Printed Stretch Tablecloths

Spandex Stretch Tablecloths

Stretch Tablecloths are custom printed on a spandex-polyester blended fabric that gives a sleek, unique and fitted appearance.
They are an easy and effective way to display your logo and company colours in a way that stands out compared to your competitors at the tradeshow.
Perfect for trade shows, exhibits, retail displays and more. 

Unlike Traditional Style Printed Tablecloths stretch style has rubber feet on each corner which are placed under each leg or foot of your table so that it can stretch.

Open Back and Closed Back Stretch Printed Tablecloths

Open back adds convenience as there as there is easy access underneath the table for storage or even for ease of sitting behind it.

Closed back is closed off on all 4 sides and therefore you can add your graphics to more areas. Optionally you made add a zipper on the back or side. 

Open Back stretch table cover

Introducing Reversible Cross-over Stretch Tablecloths

This new sleek looking cross over tablecloth comes in 2 parts and is completely reversible!

Switch up the colours and the mood!
Perfect for multi-day tradeshows and events where you want to change your look day after day.

cross over tablecloths Spandex tablecover

2 ways to order…..

1.  custom printed tablecloths
2. Give us a call 604-353-1776


Elastic | Spandex | Stretch Tablecloths

Our Stretch Tablecloths are Dye Sublimation Printed which means they are rich in colour and will not fade. This allows them to be printed in full colour, including gradients. There are no extra hidden fees for colour or set ups and no Minimum Orders

Perfect for Tradeshows, Conventions and Meetings, we can provide custom printed tablecloths to suit all needs.

Customize Round Spandex Stretch Tablecloths with your Logo

Round Tablecloths are available for Cocktail Standing Tables, or Round Banquet Tables.
The standard cocktail table height is 42″ high and you may print in full colour anywhere on the table cover.
We have stock plain colours available such as black, white red, green, orange, blue and red.

6 Foot Stretch tablecloth with logo

Rectangle Stretch Tablecloths are available in 
4 Foot x 30″
6 Foot x 30″ 
8 Foot x 30″
Any custom Size

Round Stretch Tablecloths are available in
4 Foot Round Banquet Table
5 Foot Round Banquet Table
6 Foot Round Banquet Table
42 inch high x 30″ Wide Cocktail Table
Any Custom Size

Dare to compare pricing? We offer free shipping to Canada to places such as Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Regina, Edmonton, Toronto, Nova Scotia and more. Free shipping to USA to places such as Seattle, Washington, California, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Virginia, Boston, North and South Carolina, Florida, Texas, Houston and more.
We ship custom printed stretch spandex tablecloths to Europe for free to places such as France, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Germany, Austria and more. Free shipping to Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Panama, Colombia, Argentina, Peru.

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6' Foot Stretch, 8' Foot Stretch