Transparent Cards – Single and Double Sided

What is the Difference Between Single & Double Sided Transparent Business Cards?

Single Sided

Frosted Clear Business Cards

Double Sided

White Backer Cards

Single Sided Printing on Your Transparent Business Cards means that only one side of the card is printed with the desired information, graphics, and design elements.

This is a common choice for businesses that prefer a simpler design.
The back side will have a mirror image of the front therefore text and images will look backwards. It is possible to have part of your card printed on one side and another part double sided. 

Single Sided Logo on Top and Double Sided on the Bottom

Transparent Double Sided Cards

Double Sided Printing on Transparent Cards means that both sides of the card are printed with information, graphics, and design elements.

This is a good choice for Businesses that want to make the most out of the available space. You can use this method for more design elements to include, social media links, taglines, or contact numbers.

Double Sided with a White Backer on The Entire Card Except Windows

Plastic Cards with Windows

When Printing a Transparent Plastic Business Card Double Sided, a White Backer is often used to create a barrier between the two sides of the card.

This makes the information on one side of the card more legible. It prevents it from being overshadowed by the information on the other side.
Additionally, a White Backer will improve the color accuracy of the printed image. It provides a neutral surface for the ink to be applied to.

Transparent Matte PVC Card with Gold Foil
Thinner Transparent Cards