Mylar Bags – Custom Printed

Custom Printed Mylar Bags

Mylar Pouches are available in many shapes and sizes customized to your specific needs.

They are manufactured with 3 layers with the inside having an aluminum coating which is moisture proof and therefore keeps your food fresher.

All raw materials are virgin grade and approved for food contact.

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Mylar Bags

Mylar Bags and Pouches are the standard for food packaging, they can also be used for skin creams and lotions. 
Triple Layer ensures that they are food grade and can be used for both dry and wet goods. 

There are several options to choose from such as odour resistant, child proof, single use, resealable and options to add gussets and nozzles. 

Food Packaging

Simply let us know what you intend to use your Mylar Bags for. For example Frozen Foods may have different specs than Dry Goods.

Simply add your condiments, pet food, baby food, potato chips, nuts herbs and more into our Food Safe Mylar Bags and they are ready for the retail shelves.

Mylar Food Pouches
Mylar Pouches


There are several materials to choose from such as 

PET: This is the most common and standard.
MPET: UV Resistant to maximize shelf life.
CLEAR PET: This is for adding windows, either polished clear or dull matte.
KRAFT: A Brown Paper layer that goes well with the look or natural and healthy feels.

Add a Gusset

Gussets are added to the bottom of your Mylar Bags to make them stand up nicely on retail shelves for display. 

They also help add more volume to the pouch.

Mylar Bag with Gusset
Mylar Pouch Size Specifications

Custom Sizing

We customize the size to your specifications. It is important to know how to submit your specs when submitting your design to us.

For example a 4 x 7″ pouch will still have the side panels and tear notches above in addition to it. 

Custom templates are available upon request.

Tear Notches and Zippers

Adding a laser guided tear notch above the zipper opening ensures that your packages meet food safety tampering regulations.

The zip-lock style zipper can be child proof and ensures your pouches are reusable. 

Mylar Bags with
Custom Printing

Custom Printing

Mylar Bags are highly customizable. They are custom printed with your graphics.

We can add details such as spot UV, Foil Stamping, embossing, transparent Windows, Brushing and more. 
They are available in any size including die cut shapes. 

Custom Stickers and Labels

Separately you can order custom vinyl and paper labels which are available in rolls or flat packed.

They are available with barcodes, QR codes and security focused stickers.

Paper Stickers