Printed Stretch Tablecloths

Spandex Stretch Tablecloths

Stretch Tablecloths are custom printed on a spandex-polyester blended fabric that gives a sleek, unique and fitted appearance.

They are an easy and effective way to display your logo and company colours in a way that stands out compared to your competitors at the tradeshow.

Perfect for trade shows, exhibits, retail displays and more. 

Unlike Traditional Style Printed Tablecloths stretch style has rubber feet on each corner which are placed under each leg or foot of your table so that it can have a perfect fit.

Stand out among your competitors with unique and modern branding opportunities.

Open and Closed Back Stretch Printed Tablecloths

Open back adds convenience as there is easy access underneath the table for storage or even for ease of sitting behind it.

Closed back is closed off on all 4 sides and therefore you can add your graphics to more areas. Optionally you may add a zipper on the back or side. 

Open Back stretch table cover

Wholesale Pricing

There is no minimum order, and if you are looking for 10, 50, 100, or more, we can offer some of the best prices in the industry. 

Available in standard colours or your specific pantones and sizes.

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Stretch Tablecloths | Elastic | Spandex

Stretch Tablecloths are Dye Sublimation Printed which ensures deep rich colors that will not fade.
They are printed in full color, including gradients.

Spandex Tablecloths are often used as a sleek looking table cover at tradeshows and weddings.
They are machine washable and long lasting.

6 Foot Spandex Tablecloths

The most common banquet table that our clients have tends to be 6 feet wide. 

As these are specifically fitted to the size of the table your request, please be sure to ensure that you know the table size that you have.
Our cloths have 4 rubber feet on the bottom that connect to the table legs.

Use Standard Printed Table Throws if you are unsure of the size of your table.

Stretch Spandex Tablecloth
Cross Over Stretch Tablecloth

Cross Over Tablecloths

Reversible tablecloths are printed on 2 different fabrics. 

They have a sleek and unique design that is interchangeable from the left and right.

LED Tablecloths

These are printed on the same style spandex, however the direct printing process uses a special UV ink.

The UV ink illuminated reacts with LED lighting giving a beautiful, bright and bold glow. 

Each tablecloth comes with a strip of LED lights fitted with magnets that you can fit under the table.

Stretch LED Tablecloth
Cocktail Spandex covers

Round Stretch Tablecloths

The most common is to fit a round cloth on a high top cocktail table 30″ x 42 inch high.

You can print on the entire area with full coverage.

We have wholesale rates on large quantities of solid colours, white or printed in any pantone. 

Round Stretch Tablecloths

For standard 29 inch high tables we can personalize a spandex table cover to fit most round tables.

Common Sizes include 30, 48, 60 and 72 inch banquet tables.

60 inch is the most popular and can seat 8 to 10 people. 

Spandex Table Cover for Round Table
Zipper on Elastic Table Cover

Customized with a Zipper

There is plenty of storage space under the table. 

An open back may be unsightly and expose personal items to theft.

Add a Zipper on the backside for an extra layer of security and to hide any boxes and bags you have.

Stretch Table Toppers

Personalized Table Caps printed with your logo, allow you to quickly cover a tabletop while leaving the rest of the table exposed.

The rectangular shape is available in the common 4, 6, 8 foot sizes or customized to your specific needs. 

Spandex Table Topper
Round Table Cap with Logo

Round Table Caps

Round Table Toppers are available to cover a wide variety of banquet and serving side tables. 

Customize with your own specific background colours and corporate branding. 

Add a Table Banner

They are available in small, half full coverage. 

It’s a great opportunity to promote your brand from all angles.

Available in 6 and 8 foot sizes.

Flame Retardant Polyester

Flame Retardant

The specific material is 180g stretch polyester.

Certification available upon request.

Rectangular Stretch Tablecloth Sizes

4 foot x 24″
4 Foot x 30″

6 Foot x 30″ 
8 Foot x 30″

Any custom Size

Sizing Chart for Fitted Tablecloths

How to Set up a Stretch Tablecloth and a Cross Over Table Cover

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6' Foot Stretch, 8' Foot Stretch