Vinyl vs Fabric Banners

Vinyl vs Fabric Backdrops

A common question is whether to order a vinyl or fabric banner or backdrop, what the pros and cons of each?

Oh my Print Solutions specializes and recommends polyester fabric banners quite a bit, as we feel they are of higher quality, classier and easy to transport.

We also provide some of the lowest prices in the industry for fabric, which contributes to it being a top seller for us.

However, sometimes vinyl is a better application. Here are some pros and cons…

Vinyl Banners


Vinyl Backdrops and Banners are durable.

Can be used outdoors, even in the rain.

Can last up to 1 year outdoor without beginning to fade.

You can choose UV Protection to last 3 to 5 years, this is not available with Fabric Banners.

Bright vibrant colours.

Can be completely opaque.



They crease easily. You can not iron them out.

They are often big, heavy, and difficult to store.

Vinyl Backdrops should not be folded, they should be rolled.
If you have an 8 x 8 banner, that is an 8-foot roll and it’s not easy to transport.

Vinyl can sometimes have a “cheaper” look to it.

Have a look at the image below, it shows the creases after the vinyl has been folded. While this isn’t terrible, it is far from a professional look, and not recommended for important events or retail applications.

PVC Banner Folded

Fold Marks in Vinyl Step and Repeat Banners can be unsightly

Fabric Banners


Our 250 GSM Fabric is Wrinkle, Stain and Crease Resistant. 

Can be folded, and stored in a drawer. In fact, a fabric banner can fit into a small bag or purse.

Lightweight, very easy to transport and ship.

Any creases and fold marks can be quickly and easily ironed out.

Fabric Backdrops, in our opinion, have a classier look.

Several different weights available, thin and lightweight for flags, to thick and heavy for Step and Repeat Media Walls.

Beautiful vibrant colours, fantastic imaging.

We use these for our highest quality Tension Fabric Displays with a zipper and Pop up Displays with velcro.

Oh my Print Solutions specializes in fabric backdrops, in fact, this is one of our hottest selling items!

They absorb the camera flash rather than reflecting it.

Step and Repeat Vancouver



More maintenance may be needed, for example, you may need to iron or steam creases out before use, especially if stored for a long time.

Photography and images look great on fabric, but they are so as more vivid on vinyl.

Lightweight material means that during installation you can not fully rely on the weight of the banner and you need to stretch it out properly, otherwise you may see wrinkles like the picture below. This was particularly difficult to stretch “We Day’s” fabric banner as it was 40 feet long

Not ideal for long-term outdoor signage.

We Day - Melinda Shankar


Transportation and Logistics

Here you can see 4 banners. 2 are vinyl and 2 are fabric. All are the same size 8′ x 12′
However, Fabric Backdrops are simply better for touring groups, trade show, and conference vendors and more.

Fabric Banners vs Vinyl Banners


Oh My Print Solutions sells an abundance of both Vinyl and Fabric backdrops.

We suggest vinyl banners for outdoor signage as well as fabric banners and backdrops for everything else.

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