as they have masking transfer tape which can save you money.

They are computer guided laser cut on solid colour vinyls. It is not limited to letters and numbers as you can choose custom shapes as well.

Use vinyl lettering when you are looking to display your office hours, and directions. 

One Way Vision Perforated Vinyl

One Way Vision is an excellent option for store fronts that want their image to be viewed opaque from the outside, yet it’s see through from the inside. 

The perforated vinyl allows light into your space which creates a good work and retail environment. 

Pictured you can see the same decal viewed from both inside and out. 

One Way Vision Perforated Vinyl
Frosted Vinyl for Windows

Frosted Window Decals

Frosted Vinyl is good for privacy yet it still allows for light to pass through so it does not darken the room.

The reverse cut option is available which means that the letters are cut out showing them as glass which would be more clear.

Optionally you can also custom print your full colour graphics.

Static Cling Clear Window Decals

Static Cling is a temporary window decal that is durable.

It applies to your window without adhesive meaning it is easily applied and removed and reusable. 

The transparency allows light to pass through your windows showing only your graphics. 

Transparent Static Cling
Static Cling Removable

White Backed Static Cling

Reusable White Back Static Cling is easily applied to your windows without the need of a professional installer. 

You can print on it in full colour with custom shapes available. 

Vehicle Wraps

Available for Installation in the Vancouver, BC and Lower Mainland area

Add your graphics to cars, trucks, buses, trailers, motorcycles and boats with our Certified Vehicle Vinyl Wraps by 3M and Avery.

Custom Van Wrap
Rear Projection Film for Windows

Rear Projection Film

Our Rear Projection Film can turn any window or plexiglass surface into a video wall. All you need is a projector.

There are several styles to choose from such as Ultra Black, Dark Grey and Transparent.

PDLC Switchable Smart Film is also available which uses electricity to turn on and off a frosted feature of a window transforming it from clear to frosted as needed.

Custom Floor Graphics

Custom 3M Anti-Slip Floor Stickers are common in retail environments, weddings and events.

They have been increasingly common as social distancing directional stickers as well. 

Floor Stickers for Social Distancing