Tension Fabric Displays – Custom Sized

Custom Sized Tension Fabric Event Displays

We find that the Tension Fabric Displays are some of the most versatile and up to date Tradeshow and Event backdrops on the market. The industry standard measurements are typically 7.5 feet high x either 8, 10 or 20 feet wide. We also have limited stocks of 7.5 x 15 feet due to customer demand.

We have built displays that are 16 feet high and others that are 40 feet long. All have been a great success however it takes time and strategy to ensure such achievements.

The largest size we made was 16 feet high and 32 feet wide, another was 8 x 40 feet. Both turned out incredible.

Exhibition printing 40 Foot Wall

8 high x 40-foot wide Tension Fabric Displays. We made about 8 different ones double sided for this clients event in Las Vegas. Note the heavy Duty Baseplates on the bottom.


Our factory can custom create Tension Fabric Wave Displays a multitude of sizes and shapes. The pipes first get cut to client specifications and then they will sit in a special fluid for about 5 days to give the pipes their smooth finish. This means that the standard turnaround time is about 2 weeks including shipping rather than 1 week for a standard size.

10 x 20 Wave Display Shipped to Regina Saskatchewan

This 10 Foot high x 20 Foot wide Straight Display uses 3 heavy duty base plates.


One main concern is the height. These event backdrops are typically 90 inches tall (7.5 feet) however it is common for clients to ask for 10 feet high. For such a height the stability becomes a concern. While it’s unlikely to tip over at this point we usually err on the side of caution and suggest heavy duty baseplates for the bottom. You can add sandbags on the back.

For extra-wide displays such as 7.5 x 30 or 40 feet wide, we will also offer these style baseplates.

For our large curved tension fabric displays, we cannot add baseplates due to the nature of the frame so we would add some hind legs that will not be seen from a front viewing audience.

tradeshow Display diagram

Before making a custom sized display our Engineers can make a rendering showing the sizes, arcs and on the bottom right is shows the extra legs we added to the 10 x 20 Curved Display frame for stability.


We use a high quality 250 GSM Fabric for our event backdrops. For Single Sided it is printable on the front side only. The backside is a thinner stretchy fabric that hugs the frame and creates tension. Our Double Sided printed Tension Fabric Displays we use the 250 GSM on both sides.
250 GSM comes on an 8-foot roll and therefore anything taller.

While it usually a customer concern, we believe nobody will notice these seams unless it’s you or I who are particularly looking for them. We try to add them as low as possible and away from any major graphics.


An awe-inspiring spectacular event display!

We are one of only a few factories that have the capability and technology to provide you with such custom sizing. And the results are always amazing! When you are looking for something a bit more bang for your buck but still want to keep costs low these custom sized Tension Fabric Trade Show Displays and Backdrop Frames are the way to go!

custom size tension display

We made several of these for Nordstrom’s Grand Opening in Vancouver Canada. 45 feet wide.

Setting up Tension Display instructions

Here you can see we had several people put on the backdrop just like a pillowcase and a zipper. For this event, it was challenging. Because we didn’t want the backdrop to get dirty on the wet rainy Vancouver cement.

Large Event Displays

With Sponsors such as Porsche and Rolex this massive 16 foot high x 32 foot wide Serp Style stand has to be perfect. It was shipped to California on time, on budget and fit the client’s needs.

For more information on this product, you can see custom shaped tension fabric displays in our product list.

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