Wooden Business Cards

Wooden Business Cards.

Customized Wooden Business Cards: Sustainable Elegance! 🌿 

Elevate your business presence with eco-friendly and sustainable customized wooden business cards. Choose from a variety of wood options, including Bamboo, Cherry, Walnut, Beech, Birch, and Basswood, to make a lasting impression.

🌿 Sustainable Materials: Opt for business cards that align with your commitment to the environment. Our wooden cards are crafted from sustainable materials, providing an elegant and eco-friendly solution for your business communication.

🎨 Versatile Wooden Products: Explore the versatility of wooden materials with options beyond business cards. From keychains and magnets to rulers and custom creations from standard A4 size sheets, bring your brand to life in unique and sustainable ways.

🌟 Make a Lasting Impression: Stand out with wooden business cards that not only convey your information but also reflect your commitment to sustainability. These cards offer a distinctive touch, leaving a lasting impression on your clients and partners.

Choose Sustainable Elegance with Customized Wooden Business Cards!🎋

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Wooden Business Cards

Stand out with our Custom Wood Business Cards, designed to make a lasting impression.

These cards offer a premium and eco-friendly alternative, appealing to those seeking a distinctive option beyond traditional paper or plastic.
Elevate your business image with the unique touch of Wooden Business Cards. 🌳🔖

Wooden Business Cards Sizes

Credit Card 85 x 54mm or Business Card 3.5 x 2 inches.

There are Several Types of Wood to Choose From

Each species of wood has a different texture and grain.
You can see several different shades and colours that you can choose as a background.

Basswood | Bamboo

Walnut | Sapele

Cherry | Beech

Wooden Business Card Species


Walnut shade Business Card

Etched Background

The etching on a Wooden Card gives it a look as if it’s burned in.

This process can create patterns text and pictures without the need for printing giving it a unique natural feel and texture.

Full Colour Printing

We can accept full colour printing without limitations including gradients. 

Please note that each species of wood has a unique coloured natural background even between batches which can make each card slightly different from the other.

Wooden Tag Printed
Black Card made out of Wood

Full Colour Background

Adding a full colour background allowing for the wooden grains to be shown as the text or picture results in a surprising effect that will be sure to stand out.

Laser Guided Cut Outs

With a precision laser you can add cut outs throughout your card to emphasize the fact that this is no ordinary business card. 

You can add your logo, text or shape within the cut out at no extra charge.  

Wood Tags

Choose Your Thickness

While Wooden Business Cards will usually be around 1.2 to 1.5mm thick, there are several other options for products such as wood tags or signs, and more.

For these there are several thicker options such as 3mm all the way to 8mm depending on your specific needs. 

Custom Shapes

With our Laser Guided Options you may choose any shape you’d like, and some etching for texture and let your creativity flow.

Wooden Crafts can be used for all sorts of projects without the need for plastic waste.

Custom Wooden Leafs for Crafts
Wood Hotel Smart Card

RFID Smart Cards for Hotels

Upgrade your hotel’s access system with RFID Smart Cards. Move beyond conventional plastic cards and embrace the warmth and luxury of Wooden Cards.

Elevate the guest experience with a touch of sophistication, providing not just access but a memorable stay. 🏨

Custom Wooden Magnets

Create custom shapes and designs with our wooden Fridge Magnets.

They can be sold for retail as souvenirs or given out as swag for your your guests.
They are lightweight and retail packaging is available.

Wooden Bamboo Magnet
Round or Square Wooden Cards

Tokens Made From Wood

When you create a token made of wood they can be used with RFID to gain access to events or VIP areas. 

Tokens can be square or round in shape and are often used as natural higher end clothing labels. 

Custom Keychains

Create custom keychains with any shape and style with your own natural branding.

They are lightweight and durable and come with a key ring holder.  

Wooden Keychains

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