Single and Double Sided Flags – What is the Difference?

It’s common for a client to ask for a Double Sided Flag, when the actually mean Single.
Many times they just mean they want image seen from both sides and in fact this can be done with Single or Double Sided Printing.

Single Sided Flags

The benefit of a Single Sided print is that it is less expensive and they are lighter weight meaning they will fly easier from a flag pole.
Your image will be printed on just 1 side and the other side, depending on the fabric will have a bleed through so you will see your graphics in reverse and less vibrant.
The vibrancy is less as it’s only printed on one side, and the backside is maybe 75% as bright depending on the design and fabric

Double Sided Flags

Double Sided Flags have your image printed on both sides of the Flag.
This is beneficial when you want 2 different designs, such as having English on the front and French on the backside.
This Flag is heavier as it’s 2 Flags stitched together or a thicker single layer depending on the fabric.

Single Double Sided Banners Flags

Introducing Premium Grade Showplex Flags

This is a printed with a superior system with stunning results!

Single Sided Showplex Flags will have 100% bleed through with your image just as vibrant on both sides.

Double Sided Showplex Flags will be on a single layer with blockout threads in between compared to having 2 flags stitched together.
This is far better as it eliminated the bag effect as it’s just 1 piece.

Our Showplex Flags can be used with any of our Flag Products List including Standard, Feather Flags, Car Window and more.

Showplex Superior Quality Single and Double Sided Flags

Part 1 of this video will show the Single Side Flags that have a bright image on either side.

Part 2 of this video shows how 2 different images are printed on either side of the Flag, and the blockout threads in the middle are there
to ensure 1 side doesn’t bleed through to the next. This Flag is lighter weight and easier to fly than a traditional Double Sided Flag.